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League of Legends Build Guide Author jimmy1911

All die..Some just need a bit of help:D

jimmy1911 Last updated on August 22, 2013
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Hello im sorry if this guide sucks i will try to be better its my first gui

As i said upwards this is my first guide ever so i will search more about guides and good tricks so please if u dont like this guide dont thumb down i will try to be better on next guides!

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So Lucian is a new champion who can deal MASSIVE damage if built well!For example im a bit noobie but i know how to build players so i got full build and i got 31-5-10 in a ranked game legendary.

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I never make my runes once i have a full offensive rune page for adc which is full dmg +22
but if i did i would make a rune page with armor penetration damage per lvl damage attack speed and armor.

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I still dont know how to make a full guide so i will just tell u.Make masteries with 30-0-0 if ur risky and want to be really op but squishy or 21-9-0 for a more tanky game!

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As i said in masteries i dont know to put pictures of items or runes or anything so i will just write them down and explain why to build him like this.First item take dorans blade and on ur first way back take out boots and some pots for mana and life.The core build is Dorans blade(sell it if u get full build)So the actuall core build is: Bersekers boots,Blade of ruined king,statik shiv,infinity edge,phantom dancer,blood thirster.

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Skill Sequence

So it goes liek this: first max ur q and upgrade w for a great marksman fun.If u push them and they have a jungler with slow or stun try to get e immediently!Ofc max ur ultimate!So first ur q and w and ultimate and then e for me.

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Get Flash Barrier or Ghost Ignite.

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Ranked Play

If your on ranked and u want to win try to get away with jungler with e and harass him with q till he leaves ur lane.Ofc u must go bot and ask for ur support to get blitz crank or soraka or for an offensive but risky gameplay get singed,i know he is an awfull support BUT if he knows to ambush and pull people back u can harass them pretty hard so the leave and u push the lane.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Cons:
try not to feed or else u will suck
u will need babystting by soraka
he is still not stron against draven!
he is not squishy!
he is a rly good escaper
he can make enemies hurt much
he can kill a full vayne even if he isnt full!
he is a good kser...

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Creeping / Jungling

just try w and q w and q and hits ofc

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Team Work

in a teamfight always try to harass everyone with ur q and if more than 1 is on line try to ulti that side

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Just try to last hit like a BAUS cause if dont u will have the worst score

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Thank you

Thank you for watching this guide althrough it sucked once it is my first!


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