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Build Guide by Danosaur

Alister Lane King

By Danosaur | Updated on January 26, 2011
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This build is designed to give Alistar move survivability, dmg and support healing.

The first items you get are, 1and 1. This will you give you more than enough mana to spam your triumphant roar and keep you and your allies at full health in your lane. Triumphant roar's cooldown is reduced when creeps die so it can be used often when in a lane.

Make sure to last hit creeps aggressively, Alistar has pretty good dmg for last hitting as well as Pulverize. You need to use this to your advantage.

You want one level in each of your skills. If you pulverize an enemy hero it is easy to run around them and headbutt them in any direction you need.

Complete Tear of the Goddessas soon as possible to start building up your mana.

Next complete your boots, the reason for Boots of Mobilityis that Alistar is excellent at pushing lanes and destroying towers so he needs to be able to switch lanes quickly.

One you have these items you should be at least level 6 and have your ult. This is a good time to start constantly moving lanes either pushing a lane or ganking enemy heroes. Alistar can put out huge amounts of dmg with his ult and can easily tank a tower + 2 heroes but once it wears off (7 seconds at this point) you are not strong as a tank. constantly moving around will let your cooldown run on your ult so you can try to only engage in battles with your ult.

Your next items should be Zealand Vampiric Scepter, you base speed is very slow so the speed boost is very useful early and lifesteal is useful and will build into a Hextech Gunblade later.

Now we want to upgrade our zeal into something more powerful, my personal favorite is Trinity Forcebut Phantom Danceror Lich Baneboth have useful qualities as well.

Next you want to build up your defense a little, late game you get much weaker, so i suggest a Force of Nature-you have very high health so its passive is useful- and Randuin's Omen, its active slow's your enemy which is useful, it is a very strong tank item, and gives a good cooldown reduction.

At this point you can upgrade your Tear of the Goddess to an Archangel's
Staff for extra ability power or a manamune.
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Alistar is an extremely fun hero to play. He can be an extremely strong tank with the rite items and when played well. He is also very good at push lanes, towers, and supporting the entire team.
This build focuses on his support and tank abilities. When using this build you want to lane with someone else who will benefit from your heals and can also put out a lot of damage.
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Alistar has a few needs mainly some mana regeneration and health, armor and magic resist will come with some items but are secondary.
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Your a tank face it and build your masteries into defense. With the rest of your points increase your mana regeneration and give yourself some more gold. I'm not a big fan of Nimbleness because there is only one item that increases dodge chance other than the 2% from masteries so I don't get it.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Danosaur
Danosaur Guide
Alister Lane King