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League of Legends Build Guide Author quietlydisturbed117

Amumu, tears of pain

quietlydisturbed117 Last updated on June 15, 2013
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Amumu intro.

Hey guys i've been maining Amumu a lot lately and i thought i should come up with this guide. Amumu in my opinion is most devastating when used as a pure counter tank. I've countered many of the strongest ad carries and ap carries just by building according to team comps and which champs got fed early game. For example, my team was getting destroyed by a warwick, a panth, and an ap cary of some sort i can't exactly remember, but i went bot lane where all three of them were and even a vayne who wasn't doing so well, they were all in bot lane and near full health. I went down with a banshees veil raduuin's omen and a sunfire cape and managed to pick up a quadra kill with no help from my dead teammates.

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Pros / Cons

insane amounts of stun
can get incredibly tanky
can counter champs due to his insane stuns
good ganking potential due to his bandage toss
ult stuns everyone around him
despair is a health percentage based skill

bandage toss is a skill shot which can be hard to land sometimes
hard to gank before level 6 at times
not a good gank until he has a little armour and health
can be squishy early game
tank builds take lots of gold

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jungle route and item builds

put a point into despair get a hunters machete and 5 hp pots and get ready to roll. Have a teammate (only one is preferred to me otherwise they can absorb extra xp making it hard for you) have them leave when the big golem hits 600 hp and once it hits 500 smite em with all you got. the reason you go to golem first is because your blue buff eats mana like crazy. now make your way to wolves. by this time you should be level 2 use your w and use your e as much as possible, focus the small wolves first. Once you accomplish that head to wraiths w and e them, next double golems focus the small one first. Now go get your red buff and hit wraiths again and maybe wolves if you have enough hp. Now go recall and get a spirit stone and some more hp pots.


These are your core items always build these depending on your enemies team comp and who is getting fed but alway try to get it in this order if possible

SUN FIRE CAPE --> RADUUIN'S OMEN --> BANSEES VEIL --> WARMOGS --> anymore items needed based on enemies team players.

getting these four items is rare as they all cost a bit and you dont get fed as much as an adc.

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Team Work

Amumu is a team fight king!! as amumu it is your job to intiate teamfight and sustain every bit of damage handed down to you. you should be able to take it all and walk away from it too. if your amumu make sure you tell your team when your ult is up at all times especially before a gank or teamfight. try not to use it when facing only one of their team. To intiate a teamfight with amumu tell your team to get ready and then bandage toss into their team, after that hit you w into your ulti and then finish it off with your tantrum after that focus their most fed player first and spam tantrum as much as possible, if an enemy tries to run and you are confident your team can handle the rest chase that little ba****d down with your bandage toss. Remember to lead bandage toss ahead of the enemy and remember that if an enemy goes around a corner near a wall your bandage toss goes through walls and will pull you through the wall to the enemy. This is also a good way to escape by just throwing your q through a wall to a neutral camp to disappear quickly.


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