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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToonBoon

Alistar, the true way

ToonBoon Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I. Introduction

This guide is for Alistar version 2.0, it is the only viable way to play Alistar, it is a detailed explanation and guide on how to over-exploit his passive and ultimate for unrivaled building destruction.

Before moving on to the actual guide, lets take a look at the core question.

Why play this version of Alistar?

The most obvious reason would be that it is insanely effective, it breaks the standard rules of the meta and it's always fun to be insulted for half an hour before you bring victory to your team. Another reason would be that playing Alistar as a tank/support/beefy AP is by far outshined by others. (rammus/sona/sion).

The objective of everthing you do is to arrive at the point where you can 1v1 towers without help as fast as possible. We are above all looking to optimize the gold gain.

II. Warnings!

Prepare for:
  • You will attract the ire, the ridicule and insults of any team during the first half hour of play
  • You will attract the sympathy, respect and support of all the opposing team during the first half hour of play
  • You will attract the sympathy, respect and support your team during the last two minutes of play
  • You will attract the ire, the ridicule and insults of any opposing team during the last two minutes of play
  • If the game is lost, it will be solely your fault.
  • If the game is won, it will be solely thanks to you.
  • Talking your team in not surrendering right at the 25 minute mark because you are 'feeding'
  • The end-game score isn't worth ****, the victory message is all that counts.
  • Winning a game with a K/D ratio of near zero
  • Your team won't help you and ask for the other team to report you.
  • Absolutely no one will approve your playing style, whether your partner or your opponents.
  • You are a misunderstood genius, but a genius nonetheless

III. Alistar's Stats

The base stats, stat gain/lvl, and end stats

Level 1, per level, Level 18

Health: 582, 114, 2520
Mana: 225, 33, 786
Damage: 62,905, 3,375, 120.28
Armor: 18, +3.5, 77.5
Magic Resistance: 30, 0, 30
Health Regen: 1.62, +0.17, 4.51
Mana Regeneration: 0.84, +0.05, 1.69
Speed: 300
Attack distance: 125

As you can see the basic HP pool of alistar is impressive, his damage isn't low, has good armor but a very low speed. His mana is clearly insufficient to provide for effective farming.

IV. Alistar's Abilities

P:Colossal StrengthColossal Strength

The bread and butter of the true way to play Alistar, this allows for the eating of towers.

Q: Pulverize

This will help you farm up the gold needed to get your build together, its extremely mana intensive but thanks to your masteries and your two philosopher's stones you can use it whenever you like.

W: Headbutt

Always good to have in the sense of giving you a way to escape or kill by headbutting them into your turret. Nevertheless, it's still an insignificant spell that isn't worth maxing until late game

E: Triumphant Roar

The key to early success, with your enormous regen given to you by your two philosopher's stones it's almost spammable granting you an infinite health pool, this will reduce the amount of kills you give the opposing team early game.

R: Unbreakable Will

Your ultimate. Grants you near invulnerability for 8 seconds and gives you 90 damage for raping towers. This combined with your passive makes you eat turrets alive, without any help.

V. Ability order

After getting a level in all spells you will level your spells in thefollowing order:

R > Q > E > W

1: Triumphant Roar
2: Pulverize
3: Headbutt
4: Pulverize
5: Pulverize
6: Unbreakable Will
7: Pulverize
8: Triumphant Roar
9: Pulverize
10: Triumphant Roar
11: Unbreakable Will
12: Triumphant Roar
13: Triumphant Roar
14: Headbutt
15: Headbutt
16: Unbreakable Will
17: Headbutt
18: Headbutt

VI. Summoner Spells

and Revive, no questions.

Teleport gets you to towers as fast as possible, placing wards in the enemy base help you in this.

Revive gets you back alive after getting killed so you can run up to the next tower and eat it.

VII. Masteries

All these masteries are fairly straightforward getting more attack speed, improved heal and teleport, regen, movespeed, and lower cooldowns on revive and teleport.

VIII. Runes

Full attack speed runes give you 38.1% attack speed, which is a lot, and without this you'll need to wait for a lot longer before you can actually start eating towers.

IX. Item build

The minimum needed for soloing a tower at lvl 16 without any help is three recurve bows, totalling 3,150g which seems fairly easy to achieve. But it's best to maximize damage and reduce cooldowns to be able to kill more turrets by granting you faster access to your ultimate.

Regrowth pendant and potion

Pendant builds into philosopher's stone and the pot is optional for if you face a difficult lane.

First back - 365g
Buy philosopher's stone and teleport right back.

You should not lose any gold/exp if you use your teleport right.

Second back - 1150g
This is the amount of gold you should have by the time your teleport cooldown is reset.
Buy another Philosopher's stone and Boots

Having two stones gives you insane regen allowing you to pulverize any creep wave that comes in your lane without worrying about your mana.

Buying order
Stinger - Costs 90g more than a recurve bow but grants 10% Cooldown Reduction
Boots of Mobility - Map conrol
Recurve Bow
Recurve Bow
Sell first Philosopher's Stone for a slot to hold wards.

Wriggle's Lantern to fill the ward slot
Sell last Philosopher's Stone for Brutalizer giving you damage and Cooldown Reduction
Upgrade Recurve Bow to Sword of the Divine
Red Elixir
Green Elixir

Extreme luxury
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Madred's Bloodrazor
Second Sword of the Divine

Do Not Buy
Defensive items, they only hamper your ability to eat towers and make you harder to kill. Not worth it, better invest in some more attack speed or elixirs.

X. Additional tips

Generally you should never be in mid lane, either eat towers top, or eat towers bot. This constant pressure allows the rest of your team to do whatever they like. Divide and Conquer. Your ulti alone will make it take two or three opponnents to swiftly shut you down (before you eat a tower). This gives your team such an advantage it isn't even funny.

****ing learn to ****ing last ****ing hit every ****ing creep.

Take solo whenever you can, farm up. Farm farm farm. Pulverize is your best friend here

Even if you're alone in the lane, do not back off. Have the rest of your team do important things while you take down that tower bit by bit. Do not try to run, getting that tower down 30% and dying is worth more than getting only 5% and getting away.

Feel free to use teleport to get away, hit your ultimate whilst in teleport as your opponents will not be able to break it.

This originally is not MY idea, the original idea came from ALCruor, a french LoL player.