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Alistar Build Guide by Panda_3

Alistar, the Immortal Disabler

Alistar, the Immortal Disabler

Updated on September 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panda_3 Build Guide By Panda_3 4 3 6,491 Views 3 Comments
4 3 6,491 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Panda_3 Alistar Build Guide By Panda_3 Updated on September 29, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you Alistar, the Immortal Disabler.

This build allows you to take tons of damage, and use your two disables in the best possible way. You are not chaser, dps or AP carry.

Your role is to:
-take the point and defend it at all cost;
-defend your teammate, while he is capping;
-knockout enemies out of their points.

You have 2 disables, each with cooldown of ~7s. That means you can use one disable every 3,5s. That's pretty nice. Not to mention, that one of these disables is AoE disable. Keep in mind, that Cap>Frag>Farm.

People often rush 4th point if they already have 3/5, and they forget to defend points. With you, as Alistar the Immortal Disabler, they have higher chance for win. You can have negative stats, but it doesn't matter. Cap, def, win. 3 points are enough to win.
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Pros / Cons

-Almost immortal
-Disable spam
-Can interrupt enemies capping for really long time
-Can defend a point for long time, even when he fights 1v5 (thanks to his ulti and GA)

-Hard to kill anyone in late game (but it's not Ali's role, so who cares).
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So you have 2 slots left. Take your items carefully. Few words about core items. We pick Guardian Angel as soon as possible (after completed Ionia Boots) for additional armor, magic resistance and second life. It will help you a lot early game. Boots and Frozen Heart: we take them mainly because of cooldown reduction, but additional mana and armor from FH is the thing you would like to have too. Not to mention this slowing aura. Force of Nature, mainly because of high magic resistance.

Last 2 items will depend on the enemy team.

Var 1- "They can't kill me already, and there's no indication that they will ever be able to kill me!"

Suggested items:

Var 2- "Their AD carries are too strong!"

Suggested items:

Var 3- "Enemies mages own me!"

Suggested items:

Var 4- "Everyone kills me so easily! :("

Suggested items:

Var 5- "Everyone still kills me so easily! :(("
Using shortcuts (Q,W,E,R) should help you. And hug your point.

These are only suggestions, you can use any items you wish, noone force you to use this build, honestly.
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In dominion you level up quickly, so I decided to pick health per level runes only- we have more than enough resistances from items, but we lack of hit points, so chosen runes are self explanatory. You can take resistance runes, but then you will have 300 or so hit points less. In my humble opinion, few more points in magic resistance and armor are not worth taking instead of that 300 hp bonus. We will have around 200 armor and 200 magic resistance, that should be enough. If it is not, you can always take more tanky items. You can even sell boots, just to buy Warmog's Armor.
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We are going standard 9/21/0, with magic penetration from first tree. We need to be as much tanky as we can, so this is self-explanatory too.
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Summoner Spells

Why Flash? Even Alistar can be in trouble sometimes. Flash is overally a great spell, which allows you to escape from danger in no time. It can be used to chase enemies too, but as an Alistar your role is not to get frags but defend your points. Don't forget it.

Now, why Exhaust? Well. You can take any spell you want instead of Exhaust. Try Garrison, it will work well with such defensive build. I pick Exhaust, because it helps alot versus ad carries- they can be real threat, at least in early and mid game.
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Oh come on. It's Dominion, you are getting tons of XP and Gold even if you stay in base for the whole round. No need for farming, however extra gold is always nice. What I'm trying to say- cap first, farm later.
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Team Work

It's a Dominion. Point>Frag. Cap point, and frag will come later. As a CC King, you have to disable anything, anytime, anywhere. If you are rushing enemies' point with teammate, you shouldn't cap- def your teammate, while he is capping, instead! If there are no enemies near, you can cap too. You should act like guard.


X is you. O is point. Y is your teammate. Now let's imagine that enemies are attacking. I will use E to mark an enemy.

He is coming...
And there he is
What are you doing now?

Lol. And point is yours.
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Forgive me...

... my english. Thanks.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panda_3
Panda_3 Alistar Guide
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Alistar, the Immortal Disabler

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