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Viktor Build Guide by Robaza

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robaza

An alternative way to achieve ... a win (Viktor Guide)

Robaza Last updated on April 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there everyone the guide you are looking at right now is a guide for Viktor, incase you accidentally pressed the wrong button 4 times in a row and were wondering what the hell was wrong with the guide you actually wanted to go on but instead ended up in a Viktor guide but in any case you're gonna vote it up because it's a viable way to play Viktor and that in my opinion is quite rare in Viktor guides that I have seen. The way I play the man with a metal mask and a hand on his back is make him tanky, but of course having variations in the build depending on the situation. This build makes him take a lot of damage towards the end of the game and be able to disrupt and zone enemies in ways they don't want to be disrupted and zoned.

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I take armour reds and magic resist yellows because it gives you great survivability throughout the entire game however it is most beneficial early-game where it is most vital for Viktor. The mana-regen glyphs because I generally run out of mana because your Death Ray (which you will be prioritizing for maximum damage) uses up a lot of mana if you use it to any extent for poking people out of your lane. And finally the flat health quints are fairly self explanatory, more health means more fun for a tanky mage.

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21,9,0 helps out with early game damage because your rune page prioritizes defensive properties on Viktor. I'm not going to go into much detail for every single skill as its in every other guide and is actually beneficial for your build if you take into account the other options depending on your play style.

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The 'Ideal' item build is at the top of the guide, and is my aim to get to every game if possible. Of course there are always variations depending on the enemies team composition so I will touch on that before moving onto the summoner spells you should choose for Viktor.

Against a Tankier team than usual.

If the enemy team is tanky then generally they will be dealing less damage, allowing you to sub out some magic resist/health items to get some additional ap/magic pen.

Some items to consider swapping in are a Void Staff instead of your Abyssal Scepter. You can also change your Augment from the Power upgrade into your Augment Death, and buy Sorc Shoes instead of your Merc Treads.

Against a lot of high physical damage Champions
A lot of AD can be quite frustrating playing as Viktor, because a lot of AD champions have blinks or in general a way to get out of his stun-field, making him an easy target because of his incredibly low move-speed. A Zhonya's can be a good idea instead of your Abyssal Scepter or a frozen heart, to drastically increase your armor and get half-way to max CDR which is always good for closing gaps with your speed sapping Power Transfer.

Against a lot of AP

This time amazingly you'll stick with your standard build for the most part, but instead you will remove the Rylei's and replace it with Guardian Angel. Do not ask me why but it works a dream with Viktor, because of his general escapism and it will not be wasted because you can just drop your stun and run for you life. It also gives you a lovely amount of MR.

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Summoner Spells

A general great Utility spell which I have so much love for. Its effectively a get out of jail free card but its also your buisness card if you work for an assassin's guild. For those of you who are human beings and don't know what I'm saying, I generally mean its an all-round great utility spell that can be both defensive and offensive.

This is a great spell on viktor, because once you reach level 6 with any amount of ability power, if you can get of a full spell rotation off on you're opposing mid with an ignite, you will in the majority of cases take them out, unless they're an Anivia, in which case you are obliged to rage like the rest of the midding community.

An alternative to ignite especially if no-one else on your team has taken , a great chasing tool and very helpful for initiating/stopping ganks. Also great at shutting down enemy carries that have avoided your huge damage output.

If you're afraid of missing exp/last hits because of needing to go back often, then this is the summoner spell for you. It isn't advisable in my eyes since you're solo top will more often than not be running it, or you can ask your jungler to cover mid to make sure that if you can't have last hits, then neither can your opponent.

If you don't mind being called a 'Heul Newb!' every other game then feel free to use this. Viktor's sustain is lackluster and this can always help. However additional heal pots can always be bought without losing the advantages of flash and ignite.

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Lastly I would like to say thank you for reading my guide on Viktor, and I would love you to leave feedback to update and make it more helpful for readers, this is my first guide so I only want to get better at creating guides and making this one better.

Many thanks,