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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Decaf Bread

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Decaf Bread

An extensive guide to everything Mundo

Decaf Bread Last updated on November 14, 2012
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Dr. Mundo Build

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This guide is not to promote any specific build. This build is for Mundo fans everywhere, as well as people who've never played Mundo and don't know how he works. Mundo's my favorite champion by far - his skill set facilitates you trolling the enemy team into victory, which is just a fun way to win :)

I ought to note here, this is my first guide on Moba. So please, critique me, argue with me, tell me you hate me, but if you're taking the time to read through this, comment! I want to know what people on here think of this guide - and I'm always open to criticism! :)

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Let's meet Dr. Mundo!

If you know how to play Mundo, feel free to skip this chapter.

So, you just bought Mundo and you wanna know ho to use him? Or maybe you've had him for a while but never used him seriously? Maybe when you're reading this, Mundo's free, and you've decided to try him out...?

First off, good for you! Mundo's very fun, and you'll have fun playing him.

So what is Mundo? What does he do?

Dr. Mundo is ultimately a tank. He's a manaless champ who spends his health to activate abilities. His passive and ultimate give him a great deal of health regen, making him a very hard champ to take down. When you're playing Mundo, you might begin to feel weird, because you'll realize you haven't been to base since you last spawned. This is normal, Mundo rarely needs to go heal.

So what do you do with Mundo? He's a tank, so you're the support right?

NO. Or rather, only if you want to.

This is a common misconception about Dr. Mundo. He's not specifically a support; he's not specifically anything! Mundo goes where he pleases!!

....However, wherever Mundo pleases to go, he will ultimately end up supporting his teammates. The best Mundo doesn't rake in a lot of kills, he just never dies.

That's why it's hard to explain what Mundo does. It's not about what he does, but what he fails to do. Specifically, he seems to have a problem with death, he doesn't like to die.

So? Ready to get down to the nitty gritty and learn how to play an unkillable tanking machine?
Me too. Read on ;)

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Pros // Cons


  • "Death? what is death? Mundo does not understand death!!!"
  • A flexible build that allows you to adapt to your opponents.
  • GREAT escape potential!
  • Plenty of trololololing opportunities.
  • If your teammates try and help out even a little bit, your victory is assured.

  • Can you say focus? Because I can. FOCUUUUUUUSSS!!!!!!
  • Doesn't tend to dish out buckets of damage
  • Same note: Doesn't tend to get a lot of kills
  • Generally tends to be the unsung hero of the match *Mundo sad* :,(
  • May cause big headedness and irrational decision making when not playing Mundo (Oh the times I've done this.....)

Basically put, you wanna get multiple pentakills while your opponents scream in terror? Mundo might not be the guy for you. Try Sona. But if you want to feel the frustration of your opponents as they toss life after life to you and your teammates in an attempt to kill you, then Mundo's your man.

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Mundo and his amazing abilities.

Before I get talking about the statistical buffs you can give to Mundo and his abilities, let's take a look at what exactly they do. Let me break it down.

Passive: Adrenaline Rush
You heal 0.3% of your max health every second! That means in a mere 5 and a half minutes you can regen 100% of your health!! In essence, the passive merely connects more health and health regen, namely, more health = more regen. Good reasons to stack health right here!

Q: Infected Cleaver
Couple of points to be said about this -

  • Your cleaver makes a distinct *Splat* sound when it hits something. Toss it in a bush to check for enemy champs.
  • It's a skill shot that will stop when it hits a minion. Get good at tossing around minions to hit the enemy
  • a 2 second long 40% slow? Use it to chase, use it to flee. A good tool in that regard.
  • The damage scales of an opponents current health. That is to say, your cleaver does more damage to healthier champs. Keep this in mind when in the middle of team fights.
  • You get a 'refund' everytime you hit something, and it has a very low cooldown. So don't be afraid to spam the heck out of it! Use it to last hit minions, check bushes, torment enemy champs. Any time you're near anything that can be killed, you ought to have this on cooldown, constantly. But on the same note, make sure you hit something every time you throw. This skill will drain you in early game if you miss with it a lot.

W: Burning Agony
Pretty simple; it's a toggle on - toggle off thing that creates a radius around you that damages anything inside. Basically it's like Sunfire Cape, but two of them at once!

"Oh, what's that Master Yi? You wanna fight? WELL BURN FOR IT."

Keep in mind, Burning agony damages you every second as well. The magic number is 30 - if your health regen is over 30 (which it will be by the time you get Force of Nature), that means Burning Agony is FREE and should ALWAYS be on. Unless you're all alone and trying to regen some health, the turn it off.

But having a free constant damaging spell isn't even cool enough for Dr. Mundo. So he made sure his W was even better by adding a 30% CC reduction whenever it's turned on! That's the real reason you leave this baby burnin'. Ain't no body gonna gank you while this is up, if you play your cards right!

E: Masochism
This is Mundo's ace in the hole - the reason why it's viable to stay in lane when over 90% of your health is gone. Sure, you'll regen it once your ult is off cooldown, but why risk staying in lane? This is the reason.

Consider the following situation. A big team fight just ended, eight people are dead and the survivors are you - sitting around 20% of your health left, and an enemy Rengar, who's at full health and Mia. Your teammates say "Dude, base so they don't ace you!" But before you do, consider that you have 80% of your health missing right now. Which means pressing E grants your champion 180 bonus AD. Your ult is almost ready to be used, you dont need to base. Take advantage of your low health, and ride a minion wave into a turret to knock it over or something. A pro Mundo would, in this situation, do everything he could to find Rengar, and kill him with this buff.

Another thing to know about this ability: It's effect lasts for 5 seconds, while it's cooldown is 7. This means that keeping E on cooldown all the time grants you the AD buff for 70% of the time. Spam it madly when you're in melee range of anything, as the cost is very cheap too.

R: Sadism
This is your ultimate get out of jail card. "Press R for mega health!" sums it up pretty nicely. But there's a couple extras about this you ought to know, namely, a 35% increase in movement speed. Basically, it's ghost that heals you too! :D

Because it only gives you high health regen, it's best used near the beginning of team fights. This way, you'll stay at top health despite mega focus, certainly long enough for you and you're 'mates to finish off the baddies!

The cooldown is pretty short for an ultimate, so don't be afraid to use it right when you spawn to get that movement speed to get you places. Don't be afraid to use it at all! Don't always keep it on cooldown though, make sure you have it up when you're harassing so you can escape with it!

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Runes and Masteries Explained.

Let's begin with Masteries, because they're very straightforward.

Mundo is a tank. You will be successful with him if you do not die. Therefore, you should not feel bad dumping all your points in defense.

I could go through each mastery and why they're important. I won't do that. You're not dumb. But let me touch on two that are an absolutely must have for Mundo -

Juggernaut - Since Mundo is health based, anything that increases his health is good. But 10% reduction on disables? That's FANTASTIC! One of the things you'll notice with Mundo, is enemies will commonly waste abilities with crowd control and disables on you. And when I say waste, I mean it. Slows and stuns bounce right off your beautiful purple skin <3

Evasion - When in doubt, max out Evasion. Your second ability gives you 50% reduced crowd control, and this gives you some more. I cannot stress this enough - A Mundo with crowd control reduction will escape enemies, one without will get ganked (as impossible as that sounds.)

Alright, let's talk about Runes. I know I'm gonna take some flak for this, but yes, I will run 9 seals of Avarice every game >.<

Lot's of people don't agree with that. I don't mind :) but for now, lets save seals and Quints for last, since there are more options there.

Mark options
As a primarily defensive champ, marks don't have much to offer you. You might look to defensive marks and go for them, but to be honest the bonuses defensive marks offer you are so pathetic it's hardly worth it. "Oh, but that 31.23 health is gonna make a huge difference when I'm stacking Warmogs armor!!!" Please, gimme a break.

Anyways, here are some marks I consider viable to Mundo, and why.

Greater Mark of Destruction a nice little bundle of armor pen and magic pen is my first choice. Mundo deals magic damage with Burning Agony and Infected Cleaver, and he also gets a huge AD bonus from Masochism - so you'll end up harassing a whole lot more with these marks.

....unfortunately there aren't any other really 'good' options. If you REALLY feel Mundo isn't tanky enough (and trust me he is), go ahead and go for your choice of health marks. If you're going this route, I recommend the Greater Mark of Fortitude. While it pales in comparison to any health giving item, you can't argue against a Mundo with more health. I go for the flat rate, because it'll help you more early game. Both health marks are useless lategame.

Glyph options

Not many options here either. You basically have two choices - The Greater Glyph of Shielding and the Greater Glyph of Celerity

The Shielding gives you a pretty good decent amount of Magic resistance but honestly, your core build has so much magic resistance anyways it's not really needed.

I'd much rather take my 8.1% cooldown reduction - which doesn't seem like much, but keep in mind you also get 5.4% reduction from your masteries, meaning you only need to build into an effective 25% cooldown reduction to have the lowest cooldowns possible, and that's nothin' to shake a fist at!

Seal options

While Glyphs and Marks barley have any options, Seals have so many. Do you want the 174.96 extra health at level 18? Or the flat 48.15 that stays with you all game? What about 4.5% more health then you already have? Blimey, we haven't even talked about armor or mag-res!!! D:

Don't get any of those. And here's why:

Seals and Quints are the only runes that can increase your gold income per second. Sure, you could spring for that tiny bit of health that could give your champ an edge, or, you could invest into making some more money, allowing you to buy more expensive items sooner - ultimately giving you a better advantage.

Personally, I will always take Greater Seals of Avarice over any other seals. But don't feel like you have to be like me, you damn conformist! I mean, almost 200 health from 9 Greater Seal of Vitality is pretty dang good, even for late game.

My only word of advice? Avoid the Greater Seal of Endurance 4.5% more health may seem pretty good, but you need to have near 4000 health in order to get more health out of that then the Vitality seals. With Mundo, you might reach that. But not necessarily, and not always. Go for the Vitality seals if you are opposed to Avarice!

Quintessence options

Quintessences are unique in that they contain utility spells. I mean sure, you can go for more health, but even the big buffs from quintessences don't compare to your items. It's much better use of a Quint slot to give yourself some utility you can't get elsewhere.

Top utility Quints for Mundo:

Greater Quintessence of Transmutation - A mere 6% spellvamp might not seem like much, but with a mere 6% spellvamp, your Infected Cleaver is practically free as long as you hit something, and your Burning Agony's cost is cut nearly in half. Cheaper spells = more health for Mundo :D

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness - Mundo does well with a bit of move speed. It'll allow him to outrun even the most well planned ganks, and chase down the most stubborn of opponents. If you don't feel that you're going to be doing enough magic damage to warrant the spellvamp, go for these.

Greater Quintessence of Avarice - You might consider this a viable option if you chose to take Seals of Vitality. Don't take these AND Seals of Avarice, you really don't need that much gold per second, theres better things to do with your rune slots.

If you feel there are any runes that really belong on Mundo, please let me know. Especially Marks and Glyphs, there's such a small collection of them D:

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Pregame Notes; Mundo's Core build

You will notice that there are a number of ways to customize Mundo's build. But no matter how you personalize, there are three items that are an absolute must have on any Mundo.

Mercury's Treads - These little guys are the boots of Tenacity. You know your Juggernaut and Evasion masteries? This little guy makes those really count. Your opponents can blind you, stun you, sleep you, whatever. It's not gonna last long with these guys on your feet, and even less if you happen to have Burning Agony active when they hit you!

Spirit Visiage - Mundo is all about healing himself. 15% more heal every time you do something heal-y, like, stand around and let your passive go to work or press R will really make a difference. The difference between Sadism with and without Spirit Visiage is tasteable!! Also, 10% more cooldown reduction means you only need 15% more to max that out. ALSO, it's mega cheap! Get Spirit Visiage early on, and you'll live longer!!!

Force of Nature - ALL DAT HEALTH REGEN UNGH. Oh, and guess what? Take that massive amount of Health regen Force gives you, and give it an extra 15%! That's right, Spirit Visage Procs Force! And as I've mentioned before, a bit of movement speed is always a plus, always.

Now, these are items I would assert that every and any Mundo needs to have, because they all have awesome passives. But they share something else too - a combined total of a whopping 131 magic resistance! You're going to think AP casters are so cute when they buy Rabadon's. You'll be laughing at them!

Now, does it make you invincible to them? Not quite, but close. But it's worth noting that going 1v1 with any champ that relies on AP is a win for you, every time.

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Where do I lane with Mundo?


More then just a catch phrase. I argue that Mundo can fill any role efficiently - here's why

Top - Ulta survivability and harassing power will keep top lane in check. Wards help too, don't get ganked!! ;)

Mid - With the amount of Mag-res we've got here, Mundo is a great counter pick to any AP caster going mid.

Bot support - Wanna help your Ezreal get nice and fat fed? Mundo has enough harassing power to keep the enemy ADC and Support off your ADC's back so he can farm in peace, and help when possible. DONT GET TOO PUSHY DOING THIS. Two enemy champs means two enemy ults to deal with, you don't wanna be anywhere near their tower if your ADC isn't next to you!

Bot ADC - Oh, you went bot to support an ADC, but now you're down there laning with Soraka? NO BIG DEAL! Mundo has so much health and heals that any more amount of healing will help tremendously. You can use your Infected Cleaver like a ranged auto attack, or get in close with Burning Agony + Masochism. It all depends on how you're doing, and who you're up against.

If you're going this route, tell your support to farm with you, and keep them safe. They'll appreciate it, and you both will benefit more if you share the farm.

Jungle - Mundo is FAST jungler. I'm personally not the best jungler, but with Mundo I'm pretty decent. He counter-jungles so hard, even against strong enemy junglers like Lee Sin due to his escape prowess. And since he's manaless, you can give your teammates blue buff so they'll do better in their lanes.

I'm not going to talk about jungle Mundo in this guide, because I really don't make a good jungler. But know that it can be done very well o.o

In short, take "Mundo goes where he pleases." as literally as humanly possible. Anywhere you wanna put him, you can make it work if you're willing to adjust your play style a bit.

If you wanna argue against Mundo going mid - or anywhere really, let me know and we can discuss it! Or better yet, I'll play a game with you and show you! :D

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Stuff to keep an eye on.

Now. There aren't a lot of things that Mundo can't handle. But there are a couple of champs that can harass Mundo pretty hard, and even take him down if not dealt with carefully.

For this section, keep in mind that a good portion of your game will be spent with very low health while you wait for your ult to be ready. This is the nature of a tank.

In light of that, and also in light of the high amounts of Magic Resistance you have, your worst enemies are burst-damage AD's. Namely....

Darius and Garen:
Without those pesky ults, you'd have nothing to fear from these two. But both ultimates are capable of cutting you down quicker then you imagine while your ult is on cooldown. Leave yourself more cushion then you think you need when dealing with either of these two.

I'm convinced Zed was made to counter Mundo. A passive that deals 8% of targets max health whenever that targets below 50%?? D:
DONT engage Zed alone if you're anything lower then 75% health. And even then it's risky, he will chew you up with that passive.

Madred's Bloodrazor:
Pffffffffffft as if Force of Nature doesn't take care of that. Moving on....

Oh ignite. The bane of Mundo's existence. 50% reduced heals is a mega downer, unless you happen to have a Quicksilver Sash! That removes the debuff completely, but to be honest, I rarely buy it. People say if you ignite Mundo during his ultimate, it's a guaranteed kill.


Ignite lasts for 5 seconds and cuts your heal in half. Your ult lasts 12 seconds. Essentially an ignite that hits you right in the middle of your ult will reduce it's effectiveness by 20%.

SO TUFF. All you need to do is play it safe, and keep an ear out for that ignite sound. Besides, if your heal is up, just press is asap when the ignites over and boom, good as new. :P

One last note here, and that's map awareness. It goes without saying, but keep an eye on your minimap! Base your decisions on the likelihood of an incoming gank, and be prepared when they try to gank you.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are mostly a thing of choice. What are you comfortable with? What do you wanna emphasize?

Personally I always go Heal and Flash, for the pure survivability of it. Heal may sound like a noob choice, but Mundo makes health last a long ways, and it's even proc'd by Spirit Visiage. Flash combined with your ult will make you even harder to kill, besides it's a good spell to have on hand when you need to dodge a skillshot or get out of Nunu's deathtrap ult.

Some other viable options:

Smite: If you're jungling.

Exhaust: I know it can be used to escape, but exhaust is so much more effective if you use if for offence. Wanna get more kills and gank harder? grab this guy. (Smite // Exhaust is what I take to the jungle.)

Ghost: Meh. You already have a ghost in your ultimate, and that has a longer cooldown. Easily surpassed by Flash on Mundo.

Ignite: Another offensive spell, if you want to go that route. Just keep in mind, Mundo does the defense - The longer Mundo lives the better he will be.

Revive: I know, I know, most people don't think Revive is viable. But imagine it - You're level 18. Full build, godmode time. You tank harder then you ever have before. It takes 4 of them to kill you, and you take 3 of them with you. A glorious battle and then.... instantly respawn. It's like having a second Mundo for the enemy to face while they're still bloody from your first fight!! Best paired with Gaurdian angel for maximum trololol.

(That's definitely a late game SS, but hell, it's kinda fun to play with you know >.<)

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Early game; the "Pre-ult phase"

Ok, so you're in a game, level 1. Gettin' in your lane, gettin' ready to fight yadda yadda. Time to get in there and tank it up right?


You are still but a squishy little man-child until you hit level 6. levels 1-5 should be kicked out as quickly and safely as possible. Don't jepordize your game by getting over aggressive here, it can set you far behind your enemy.

Start with your boots and health potions. Try and stay in lane until you can afford a Heart of Gold. A bit of health and gold never hurt anyone, in fact getting this before you buy your upgraded boots will pay for your Force of Nature by the time you sell it. Of course, if you don't wanna deal with that, just go straight for the Spirit Visage.

While in lane, keep in mind that you can use your cleaver to farm. And do that!!! The more cleavers you toss, the better you'll get at last hitting with it, and once you've mastered that, it's not a stretch to start chucking it through dead and dieing minions to hit the enemy champ. Remember, it only hit's enemy minions. If an opponent is surrounded by friendly minions, cleaver away!!!

By the time you hit level 8, you ought to have Spirit Visage and Mercury's Treads. Now the fun begins. Because from here on, your health and regen powers will only go skyward, and you can use this to your advantage.

Once you have two of your three items, it's time for that peaceful farming Mundo to die, replace him with a mega cocky, super aggro salad tosser. Get all up in your opponents grill, and poke them as much as possible!!! You WANT your lane opponent to HATE you. You want to frustrate them to a point where they'll do anything to kill you.

You don't need to kill them, you really don't. Push them back, keep them away from your farm, and back them up all the way to their turret, but don't try and gank them. Not yet anyways. ;)

This aggro-y mindset will carry through the entire rest of the game. From this point on, your only job is to harass, harass, harass. As you continue to level up, you'll find it easier to harass and you'll be able to be more risky with it. If you start early, it'll be easier to keep going into late game as you snowball.

By the time you hit level 12 you oughta have Force of Nature. It might be slow going on the farming, so you might get held up - I'd say no later then 14. Once you come to lane after buying FoN, get that tower down, and head to mid lane. (if you're not there already)

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Mid game; How can you adapt your build to go for gold?

At this point in the game, your build is mostly complete. You won't need to buy more items except for those rare times when you die. But at this point, there are any number of items to buy, depending on what your Mundo needs from you.

This is the standard mega tanky build that helps you be.... more tanky.

Warmogs Armor: is a staple of any tank, and especially on Mundo, where the health stacks and health regen increase his survivability dramatically.

Sunfire Cape: I know, Burning Agony is like wearing two of these so why bother? Well, why wear two when you can wear three!! Besides, it gives decent health and armor, and at this point you'll definitely be lacking in armor.

Frozen Heart. Yes, you're paying for 500 mana you're not gonna use. But it's aura is great, it has the most armor of any item after thornmail. ALSO, it get's your cooldown. Even though you don't use mana, this is definitely viable.


Those three items are your standard build, your vanilla. But you can't just buy the same thing every game, that's nonsense! So consider these items as well. It'll be up to you to decide which goes best with which team

Atma's Impaler. Do you have so much health that it's just unseemly? Bonuses from Atma's plus Masochism makes for a TON of AD. Besides, it gives more armor then Aegis, which is a plus.

Guardian Angel. Is it time? Time to trololol? The 750 health granted by this item after you 'die' is more then enough to escape, or even mount a counter attack.

Thornmail. This item shuts down ADC's. A must have if the enemy ADC is getting fat.

Zeke's Herald. Gives you a bit 'o health, a bit 'o lifesteal, and a bit 'o attack speed. More importantly, it gives you 15% cooldown reduction, meaning you now have max cooldown reductions once you pick this up. Your ADC will love you for it too <3

Those are the most viable options in my mind. I tend to go Sunfire before warmogs, but it depends on if I can get away without armor, I might switch the order. It's all up to you, anything you buy on this list will only improve your game. Make sure you prioritize Warmog's and Sunfire, however, as these give you the most advantages!

During this part of the game doesn't take a lot of thought. You toss a bunch of cleavers, leave that W burning, and spam E whenever your near a champ. Gettin' low on life? Press R. Gettin REALLY low on life? Heal! Need an escape? Flash! You have everything you need to harass multiple opponents right now.

A big thing to keep in mind, however, is help your teammates! Realistically speaking, all 5 of them can kill you. You cannot tank that hard. (sorry:3) So support your team in what they're doing, and encourage them to get aggressive. Offer to tank turrets with your bare skin, or charge into a massive 4v2 brawl so your buddies can get out while you take the focus. Just generally speaking, this middle phase should involve you being a polite gentleman to your allies, and a complete butt to your enemies.

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Side note - A build you might want to consider.

Is the enemy team full of melee units that just love to get all up in your face? It doesn't happen often, but once in a blue moon, there will be enough melee to kill Mundo. To counter this, consider upping your ability power and spellvamp to turn Burning Agony into a pleasant health granting sauna for you, and a burning hell of torment for your enemies.

The build looks like this:

Hextech Gunblade
Will of the ancients
Rabadon's Deathcap

At this point your ability power is high enough and your spell vamp is high enough, that your burning agony will begin to heal you. A lot.

I'm gonna hold off on saying more about this build because I've only ran it once. It needs more testing, but let me just say it shreds anyone near you, 170 points of damage per second to each enemy in range! The more people near you the more you heal too, ranging from as low as 27 points every second (with one target) to 130 points every second when 5 enemies are around! Minions included! And all of this is on top of your regen from force of nature, too!

This has potential to be a guide in itself. I'm going to be doing lots of testing on this, expect updates!

Guide Top

Final thoughts.

I hope you learned something by reading this. Otherwise it was a waste of time, and I'm sorry. D:

Please, leave me a comment or two telling me how I can improve. I'm gonna try and add some pictures in later tonight, but for now all this typing is making me want to test that ability power build out some >.<

Happy Mundo-ing!!