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Alistar Build Guide by SteineGalen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SteineGalen

Alistar, The Assassin!

SteineGalen Last updated on November 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you have decided to play the most satisfying assassin in the League? Well then you better do it right boy.. This guide right here is gonna show you how..

I wouldn't recommend this guide for any seriousface high ELO ranked player out there.. This is just a fun build for some fun normal games. :)

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Alistar has insane damage early game so that's why we're gonna take advantage of it by being heavy on ap as early as possible and scale more into the tank role later.
- You need the mana regen, chunk of health is always nice and the ap for the dmg..

- This is vital, not only does it give you more mana and ap but it kinda gives you an extra ability by just basic attacking your enemy after using one of your abilities.

- A good assassin gotta be able to move fast, right? Can be changed for merc threads if you feel more comfortable with the tenacity. But I really, really love movement speed.

- CDR, a bit of health and the extra healing is great.

- This is were we're gonna start tanking.. ****load of armor, alot of mana for longer sustainability, even more cdr and last but not least the attack speed reduction of nearby enemies.

- As I said earlier, I do love movement speed and this item gives u mr and alot of hp regen as well..

- For your next item you should just go with what you need most, look at the other team, if they have more magic dmg than physical, then buy mr instead.. Banshee's Veil would be a good choice.. The reason I go wtih Sunfire Cape instead of other armor items is because it goes well with Alistars passive :)

- Now finish your Lich Bane, extra ap and a bit of mr.

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Alistar fits well into all the lanes.. Solo Top, Mid or Bot, doesn't really matter.. Play him right and he'll wreck anything the opposing team has got..

Solo top:

If you're soloing top 1v1, then you just gotta start showing dominance at once, have fun with the enemy .. Headbutt them away from minions whenever you can for harass and showing who's boss. Get your free farm, get the early sheen and then you can go for the kill or just push bit by bit until you get the tower down.. After this you should have boots of swiftness and be able to roam around.. Another important thing is to spam "Shift + F1" and whenever you kilL someone you go for the "Shift + F2"

If you're soloing top against 2 people because the other team doesn't have a jungler you'll have to go about the laning a bit diffrent.. Don't harass unless you can get them both in a Headbutt - Pulverize combo so you can safely get back behind your minions.
The secret behind 1v2'ing top with alistar is just waiting for them to become overconfident and tower dive you.. If you have ulti, pop it.. than have your fun with keeping them in turret range with your cc abilites :).. Another thing you can do is try keeping minions just right out of turret range so that for them to get last hits they will have to come close to you.. If they do get close to you then just pulverize, get behind them and headbutt them in to the tower, first time they will probably burn there flash away but then they will be an easy prey for your jungler.


I is basically like soloing top versus 1 guy, the only diffrence is that you probably are against a more squishy opponent.. You should usually be able to rape them here by doing the same as in 1v1 solo top..


Still the same as soloing top against 2 ppl.. except you gotta babysit your lanemate as well :P
I would highly recommend to lane with someone you know and not some random without communication skillzz
See next chapter for some champs that go well with Alistar

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Champions that go well with Alistar.

A good Alistar goes togeter well with any champ that excells with a babysitter, but there some combos in particular I've noticed raping it up..and - You are gonna need good communication for the perfect combo here, but if you can manage to pull this off, you'll rape everything.. do your Headbutt - Pulverize combo when katarina goes in with her Shunpoo - Death Lotus.. This way they won't be able to get out of her ult or stop her from channeling it..

and - The dmg output and cc here is too much for most lanes to handle..