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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilredjin

Alistar (Support/Tank)

Devilredjin Last updated on July 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Now I want to say first thing! I honestly don't play Alistar an amazing hugely large amount, however, he is by far one of the characters I have done the most studying and looking up/working on, so I feel this build should be quite solid.

That being said, I would love a lot of critism on this build because I really want to use Alistar, but the more help the better.

The idea of this alistar is to help feed his teammates, take big damage and iniciate fights, save teammates that are trying to run from either ganks or a single champ, and such. You won't be killing a lot of champs, but minion pushing, assist killing, and smacking turrents.

Ok, Runes work health to make Alistar harder to touch, Cooldown on so you can use his combo slightly more often, Mana so he doesn't run out so easily, and some dodge is always nice to make him harder to touch.

Masteries all focus on the idea of making him hard to kill. 0 - 21 - 9 very defensive style.

Summoner spells are Flash and Ghost. Flash for his combo(Which I will explain in a second) ghost to chance, use combo, run after initiating, and such.

Ok, this combo that I keep reffering too, for those who don't see Alistar often, is his Headbutt and pulverize.

The Idea is simply. Pulverize your opponent, then go around them as they are in air/stunned, then knock them toward ally territory with headbutt. From there, you should have 1. An ally 2. A turrent or 3. Both Waiting for an opponent.

Flash is great as you can flash next to an opponent pulverize and headbutt before they can react. Best thing if possible is to flash behind the opponent headbutt then pulverize inside enemy territory, almost assuring the kill if you get the hit off.

Remember, work with your allies, and side with someone that is a fast and powerful killer(I prefer DPS like Yi or Warwick)

Ok, early game start a build toward tear of the Goddess, your going to want the mana to use your combos as often. Start with Pulverize in Pre-made or a game where you all a going to start with the gank. If your playing or sided with a squishy char, consider the trimphant roar to keep them in the game. IF you get it first, then change out your health pots for mana pots. By level 3 your should have what u need for the combo. Harassing is key, don't combo unless you are prepared to finish the opponent with allies.

Headbutt won't need levels for a while, your only use it for it's push, as oppose to the heal, and the pulverize. In fact, make sure you spam that heal as often as possible, make sure that you minion push.

Mid game - Prepare to get in there and smack a turrent by now, try and build Aeris, The locket and your should have the tear of the goddess done. With all this, you should be ready to push with minions very often. With that ulti, you can initiate game fights, and just pop the ulti, take the shots, and ghost away.

Late game is up to you guys, you call how you want to do it. finish the build to your choice.

With late game, you can go smack turrents, push with allies, initiate, and plenty of other things. When initiating, flash in, pulverize, and headbutt away either the team carry, or the team tank. I suggest the tank, then gank the carry. This takes out the major threat, and you guys waste less blasts on the tank when you can 3 v 1 him later.

Minion pushing should be relatively easy, and if you ever get ganked, keep your ultimate open.

Always, remember, never just toss your moves around. I've seen people headbutted to safety by accident, hell I have done it myself, so alway play smart, and save the ulti for dire situations. Also remember that your ulti can clear status effects like stun and slow.

Honestly can't think of anything else, and questions or comments? send them my way, I love to hear them! If you want more description on something in specific, just ask, I am willing to give. Same goes with all other builds xD