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Alistar Build Guide by iBlameFate

Alistar Tank/Support

Alistar Tank/Support

Updated on September 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iBlameFate Build Guide By iBlameFate 6,788 Views 9 Comments
6,788 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iBlameFate Alistar Build Guide By iBlameFate Updated on September 6, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity



Alistar can be built many different ways. But his abilities are great for being a support champion. His ultimate is great because regardless of the build you use it makes him a tank for 6 seconds. Personally, I play Alistar as a tank/support (hence the build I am presenting to you guys). When I play solo 5v5 i find that people don't like the role of tank. And I end up with the role. It's probably one of the easiest roles to play if you know the character you are tanking with. Harder if your team doesn't know what your doing, Pulverize and Headbutt. Alistar is rather easy. He's my favorite champion for this role. I hope you guys enjoy my guide. (This is my first build BTW).
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We start off with a Doran's Shield. Now you might ask, since you've been pushing for mana regeneration why don't you take maybe a Mana Manipulator? My answer to this is we need health, you are going to be harassing quite a bit with Pulverize. Plus the added Armor and health regeneration is great. As soon as i have around 825+ gold I recall and pick up a Heart of Gold and maybe some boots if I can afford them. If my lane is in trouble, or any other lanes, I teleport to them but if it's not I recommend just running back to your lane. After the Heart of Gold pick up Mercury Treads when you can, we go with these because of the tenacity. Helping your team out more with them, plus the magic resist :). Then we finish building Randuin's Omen. This is a great starting item because it gives you health, armor, and health regeneration. After this I immediately go into a Aegis of the Legion. a great item in a team fight. The next item depends if your dying more than you should. If you are, go for the Guardian Angel, if you just need more magic resist go with force of nature. Our final item is Warmog's Armor. I start off with the giant's belt then ruby crystal to get immediate health. Normally games won't last long enough to get this item but if they do you have even more health from this item. If there is a massive DPS on the other team you can switch out Aegis of the Legion for a thornmail after the Randuin's Omen if you are getting focused by the DPS. Force of Nature is the item with the most magic resistance in the game so why not get it? Plus it gives lots of health regeneration which is great after getting out of a fight.

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0/21/9 are my mastries. Lots of points in the defense tree and in the utility tree we go for mana regeneration and take teleport and the clarity boost as well. I would only go for offensive points if I was playing an AP Alistar, but then it would be 9/0/21. That's another build. The defensive tree is great because it gives us more armor, magic resist, health and mana regeneration, health, reduced damage, added attack speed and AP as well. Then I go for the exp boost in the utility tree for faster leveling! :D
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For runes I would go with magic resist and mana regeneration. Pretty good for Alistar, his mana gets really low early game anyways. Magic resist because of we usually get more armor than magic resist with items. Mana regeneration goes great with the Clarity too that way we can be able to lane longer and more efficiently. EDIT: I decided to go with Greater Quintessence of Knowledge because we have have a lot more mana then we did recently. I also took off the magic resist runes and went with straight up mana regeneration. Now we get about 9.60335 mana regeneration per 5 seconds at level 1!

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Skill Sequence

We start off with Pulverize mainly because of the CC. The next point is entirely up to how your lane is. If you are getting pushed back a lot and need health more, get triumphant roar, if you are pushing more go for the headbutt. The skills after that is I max Pulverize, then triumphant roar, then headbutt. I usually go for headbutt because you don't need the damage that it gives you over the levels and the knock back (to your team :P) is needed so only put one point in that until your Q and E are 5.
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Summoner Spells

I go with a Teleport and Clarity. Teleport is great if you need to protect a turret or get to a fight faster or help out a team mate. Clarity is really good early game for the mana. All the extra mana regeneration is exceptional combined with this summoner spell. When using teleport you need to be careful when to use it. If you use it to get back to your lane and need it for when 3 people are pushing another lane and you have to run there and lose a turret that's a no-no. Use it when there is a fight happening in an an. Or when you need to protect a turret in another lane and your team needs help. Minions or champions as long as you protect the turret!
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When and when not to use Pulverize / Headbutt

Using this combo is very crucial when laning and in team fights. During laning I play more on the offense. Meaning I try to zone out my enemies from getting experience. If the enemy team has a really squishy champion, example: Vayne, Veiger, etc, then I try to Pulverize then Headbutt them towrads my teammate and turret. While the turret might get 1 or 2 hits on the enemies your teammate is doing damage as well. Other wise I just try to zone the other team. Alistar is very effective at this. If the enemy gets too close to your laning parnter then you can headbutt them away. In team fights you want to get the AP/AD Carry down first. They do massive damage to your team and is problematic late game. Pulverize the whole enemy team (if they are all bunched up, or most of them, or just thee carry) and headbutt the carry towards your team. If you have to use your ultimate. The other team cant really do anything to you anyways. After the carry is down start chasing but make sure not to be over commiting. :)
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Farming with Alistar can be frustrating. While you want to give creep kills to your carry you want kills as well. This is why I pick up Heart of Gold. When you are farming though take out a group of minions with your pulverize and keep using your triumphant roar to keep your passive going. Triumphant roar is just amazing while farming. Constantly gaining health andd your passive is awesome too! It's passive is when it's on cooldown and an enemy dies it gets reduced by 1 second. So you could be constantly popping it while around minions which means: Good farming.
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Pros / Cons

Team fights
Good CC
Helps team a lot
Running away from ganks
Dying while saving carries (con/pro)
Not a lot of damage
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This build isn't really meant to do a lot of damage but in a team fight if you can get the carry dead quick it's easy pickings. With your ultimate on you can take pretty much anything and do a little bit more damage. If the enemies ever get a Madred's Blood Razor your fine with your 212 magic resist. I hope you guys enjoy this build. If you could leave a comment and tell me how it is that would be awesome! I have a great AP Alistar build as well. If I get good feedback on this build I'll post the AP one. Have fun guys! :)
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