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Alistar Build Guide by Ghostown

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ghostown

Alistar Revisited - 5 Builds

Ghostown Last updated on April 30, 2012
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Hybird / AD Tank / Jungle


Agressive Support / AP Carry

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Short Intro

These are builds I have experimented with and have not 100% Locked down. Alistar is versatile when planning your Items and synergies with many of the items extremely well.

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Alistar 101

How to Fight

Standard kill/ Gank

1) Headbutt Initiate
-Pause for Trample and Auto Attack (Sheen Proc)
2) Pulverize - Extend stun/ Prevent escape flash
-Lead targets escape path while hold AoE Trample Passive.
-Auto Attack if you can stay in front of them
3) Exhaust - Secure kill with Slow Spell
-Cast heal while auto attacking to keep Trample Procing
4) Headbutt target into allied Chamipons if they are not dead yet.

How to escape

When you are in a bad engagement or just getting ganked it can be difficult to to escape with Alistar if you only have flash. Proper escape mechanics are as follows.

Decide direction of escape
1) Nearby Wall Facing + Flash
2) Escape to allies
3) Escape to turret

You will begin by deciding if you need to engage the Initiator with a head but or not. Champions you never want to headbutt include but are not limited to Singed and Volibear. A Headbutt on these character have the potential to both knock them back and drag you even further out of position with their throw backs.

Another decision to make is weather or not it is appropriate to "Ult" to escape, this is normally only a good decision if it will release you from the enemy's CC that is also and "Ult" such as Scarner or Hecarim. Some Champions such as Ashe or Nunu are going to be able to continue to slow you over and over regardless of your "Ult's" Initial release Mechanism.

- Once you are actually running away you need to "Q" (Pulverize) the enemy as they get directly behind you. Alistar's Pulverize is quite efficient escape mechanism. As you continue to run away and the stun wares off decide if you also need to flash before they have the opportunity to slow or CC you again.

- Flash 101 dictates that in order to Flash over a wall you need to Hug the wall perfectly and be able to flash at least halfway through the mass or you will "LMAO Fail" in front of the other team.

Why is Pulverize so Important?

1) Pulverize is how you escape
2) Pulverize has the longest cooldown
3) Pulverize does AoE Damage
4) Pulverize does AoE Stun
5) Maxing Pulverize first aligns your Headbutt/Pulverize Combo Cooldown
6) Hits targets hidden in bushes or otherwise cloaked.
7) Activates Passive Trample (Derp)

Con: Has Low AP Damage Modifier Ratio (50%) compared to 75% from Headbutt.

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Hybrid Alistar?

This is a work in progress. Mobafire doesn't have Marks of destruction so I split the Runes. Given Marks of Destruction both Magic and Armor Pen would be higher then they are now.

The build centers around CC, Sheen, Bilgewater Cutlass (Slow), and forcing awkward build decisions out of lane opponent.

At the end of the build your Lich Bane will be hitting very hard and you will have very good Cooldown Reduction to maximize its use.

Why Bilgewater Cutlass? Why not Phage or Frozen Mallet?

Yes, We want to slow our enemy! Yes we only need to do that after our Pulv/Headbutt Combo! We want to synergy our items and build though. Phage is 1315g and only has 30% chance to Proc, Frozen Mallet is 3250g and doesn't compliment both AD and AP. That is also the reason we have chosen not to go with Rylais Crystal Scepter. Consider this, Rylais Slow is 35% from last ability, Frozen mallet is 40% from last attack. Bilgewater Cutlass is 50% Slow from whenever you choose, does 150 damage, has ranged cast within our pulverize range and builds into a stronger Hybrid Item later. With a 60 second cooldown I'm sure most people would be glad to have an extra slow for escapes and ganks. (60 Seconds is faster then CV... Much faster then Exhaust.)

The Build does lean more to AD at the end because we want your Lich Bane to be effective with Armor pen.

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AD Tank Alistar?

This build is flexible based on what your enemy is doing. If they are heavy on AD I recommend swapping Force of Nature with Thormail. I have only got a chance to play this a few times but the idea is that large amounts of health synergies with Alistar's Ult, that also synergies Atmas. I pretty mush always recommend Sheen on Alistar because you always stack him with CDR and he has a very high base attack damage. in the end you build Tri-force because you will obviously have little AP for Lich Bane.

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Jungle Alistar

Level 1 - Pulverize.
Start Blue. Hard Leash.
Level 2 - Headbutt.
Gank at level 2.

Level 1 - Pulverize
Start Blue. Hard Leash
Level 2 - Heal
Standard Jungle Clear.
Gank when Lane gets pushed or to halfway point

Approach from behind the enemy to line up your Headbutt. Always communicate with your team before approaching the enemy back field. You want the Lane to assist the gank as much as possible. Your Primary Ganking skills are restricted to mediocre damage and Crowd Control.

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AP Carry?

Alistars AP got nerf hard, but this still works effectively. I start with rushing Rod of ages and then sheen. This is why I refer to this as a Carr build because you start off quite weak, the Sheen following RoA makes you still do damage while it builds power. Your next step is build survivability/HP. Once you get your Rylais you are ready to start killing. After Rylais you AP will be fairly impressive so that when I build Lich bane. Now you will be bursting pretty well. Finish her off with more AP and Cooldown from Morello's.

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Agressive Support?

A Product of my own invention. Originally I did this maneuver with AD Characters such as Teemo or Ezreal. After thinking about the mechanics and I decided that it fits better with a Support Character so that the AD Carry isn't burdened with bad Summoner Spells and awkward opening/mastery page.

How to Open

Because you will be starting with 515 gold thanks to your risky Mastery page you will be purchasing 1 Amplifying Tome and 1 Sight Ward. If you are fast enough you will have time to CV Enemy Spawn Steps for starting items and scout how fast enemy jungler has left to his post. You will then teleport at the 10 second mark to the center Turret at the middle of the map. You will then travel to Expected starting buff location of the enemy Jungler. You will get with proximity to the bush around 33-35 seconds depending on speed of character and items. Plant the Sight ward in the bush granting vision of the "Buff Creep" and surrounding area to your team for the next 300 Seconds. Once this is done back to the river and organize your team for an "Invade". You will have CV up by the time you engage in case you need to CV any escaping Champions running through brush.

Invade Advantages

1) Superior Intel on enemy Positioning and count.
2) Superior timing for Steal/Gank
3) Opening Gank + Assists provides extra cash to everyone involved
4) Normally results in a Multi kill to enemy team
5) Extremely easy to perform
6) Support now has teleport for laning which can help Carry stay in Lane

1) Chance your team will be weak in a level 1 engagement leading to extreme early game set back
2) If Champions Loiter after initial gank fighting they may fall behind Top lane, AP Mid or AD Carry
3) Support has teleport instead of flash. Less escapes.

Note: This strategy is possible without awkward mastery tree and without teleport. My opinion is that this is the most aggressive way for support to perform the maneuver.