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Amumu Build Guide by infernal blaze

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author infernal blaze

Amumu, The Black Hole

infernal blaze Last updated on July 6, 2011
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1) Introduction.

Hey all this is my 1st guide... and prolly only one based on the fact that I can only really play amumu well on a consistent basis. Before I go into my build and my experiences with amumu I'd like to thank, DannyMagick, and EppicUnited for their respective guides, as I took various parts of their builds that I found very usefull and kinda merged them.

DannyMagick's guide
EppicUnited's guide

Again if you guys like the guide rate it up, and give it a chance, oh and if you dont like it please comment as to why, I never said it was a perfect guide, but with all of your help id like to make it a perfect guide.

My theory on playing a tank is basically your guy NEEDS to survive, your responsibility is to cause the other team to not want to kill you b.c it will take too long, but be at a crossroads, because if they dont kill you... you will finish them. I find Amumu can be both of these. With the right combination you can make Amumu SURVIVEEEE... and destroy quite efficiently.

That being said while playing Amumu, or any character for that matter, you need to play smart, dont chase unless you are certain you can get the kill, dont get tunnel vision, and dont DIE. You want to survive you are a tank, your job is to take damage, if you are dead, you cant take damage... Experience in the game will help you learn all these minute details but you need to remember you must try your best to not die.

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2) Mummy Pro's / Con's .

[*] Pro's
Beast of a Tank, with the right items can survive alot.
Pusher, with your skills maxed you, you can push lanes pretty quick.
Greedy, If you want you can really just make alot of gold with amumu, as he can kill waves alone and pretty simply. That being said you need money, it makes the world go round... try to get it as often.
Assistant, by this I mean if you are taking part in team fights what you notice is you may get kills, BUT YOU WILL DEFINITELY get assists.
If played right, I think he might be one of the best tanks.
[*] Con's
Low Mana pool early, really can have problems being effective with no mana.
SLOW, wow how many times I have wished Amumu lost a few pounds and sped up.
Bandage Toss, (main initiating attack) needs you to both time and aim well...

I think thats about it... lemme know if you guys think anything is missing

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3) Description of Masteries, Summoner Skills, and Runes.

[*] Masteries
He's a tank, so obviously the defense tree is a must. I am pretty sure this is self explanatory.
The utility side may need a little explanation, but im sure most of you got the reasons as to why most points go towards *drumroll* mana regen. Like I said amumu NEEDS mana... so anything that regens it for you is ur best friend. That being said.... pretty easy choice as to why you put points into it.

[*] Summoner Skills.
GHOST IS A 10000% must. Amumu is slow, and a tank, so he needs to get places quick, his skills namely despair is an aoe that is surrounding you, so getting to a location on foot is a plus for you.
Flash I think its usefull, as there are times when you need to escape, or you need to be in the middle to get the job done. With this being said I think flash is a very good choice, but there are other good ones for your number 2 spot.

Other Good choices:
Heal.... well im sure u all know y.
Clarity... WHAT PART OF HE NEEDS MANA, isnt understood lol.

The rest Im not quite fond of for amumu, but if any suggestions lemme know.

[*] Runes

I feel like Runes are only helpful at low levels, to get that basic advantage. With that being said, im not a fan of those runes that give u 11 mana at lvl 18 instead of just 6 at the start... yea it sounds cooler but if u think about it.... it gives you a total of 45 more mana at lvl 18... and what is 45 mana... at lvl 18.... NOTHING....

My main choices for runes, give me health and armor, as both are something necessary for a tank, and lastly some more mana, for our mana hungry mummy.

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4) Skills and their respective uses.

Now as you Amumu users know, he has 4 skills and a passive,

His passive is "Cursed Touch"... Now this is not a spectacular passive, but if you think about it.... MOST of amumu's AoE and skills are magical attacks... so when you hit someone or a minion or anything for that matter, they are gnna take alot more damage after u hit them... so you can go about this 2 different ways, try to autoattack everyone around... or focus on 1 guy, either way its a passive that works towards mid/late game.

His initiating skill/chasing skill is "Bandage Toss",this is a skill shot as timing is important. It also stuns the target so your teammates can catch up or jump into the fight. Late game this is basically one of your burst damage attacks as with the Ability power boost you get from your items, your gonna get a good amount of damage done QUICK...

His main AoE/Pushing/killing/all around awesome skill "Despair", This is basically a built in sunfire cape, only stronger. It does a good amount of constant damage but eats at your mana... so what i suggest is you shouldnt keep it on ALL THE TIME, turn it off when ur running around, or hell dont bother really turning it on until level 8, by then if you have been doin things right you SHOULD have sunfire cape, and at least have philosophers stone.

Your Main farming skill, (early game) is "Tantrum" now something that should be stated with this is that tantrum refreshes quicker when you are hit, but you dont usually want to get hit cuzz... u get hurt. But with the skill tree and runes given, you already recieve 0 damage from most creeps in the lane (ranged creeps give about 6 damage)... so go ahead and use tantrum as you can farm a bunch of gold, and even though you are mana hungry, dont be afraid to use tantrum to get a single creep kill, i mean aim for 2 but 1 creep kill resulting in some gold is better than no creep kills resulting in no gold.

Your Ult is "Curse of the Sad Mummy", I usually bandage toss into a nice group of them and then use my ult, with despair turned on and then use tantrum as well.... Now they have prolly lost about 500 or so life at the lowest end of the damage spectrul and prolly around 800+ at the higher ends in the mid game time frame... after that most will run away... now u can flash into where they are running and just run with them to do damage with ur despair or you can focus on 1 and punish them... if you notice that none ran away and ur team hasnt killed any by this time, depending on team chemistry id say book it... flash out and ghost ur *** to safety cuzz like i said before you are a tank.... you dont want to die. you just want to take damage.

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5) Items, and mentality behind item build.

Ok so if you looked at the item build you will notice there are 7 end game items so the 1st thing i want to make clear is you only buy Archangel's Staff if you have the money (after selling Eleisa's Miracle.

This build gives you enough regen/movement/and armor early game (as long as you play smart) in order to survive and actually matter. Once the build is complete you are literally true to ur name a walking tank. The build can be altered based on the heros you are against be it if you need more armor or more magic resistance but all in all i find this build to be most unesfull... by the end of the game u can pretty much keep despair on NONSTOP once you have enough mana and with the higher ability power all you skills will be tearing people apart.

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6) Play Style.

SMART SMART SAFE, on and SMART, As a tank you will die, but if you have to die, die when you are in a huge team battle towards the end after you team has done work. Play safe, get money kill creeps in your spare time dont stand around and waste time, always be killing something or helping someone, or initiating a battle... JUST PLAY SMART... i know this doesnt give you much but watch videos, practice and get good.

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7) Conclusions

This is my 1st guide, hope I could spread some insight on my play style and on a play style that i believe is a fairly successful one. If there are any comments or disagreements with what I have said pleaseee let me know in the comments section I will try to improve as much as possible. :D thanks all...