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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Thaddeus W

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thaddeus W

An In-depth look at Twisted Fate.

Thaddeus W Last updated on January 22, 2012
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How's it going, bros? My name is Thaddeus W. I've played LoL for quite some time, and seen it all. I've played just about everyone in my search for my niche of champs. I found mine in the ranged damage/magic mix. This includes Teemo, Ezreal, Heimerdinger, and Twisted Fate. This is my first build, but I can tell you from friends who have seen me play TF, I have the credentials.

Now, let's talk about Twisted Fate. He is an amazingly versatile champ. He may be slightly squishy early game, but this build shows you how to use that to your advantage. I have built Twisted Fate about 6 different ways, all working alright, but the attack speed/on-hit effect has worked this best. The above build is how I do it, but you guys should experiment and figure out what works the best for you. Now, to pros and cons.

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1. He is a great burst attacker, with even better laning abilities.
2. Mana is never a true problem, with his blue card.
3. Can chase very well, with either the red or yellow card making it very hard for an enemy escaping.
4. If attack speed is built, as shown above, on hit effects make his passive a huge asset, as TF can get a major amount of damage for just 4 hits.


1. Squishy. No getting around it. Laning is a stay back procedure until you can get the kill.
2. His passive really doesn't help as much as others.
3. If he gets ganked, without flash, you are pretty much dead. TF has no area effect spells, and can't really handle more than 2 at a time without backup.

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Passive: Loaded Dice... This passive angers many people, but some like it. I'm still on the fence about this one. It gives you 2 extra gold every kill, no matter if it is a minion, turret, or champ. It does build up after a while, but it really isn't noticeable.
Ability 1: Wild Cards... Wild Cards gives me annoyance, but many others say it's great. I believe it is just too slow to be viable in a PvP game, other than minion farming. I get the ability a little late, as to help build gold. I do like this ability for defeating red/blue buff, as it hits all three of the enemies. However, use with discretion when fighting a champ. Use it when laning to get a nice poke ability.
Ability 2: Pick a Card... The absolute end-all of fear maker for opponents. With it's low cooldown, ability to leech mana, slow quite a few enemies, or even stun, it makes many enemies think twice before initiating a fight with you. Get this leveled early, and start wreaking havoc.
Ability 3: Stacked Deck... A great ability, as it can make laning a snap. Hit minions 3 times, poke a champ with it. It practically doubles your damage for one attack early, and can make many champs recall early.
Ultimate: Destiny... A more practical way to zoom around to help allies right before ganks than any other champ. It allows you to see EVERY enemy champ, and teleport just about from the middle part of mid lane, to the middle of the enemy base. This is a rough estimate, but just go with the "Holy Sh!t!" moment when a gank is about to happen and Twisted Fate comes out of nowhere.

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Pick a card

This is an amazing ability that allows you to get more kills than any other ability. I will explain the uses of each card in depth.

Blue Card

This is the highest damaging card, however it does not really affect a champ except for a large damage. Use this for last hit, or killing red/blue buff. It returns mana, so it is the best for laning, and reaping minions.

Red Card

The middle ground of the three cards. This is the best card you could ask for in a team fight, and is equally viable in lane battles. This card, once it hits, cause a small area of slow around the target, and gives you a great chance to put some real damage on champs. This ability has too many uses to count, so try and get this one often.

Yellow Card

Running enemies shall smash keyboards through their desks when this card hits them. It causes a good amount of damage, and then stuns them for enough time to put a massive amount of damage on them.

How to get the card you want

Ever since his update, it changed from a random card to a cycle. The cycle goes just as above. Blue, Red, Yellow. Press the ability button to choose the card. You really want to press the button on the card right before the card you want, as it go to the next card after the button press. Once you are able to do this, you will become a great Twisted Fate player.

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Mastery/Runes/Summoner Spells

I'm going to wrap these up quick. I know that it is a "big part of your build" but I don't want to tell you how to do these. Find your niche, and use it with TF. No reason for you to make 2 new pages just for my build. Make these the way you would like to. My spells and masteries are just suggestions.

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This is one area that I will say you should follow to the letter. The items taken should focus around attack speed and on-hit effects. I focus on medium level items that only cost around 2K gold each, as to allow great killing ability throughout the game, plenty of survivability, and a good build even in a terrible game.

Doran's Blade > Ninja Tabi > Malady > Guinsoo's Rageblade > Wit's End > Ionic Spark > Phantom Dancer

Explanations for each item choice

Doran's Blade: Starts your Attack with a jump-start of 10, and some lifesteal to keep you in lane. Can be sold any time after

Ninja Tabi: Ever since the last update, these things have become my go-to boots. With the 10% damage reduction and armor bonus, other AD champs will have a hard time getting to you.

Malady: This is the item for anybody who wants a mid-level item that gives a bit of ability power, and plenty of attack speed. Using this item furthers the fact that on-hit effects are the way to go. It adds a good magic damage bonus to basic attacks, and lowers enemies magic defense, turning them into big targets for your abilities.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: I tried this item once, and never went back. It turns your champ into a danger, especially if you try to hit them when they are hitting minions. It not only gives you a nice boost to both AP and AD, but for every basic attack or ability used, the champ with it get a 6% increase to attack speed and 8 ability power. With up to 8 stacks of this, it turns you into a burst killer to be reckoned with.

Wit's End: Gives you magic defense, and attack speed. Need more? Yes you do. It gives your attacks 42 bonus magic damage (which gives Malady's passive even more use) and boosts your magic defense. Talking with people after using this build for the first time cemented this item into my build.
All of our AP people were avoiding you. That mix of WE and Malady just wrecked their ability to hurt you.

Ionic Spark: I am so happy they put this onto the Classic circuit. This is a new addition to the build, but it will be there for a while. It's a totally different 4-hit then attack item that not only gives you health, Attack Speed, and more damage, it makes people avoid staying in long fights with you. The chain lightning turns team fights into a snap.

Phantom Dancer: A great item all around, plenty of attack speed, and the movement speed allows you to chase some enemies down. If you get to this point, and don't have kills galore, you'd better at least be the assist champ.

Other viable items:

Anything with on-hit effects, like Black Cleaver. (full list coming soon)

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I know this is what you were all looking for. "How do I play?" Well, lets get started.

Early Game

To start, get Pick a Card and a Doran's Blade. Get to your laning phase and start last-hitting minions like there is no tomorrow. You passive only affects the last-hit. As you level, look at who you are laning against. Build your Stacked Deck if you have melee champs against you, as they are easier targets to hit right next to minions, and build Pick a Card if you have ranged, as they will see you coming up if you use Stacked Deck. They won't know how to react with Pick a Card.
As you reach level 6, you should have boots, Malady, and guinsoo's started or finished. look for available ganks, as your Ultimate can turn the tide in any battle.


This is where your build should start to flesh out. Continue building the items shown above, and try and get to at least Ionic Spark before level 11. You should start focusing turrets when you can, but try and focus on keeping the rest of your team alive so they can do that. Get kills and continue building.


This is where you should become a powerhouse. Start being very aggressive with the enemy, make them come to you, and pick them off. Easy right?

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Getting into Champ vs. Champ fights

1 vs 1

If you get into a fight with a single champ, start hammering away by using Pick a Card a much as humanly possible. Try and get blue cards in the early fight, but when they drop to about half health, focus on getting red or yellow. Blue does the most damage, and can scare them off early. If they don't run, go for the kill. Stacked Deck will keep fights from going on too long, and Wild Cars is a good way to get a fleeing or recalling enemy.

1 vs. 2

This is a fight you should truly avoid until you get Guinsoo's, and have started on wit's end. Focus on knocking the enemy with the larger health down first. Get him/her to go into a "I may continue fighting, I may not" style, then get the weaker one. That may just cause the bigger enemy to GTFO, and leave the other person for dead. Kill the weaker one, then go back to the tank. That should give you the victory.

2 vs. 2

Play the back line on this one, and focus the tank of the enemy, once the enemy tank starts to focus on yours, go around and take out the enemy ranger, or the weaker one.Stay in the way of escape if you can to guarantee a kill.

Anything larger

Don't focus on the tanks, but go after the weaker ones. If you can get the rangers off your big tanks or melee'ers, you have gained the advantage. Hit the tanks or melee'ers with red and yellow cards, so they go down quicker. Hit rangers with blue to make them leave.

If you get ganked

Try and escape using flash or just running before they initiate it. If you do get caught, hit the melee'ers with a red card and run for your life.

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I'm going to list this guide in a nutshell.

1. Play like you are a ranged AD person.
2. Use Pick a Card till your ability button breaks.
3. Build attack speed and on hit effects.
4. Have fun and go kick some ***.

Please leave a comment and vote up please. I hope you love this build as much as I do.