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Alistar Build Guide by ElijahWyatt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElijahWyatt

Alistar Jungle

ElijahWyatt Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jungle alistar provides Utility, Devastating Ganks, and massive amounts of tanking, all for little cost. He specializes in camping lanes and rarely farm farming the jungle. Ganking is your number one priority.Get to level 3 and GANK GANK GANK. Everyone over extended? rush level 6 and tower dive if someone is low. Remeber to ulti as the first towershot hits you.

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Most important part.

Flash stun the ad carry. Do it. Cant do that? flash stnu the ap carry/top solo if he is a carry top solo. Otherwise don't initiate. Flash stun the ad/ap carry, then w them into your teammates. Free teamfight win. GG

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Attacks speed Marks, well you know. ATTACK speed marks. No real better option here.Helps with jungling speed, ect.
Armor Seals, as a jungler these are standard.
Glyphs MR per level since you don't really buy any mr till super late if at all. So you need a good chunk of base for teamfight time.
MS Quints. Any alistar player support or jungle or top lane, NEEDS these quints. These quints just do unspeakable things that you can only really express after you've used them. I would never trade these for the world. These quints make the difference between landing that q and missing. Between showing that guy into your teamates, and bumping him forward/ to the side. These quints make the difference.

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21 in defense is self explanitory.

The only real place i recommend you ever specializing, is in the 9 offensive, or defensive tree. Defensive tree offers longer buff up times, MORE movement speed, and bigger mana pool. See the 2% ms is nice, but the mana stuff i don't really need. Since i buy frozen and Philo early, it leaves me not needed that much mana. And the AD+ dmg to minions + extra attack speed and armor pen from the masteries helps early levels of jungler. It helps it alot. But to each his own, and if you want longer blue buff up times, and red buff up times, and need +5.5 ms. OR if you don't run ms quints, I DEFFINITELY reccomend you use utility +9, because that bonus ms is so useful.

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Well you see, alistar needs Cool downs. Unlike what most people think, if you level up his q and W to 5 at 13~ right at teamfights, and then also have full CDR. or close to it, you can q every 8 seconds. You can W every 6. In teamfights this means you get 2 full stuns and 2~3 full w's. Especially if you initaite (like you should be doing)

That is why i rush for 30~ cdr by about lvl 8.

Boots at level one, is for JUNGLE invades and EARLY level ganks. Enless the team has way more cc than you do, JUNGLE INVADE. 60% of my ranked games around 1500~ we get first blood from someone not paying attention and me flash q'ng with my team right behind me blowing him up. Then take blue buff, and leave one minion severly denying them. Just make sure to group up with your team, if they dont come, don't invade. But tell them your intentions PRE GAME. And rush it ASAP. This is also the reason you get heal at level 2. Becuase boots 3 leaves you weak in the jungle, so after blue you should either be level 2, or close and get heal and use 1~2 hp pots and you can sustain through the entire jungle.

But with this strat, remeber to be watching every single lane, mostly mid and top, and gank the living crud out of them, asap once you are 3, especially if either lane is pushing into your tower.

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Skill sequence.

this has been partly explained because it has to do with why i go the items i do.
Leveling up your CC and utility spells, LOWERS the cooldown from extremely high 18~ to 13~ an 14 to 10. Then adding CDR, makes them around 8 and at 6 second each. Meaning you can use them 2 to 3 times (if a really long fighT) instead of siting their being useless after 1ce.

Remeber, once you are 6, you can initiate tower dives. Just be careful! and don't do it agianst 2 people with full haelth, or agianst alot of ccs. And make sure to have vision or know where about the enemy jungler is, or it will turn out disastrous.

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How to use your skills.

If you become really really good, you can do a w-> q mid w combo with alistar. Still works, extremely difficult, and if you mess up, well help the enemy. What i always do is either q then w. or w then q, when i know im in a possition to know them a direction that leads up to a q. Knocking them straight backwards, will never lead into a q enless there is a wall. Generally, you come behind the lane your ganking, w into them (back towards your own tower), then Q. and then your lane mate should be going to work on them. Ping before you do this so they understand what your doing. Or say IM GANKING MID/top/bot ect.

Like i said, you can also q then w. Q them up, and immidiatly, start walking past them, dont auto, then w them backwards when you are infront of them.

If you are geting focused(NOT JUST LOW HEALTH), then use your r. if you aren't full health, spam e.

How to use your skills to jungle/the jungle route.
Start at thier blue. Go to your wraiths. then your golems, then your red. Then proceed to gank, or more farm if literally top and mid are both pushed into the enemies tower.

Jungling with alistar is all about trample. Its your friend, use it. Don't spam skills if you can wait a second and get a full trample off. And when doing buffs, remeber that you can trample them away in a full basic skill rotation always. Q. wait for trample to end, W. wait for trample to end, E wait for trample to end. small minions are dead, without ever autoing them.

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If you have a good team, or even a semi bad team, you can win all their lanes, tank like a boss. and do amazing things. Its REALLY good. Its actually probably more competive than SOLO que generally is, and maybe atlittle bit too much teamworky. But you can definitely carry, by geting others to. Try it for yourself!

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This is viable in ranked.

Exteremely viable in fact. Its just like i said neer the intro, it takes alot of game knowledge. It also takes semi-decent teammates. So i suggest you start this by the time you feel like the people around you won't feed their lane in the first 5 minites of the game. Once your to that point, then you can trololol with alistar in ranked all day. And its extremely fun.
You can also play and build nautilis this way, but its alot riskier. And blitz.