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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darude

Amazing Trynd Crits

Darude Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Welcome everyone :). I was searching for 1 month for good build, i tried a lot of different sequences items and stuff like that and this 1 which i'm showing here i think is best of all, i might be wrong... but i dont think so :). If you do not agree with something, please comment :).

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So... i piced up Runes to critical damage and dodge chance, dodge is very usefull even if you do not have a lot of chance% to use it. It helps when you running away before people and when you re after somebody. Critical damage in this build is most important thing, its all because you got almost 100% chance to hit critical from all items. You hit hard and finish your oponents quick.

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How to explain my masteries choice? i dont really know i just think its most helpfull with entire build.

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Here we are, most important thing exept your skills in the game... - items. I showed you best for me items sequence.
When you got them all and you are still in fight best thing is find out what you most need... bigger damage? more life steal? better attack speed ? or maybe you just need armor, magic resists or more health?

here is the deal! when you find out what kind of oponents you got you just have to collect gold, sell Berserkers Greaves and in this place put item what you need.

-Need more damage? get infinity edge... it will make you 100% crit chance and make your damage highter.
-Need more life steal? i suggest get Starks Fervor, aura for every team-mate including you and better attack speed which makes you better turret owner for an example
-If you need Attack speed of coz you should buy something like second phantom dancer but i never needed it, just saying;p.
-There always is a chance for that you hardly need armor... i suggest getting Thorn mail. 100 armor + nice dmg to enemies who are attacking you, preety usefull.
-Force of Nature is great item when you need magic resists. 76 m resists + regeneration hp and extra movement speed. preety good choice
-More hp? Warmogs armor will be perfect for that, preety usefull when you have to tank turrets and dont want to waste most usefull skill of tryndie - his ulti - undying rage [endless rage].

There are some more options always like blood thriser nr 3 for more dmg and lifesteal or Guardian Angel when your Ulti is not enough for you, but its too much to write:).

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Skill Sequence

Thats preety simple.

When you can upgrade your ulti... DO IT! its most important.

Bloodlust- Heals you up and its very usefull expecialy on start vs rangers and in mid and late game all the time.

we also need mocking shout for runners... we have to slow them for long enough to kill them.

Spining slash - we need it for minions and to catch bad runners and crit strike them with this build, it doesnt have to make big dmg just help us get to them or run away so we do need just like 1 or 2 of them in early game.

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion 2 most usefull spells, exhaust- when mocking isnt enough.
Flash when spining slash isnt enough.
support spells most usefull in my opinion.

you can always pick up clearence, ignite, ghost but i dont think so they are as usefull as theese 2 what i'm using, you got big crit so why for ingite? got flash and slash so ghost is useless, and clearence? we got ulti and slash and our flash if we wanna run after or before some1.

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its my 1st build online :) i'm playing this game for almost 2 months and i think i'm doing preety good, most time plaid by tryndie and i think this is best build. i've seen a lot of different builds and i used them all and i think this sequence which i picked up is best. if you think its not, please comment :):)