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Ashe Build Guide by Rebecka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rebecka

Always remember season one <3

Rebecka Last updated on June 19, 2014
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Ashe Build

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Sweet Introduction

Hello Las Vegas! My name is Rebecka and I'll be your host tonight.
I am currently in Diamond V league, but was once a great warrior of Diamond II, promo to Diamond I.
The purpose of this magnificent guide is to teach you the ways of middle Ashe.
This guide might be slightly outdated since Ashe mid was popular in Season One and now it's mid-S4. I haven't thought this through.

Trolls may leave.

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Pros / Cons

I know there's probably more cons than pros, but let's try to ignore that fact. We play League to have fun, don't we, soldiers?! Oh right, we don't. Uh, let's get to the cons first... I will write the con and then I will explain why it's a con. Con con con. Same goes with pros.


* You break the meta - Breaking the meta in S4 is considered trolling and you will get reported. Don't worry though, Tribunal will not get you banned or warned unless you are really trolling... So, are you?!

* If you have a bad computer people tell you to refund your toaster to the store - This doesn't really have anything to do with Ashe mid, but still I have to list this as a con.

* You will lack AP - Unless top or jungle decides to go full AP, your team will be full AD and get heavily countered by armor. Make sure to buy Last Wisper.

* You have no potential - Isn't Ashe considered as the worst ADC? And on top of that you're playing Ashe mid versus a hardcore AP mage. Good luck mate.


* Last hitting under turret is easy - You won't have to waste your whole manapool to get that gold under the turret. All you have to do is to time your 80~ dmg autoattack.

* Your E will drain your targets mana - This should be good versus champions like Orianna, but then I remembered Ashe's E never ate enemy mana so this isn't really a pro after all.

As I said I haven't really thought this through and now that I actually think about it I shouldn't be making a guide.

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Lovely-dovely Spells

This has to be my favorite Chapter of them all.. "Spells". This is when you can write ANY argument for picking any spell and people will believe in you as long as you are enough confident about it. I won't do that though.

Flash: I can't see why you wouldn't pick this when playing as Ashe.

Teleport: Shoot your ultimate from base to midlane, then teleport to your front midturret. Season One-style!

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Creeping / Jungling

So this Chapter was recommended and I assume they added the "/" by mistake.. So the title should be "Creeping in the Jungle". All right, I haven't really done this before but I will try to explain what CIJ (Creeping In the Jungle) means.

So basicly what we're going to do is to sit in a bush in enemy jungle and look at Ezreal while he is farming that bot lane. Mmmm yeah, can you see that butt moving? I can, and I will see it for the rest of the game.

Creeping in the jungle around midlane is also a good idea, because mostly there will be female mages with... Big features. ;) Watch out for Gragas mid though, he knows you're watching him and he will enjoy it. Eventually he will walk up to you with a flirty smile across his face and give you a "special gift". Ugh. Been there done that, let's just say I will never risk creeping around midlane again.

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Masteries, Runes and Items

This is pretty optional. Just get what you like, when you like it. Everyone has their own style, so just buy whatever suits your needs, buddyyyyyy.

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Ranked Play

I know Ashe mid is fun and all, but don't go Ranked.

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Skill Sequence

It's up to you what you decide to get.

... W for harass.
... E for gold.
... Q for sustain. (I don't even know what that word means (sustain) but it sounds rather fancy so I'll just write it here)
... R every 6th level.

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Summary for Harry Potter fans

All right, I hope you honor Season One players by playing the out of meta champions. They need some love as well. <3