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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Terrab

All Round Fighting Sivir

Terrab Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well I believe that Sivir works well with Attack Speed. The more Attack Speed you have early game the quicker you get minion kills the quicker you get gold and the quicker you can push to the tower in mid, putting pressure on your opponent. This build also has a balance with damage and support and survivability in the form of lifesteal and crowd control. I like the aura support Siver...but come on.... the title "Battle Mistress" does not scream support does it?


0 / 21 / 9
Def because Sivir is squishy, Util to help with mana regen, and just that extra gold helps along with Philosopher's Stone.

Skill Sequence

Was done this way to max out Boomberang Blade as quickly as possible.
Obviously you get On The Hunt when available. I mix it up with Spell Shield and Ricochet depending on who I'm fighting mid.

Rune Build

ASpeed, ASpeed, Aspeed, Aspeed.
I did away with the dodge. Doesnt seem to work that well, and since I since this build does not have an escape ability...wat difference could dodge really do?
Do not need mana regen, since you can handle just fine in the beginning with Maki and a potion and Clarity.


Philosopher's Stone- nice mana regen and some lovely Gold.

Berserker's Greaves- ASpeed again lol

Stark's Favor- ASpeed again, nice ally buff, nice enemy debuff, works well with On The Hunt

Madred's BloodRazor- OMG ASpeed, Dmg, and Armor???? plus a nice passive that hurts tanks


Hextech Gunblade- Why do people not use this?? OMG This weapon is Ownage
+60 Attack Damage +75 Ability Power +15% Life Steal +13% Spell Vamp UNIQUE Active: Deals 300 magic damage and slows the target champion by 50% for 3 seconds (700 range). 60 second cooldown. Ye...I'm always using this. Attack Damage for the Ricochet and Ability Power for the Boomerang Blade, keeping it viable in later levels....brilliant. And I got CC with lovely range!!!!!!

The Bloodthirster- Attack Damage + lifesteal, + stacking both. Sometimes I would get the Gunblade in place of Madreds and get a Bloodthirster after, and another one if the game goes too long.

My Gaming Strategy

Lvls 1-5
Play semi-defensive, conserve your BB for sure shots while conserving Mana. Shoot your BB when your opponent is sure to commit to an attack.

Lvls 5-9
Start to use BB more extensively at Lvl 7. Its very powerful now and can rape with ease. You use these levels to really try to get a kill because soon after BB does not say anything much. Depends on your opponent ricochet will annoy the **** out of them because you start to take down minions fast, and strategic positioning lets you hit your enemy and wipes out the wave of minions also. You should have your PStone and your Berserkers and the first part of the Starks, Emblem of Valour(lifesteal and hp regen), that will help you stay in the lane longer along with Clarity and Teleport. I always teleport back to my tower after I go to the shop, less time for the enemy to push to your tower.

Lvls 10 - 18
By 10 you should have Starks and should have that tower down already. Clear a wave of minions in mid and then go help either top or bottom. I usually go where there is difficulty so I can help clear the minions fast so we can focus on the enemy champs. All this time I'm still watching mid, and any approach to my tower, I Teleport in, and if my Teleport is on CD I time it enough so I can run cross map in time. Your gold coming in should be piling up and things are easy to buy, just keep mowing the minions down and in your cross map traveling just throw your BB into the monsters and get extra gold.

From here the game changes once you have the starks, and start to get your damage items.
In group battles always stay at the back, the enemy loves to see Sivir because shes so squishy. Utilize BB, it has a good range and can take down a running enemy. Also On the hunt is a make or break during team battles.

From the first team battle you should realize which team has the upper hand and would know if to use OTH at the beginning or mid fight or just save it for any possible escape.

If your team has the advantage in a group battle, and there is an enemy turret with your minions around or near, you can use Teleport to go there, clear the enemy minions, OTH, and rape the tower. Watch for enemy death timers and locations on the map, do the math, and decide weather to push to the next tower, since you will reach the next tower with ease with the remaining buff time of OTH.

This Sivir build in my experience has killed Kennen, Master Yi, and Katarina 1 v 1 and strangely rapes Urgot. So far it seems BB messes him up early - late game but then again it was probably some bad builds they had. I've got even more kills in group battles, with my BB flying and my richochet dancing all around, and whoever tries to run gets shot by my gunblade...omg the gunblade...sweetness.

My first game I played with this build is 15 / 7 / 20 (got the screen shot to prove it, but don wanna show people my game record :p been testing alot lol) I got three deaths when the other team was really trying to get rid of me after I got so much kills. I got three deaths after taking down 2 turrets, but the way I see it, a death a turret is worth it once your other team members are alive. All other deaths were due to team fights.

Hope you like my build and test it out.

*Edit* made one change in the Runes :- Greater Mark of Desolation x 9
I tried a little armor pene and it rocks lol