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League of Legends Build Guide Author himynameisriz

-An auspicious way to say "Jungling Warwick"-

himynameisriz Last updated on November 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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To start off, this is my first time posting my build. I would love reviews, tips and any kind of criticism.

Before I start talking about my build, the two points in Alacrity can be changed for Expanded Mind. With this, your mana regen is nice in jungle, and even with blue buff, I find it needed some times. I usually run Alacrity, though. Also, I choose exhaust as my second summoner spell because ignite is not too needed when you have Blood Scent going a good 350+ run speed, even before boots. There's no need for ignite, and I find exhaust to be my favorite with Warwick.

Warwick so far has to be my favorite character, mainly because of his amazing ability to jungle, allowing a second lane to be solo, and Warwick can actually level pretty quickly with the four points in experience. This is especially helped by Zilean's 8% experience increase, but that's another story.

I start with the obvious cloth armor, but only three health potions. I've noticed that you can even limit that down to two. With Warwick's passive, your need for health potions is significantly reduced once you hit about level four.

My first jungle is definitely the blue buff. You have to watch for ganks very carefully. Whether it means wasting an extra minute waiting for the map (that is expected to show) show up, or not, it's worth waiting, and not dying. While going for blue, I pop smite, a health pot, and Hungering Strike (the Strike as much as possible). After that getting that very easy buff, I quickly run to wolves, then raiths, and usually I pop a second health pot just in case. If you only brought two, I'd save it for lizard. Going through the jungle is quite easy, run through the golems, then decide whether you want to gank or not.

If you are going to gank, use your four point (at level four) on blood scent. I usually don't gank too early if my bottom (or top) mates are doing well on his/their own. If a gank is needed, I'll do it. After the possible gank, if you have gotten a kill (or two) I would personally go back. Mind you, the other team is watching you very carefully now.

If you haven't ganked, go on to the opponent's blue (if there is no jungler on opposing team) and kill their wolves as well. Move back to your jungle, taking out your raiths, ogres (if they have spawned), wolves, and I'm sure blue is back now, so pounce on that. Move on to their jungle, being very cautious, and take out their red, and bust out. If needed, go for the ogres to grab level 6, and gank the **** out of the side you are close to (or mid if needed) with your amazing Infinite Duress).

If you had gone back after the gank, you should buy your Madred's Razors, and maybe some boots, which you should easily have enough. Go back into the jungle until level 6, and become everyone's worst nightmare, start ganking EVERYWHERE.

Taking out dragon is really good for the team, and amazing for yourself, (130+25G). While either helping the solo now lane, or just busting through each lane, killing everyone in sight, grab both side's blue and reds when you feel hungry. When you have either exhausted out people and they are horribly afraid, or you have annihilated enough to get Madred's BloodRazors, go back and buy them (or recurve bow [as priority over pickaxe] and finish your Mercury Treads). The reason I put recurve bow and treads above priority over an extra 25 attack boost is because you get plenty from the razors them self. Also, why is Warwick such a fear to the others? Increasingly horrible [to fight against] attack speed, along with an ultimate that stops them in their tracks, and just the most amazing chasing passive that can be found.

Continue helping your team, changing lanes constantly, and reminding them running away is the WORST thing to do, even over just staying their deaths. Go back and buy items as needed.

As for stark's, yes, you have a passive life gain, and yes your Hungering Strike is 100% gained for damage dealt, but the life steal just makes you even harder to kill in teams, and impossible to kill 1v1.

Now, you may ask, "Why the Spirit Visage? I have enough life gain already." Hahaha, you obviously have never used Spirit Visage in your build. This item has changed the game for me many times. your constant (over 2) attacks per second, healing you for not only your passive, but the extra 20% now. And also, your hungering strike will be impossible to hit over now. In any situation, a Hungering Strike will turn the fight around. What? 300 health? Let me hit Q and now I'm at 700, okay.

I don't really have a sixth item. I usually just go through and think of new things, such as a Manamune, Phantom Dancer, a Bloodthirster? Youmuu's even. And if it gets to this point, you are usually focused, so focus down the squishy, or even the tank if your team is having problems.

Thanks for reading my build, and please, leave feedback!