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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warbells

An in-depth Support item guide

Warbells Last updated on March 10, 2016
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Hello every and welcome to my Guide for Support itemization!

Im a diamond 5 main support with 2 years of experience in this role.
i know its sometimes hard to know,what item you should get and when to do so,thats why I want to give you all the informations you need to get better at itemization as its a very important thing to learn.
What to do when snowballing or playing from behind plays into this and getting the right item can help your team greatly.

Also this is my first guide,I appreciate any tipps for improvemen,do have fun and leave a comment please! :)

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Build pathing, things to be aware of

Pre game:

take a look at your and the enemy Teams Comp.

Deciding facts:

1. what does your team lack? - Dmge,disengage,engage etc.
2. what Champs do you have on your team? - Mages,Assassins, more ad or ap,tanky or squishy
3. what comp do you have? - Poke comp,teamfight comp, pick comp..
4. what does the enemy Team have? - As above
5. How much CC do they have,what kind of CC?

You can look at the comps and already figure out a build-path idea.
You shouldnt blindly follow a build order tho.Items should be built based on the game flow

the early game

Right now you wont have to make a lot decisions, first you will usually be getting your core first, means your gold-item,Sightstone and some boots.
Be aware of whats happening on the other lanes,which lane is winning,which is loosing.
Is the losing toplane about to be snowballed on?
How strong is your own lane?
Those facts will be important once you got your Core/as laning phase ends.
Once getting your core you will have to decide on your first items.

Always keep an eye of as the game continues:

when deciding what to buy keep an eye of:
-who has a lot dmge on the enemy team
-how fed is your team
-how fed is your adc
-if your adc is fed,is it worth buffing him or itemize against the enemy.
-What can harm my adc most (not always the most fed guy,can also be cc etc)
Also depending your ability to protect him (like janna has a peel kit,leona does not have much protection)
-what is going to be your job in this game?

You wont alwas be able to itemize perfectly in every situation.
(For example if the whole enemyteam is fed and you cant get everything at once)
If solari is needed or frozen heart,but you need mikeals badly try to communicate with your jungler and toplaner.

Keep in Mind

that every Support has its own play-style and job to do,Building full tank janna or full ap Alistar might not be the best thing to do

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Gold-items compared

We're jumping right in to compare the stats,utility and goldincome of the 3 different Gold-items to see which play-style and advantages they bring a long.

First of all :

1. Talisman of Ascencion

1.1 Stats:
100% base mana reg
100% base heath reg
10% cdr

passive: Gain health and gold when a near friendly minion dies
active: Movementspeed Buff for everyone in Range (60s cd)

1.2 Pros and Cons

+ provides a lot sustain
+ provides the most stable gold income
+ great engage or disengage with active

- does not provide tankiness
- does not offer any aggressive stats
less lane presence
- kinda selfish stats overall

Great on passive supports/lanes who do not trade a lot early
Great if your team lacks disengage or engage/follow-up

1.3 Champions

This item is mostly bought by Champions like Janna and Soraka who tend to have a rather passive lane,especially soraka synergizes very well with the item since she needs a lot sustain when healing her allies.

This could be bought on other ap Supports too,but frost fang is a much better options as it increases their dmge by a lot and therefore supports their playstyle much better.

Not recommended on tank supports as it gives you no combat stats at all,so you will be much squishier if you engage.

2. Frost Queens Claim

2.1 Stats:
50 Ap
100% base Mana reg
10% cdr
2 gold per 10 s

passive: spells/AAs deal additional dmge and grant gold
active: sends out 2 ghosts to find,reveal and slow enemies

2.2 Pros and Cons

+ good mana sustain
+ provides a lot dmge
great Poke/trades
+ great active to scout unwarded areas
+ great active to catch enemies
or escape

- Ghosts are kinda random sometimes
- ghosts can only target 2 enemies
- worse goldincome mid to lategame
- higher cooldown than talisman
- Ghost will slow less the closer the target is

2.3 Champions

Good on basically any ap-scaling Support,who works a lot with spells and auto attacks
(sona,Nami,annie etc..)

Its most efficient if you can use the stacks often,so someone like blitzcrank wont profit that much from it early unless he lands a hook,but he no kind of long range poke thefore you would get the items for the all-ins and the active only.

On Janna you can either go Coin or frostfang depending on your lane,if its an aggressive early Lane you can go for a frostfang and if its a passive lane you may want to stick to coin.

3. Face of the Mountain

3.1 Stats:
450 Health
100% base Health reg
10% cdr
2 gold per 10s

passive: stacks execute minions to share the gold and heal yourself and a nearby ally
active: grants a shild based on own max health
If the shild explodes nearby enemies will be slowed

3.2 Pros and Cons

+ provides a lot tankiness
+ grants sustain for you as well as your lane-partner
+ good peel /w shild and slow
+ somewhat easier to push with execute

- shild is kinda weak early game
- execute needs some coordination with the adc
- suppports like thresh cant use the execute
- shild is only for one person
- hard to gets stacks mid-lategame
- need a lot health to be effective

3.3 Champions

This is a great item on any tanky support,who is going to stack some life.
the tanky stats will synsergize with the all in Character of the most tank supports and will also you give you and your Adc some sustain,this is great since melee supports are very weak to poke.

Note that the Shild scales of your health,if you dont intend to stack a lot health you can still go for the Eye of Equinox. (someone like Blitz for example,even thresh to some amount as these are supports who arent naturally tanky and dont get as many bonus stats as other supports like leona or alistar)

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The Gold income and Utility compared- some Math

Too long didnt read Version:

Ideal values you can obtain from the items:

608 Gold in 10 minutes from Relic Shild
504 Gold in 10 minutes from spellthief + 480 bonus damage dealt in 10 Minutes
424 Gold in 10 minutes from Coin + 530 Health restored in 10 minutes

I'm gonna have to make some assumptions to create a proper example here.

-I'm taking the first ten minutes of the game as 'laning phase',
-I'm not taking into account any jungle farming
-I'm assuming the 'level 1' version of the items
-This will be the ideal/maximum Gold income of the items,which you will ofc not always get

Relic shield:

Minions start spawning from 1:30. So at ten minutes the 18th wave will spawn. This means that for the first ten minutes you have 17 waves to farm (the 18th will be underway at ten minutes).
A cannon minion spawns in the wave every 3 waves and the Relic shield has a 60 second internal cooldown.At the beginning you will start with 2 stacks.
Assuming you only last hit melee minions and all 3 caster minions
you get around 519 Gold + 98 passive gold

+120 Gold with passive Goldincome
608= Gold

Take in consideration:

GENERALLY You will usually not be able to always instantly execute minions or get the most gold out of it (cannon and melee minions provide the most gold),either due to misscommunication with your Adc or you want to freeze the lane etc.

Also when executing minions you shouldnt forget that u can actually keep the stack and wait with it until someone loses health to not waste the sustain effect.
You may not always be able to only last hit melee and caster minions .
Also you may loose time during roams or if youre being zoned out.

As the game continues and waves will be cleared very fast it becomes very hard to have a constant gold income.

Spellthief's edge:

In a standard game you will be able to start hitting your opponents from about 2:00 when both teams go to the lane after helping their jungler.
Hitting an enemy will grant you 8 Gold and consums 1 stack,the stacks automatically reload with a 30 sec cooldown.
Assuming you do 3 attacks per 30 seconds you can attack 48 times and gain 3840Gold

.Spellthief's edge also gives a passive 2 gold per 10 seconds. This is 120 gold for ten minutes.

384 + 120
= 504 Gold

Your attacks will deal an additional dmge of 10 per stack:
= 480 bonus damage dealt in 10 Minutes

Take in consideration:

You will usually not be able to attack the enemy constantly.
Passive laning will lower your gold income massively while aggressive playing will get you to almost max gold-income.
After laning phase your gold income will be less since you will be roaming around a lot not being able to poke the enemy,in this phase of the game.
Also the passive will go on a cd if you last hit a minion.

On the Lane some Supports will have an easier time to effectively stack the item than others.
(like morganas tormented soil)

Ancient coin:

This one is easy, there are 17 waves (as said in the Relic shield part) to be farmed. Four of them have an extra minion. totaling 106 minions. The coin gives 4 gold and 5 health a minion.

=424 Gold after 10 minutes
=530 Health restored

Take in consideration:

This item will scale better into mid and lategame as the the other 2 (gold-wise).
You only have to be close to minions to gain gold,the only times you really wont be to get the passive if if youre roaming to an other lane,farming the jungle,walking back to lane etc..

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Quick Categorization of items

So now were getting to the important Part,now I'll be listing the possible Support items with their pros,Cons,Usage,Costs etc.
Iam not including Sightstone as it a standart item that should always be bought.

I will categorize the items as explained below:

This Item allows you to engage more easily or provides follow up for your team,it could possibly also provide some CC like slows.

Team Buff:
This item will Buff one Champs or every Champ of your Team in some Way.
It provides Healing,resistance or shilds etc.

Anti Carry:
This Item will weaken the enemy Champions stats in some way (like auras or cc).

This Item will mainly make yourself stronger as it will buff your own stats but doesnt provide any more utility.

This item will help you get objectives faster in some way

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magic resist based items

Items that will be covered here:
Solari,banner of command,Banshees,Abyssal,Spirit Visage,ZZPortal

Locket of the Iron Solari : Team Buff,Anti Carry

- 400 Health
-100% Base health reg
- 20 Magic resist
-10% cooldown-reduction

Active: Grants a shild to nearby allies (absorbs up to 75 +15 per lvl) -60 seconds cooldown
Shild lasts 2 seconds
Passive: Grants nearby allies 15 magic resist
Costs: 2500 Gold
Builds out of: Aegis of the Legion + Kindlegem


Due to its Aura great against heavy ap Team-comps or a lot of Aoe magic-Damage (Rumble,Lux etc)
While the enemy team will deal noticebly less damage when youre around, you can also provide a shild for everyone,which can be used to block the main dmge spells,the shild is generally very strong and doesnt work against magic dmge only

Communicate with your team,having 2 Soalaris is not the most effective so ask your jungler if he is going to buy it.
Try to shild before the most Dmge falls down on you,since the Shild duration is low timing is quite important.

The item also synergizes very well with Windseekers Blessing and Ardent Censor.

Banner of Command : Anti carry, push, gold income

- 200 Health
-100% Base health reg
- 20 Magic resist
-10% cooldown-reduction
- 60 ap

Active: Greatly increases a Lane minion and granting it spell immunity
Passive: Grants nearby allies 15 magic resist
Costs: 2900 Gold
Builds out of: Aegis of the Legion + Fiendish Codex


a very specific item which can be very good if the enemy team has a lot ap and not much waveclear apart from magic spells.
Usually its better to get this if youre ahead and need just some magic resis and the shild of solari isnt needed that much.
It still gives you some decent tank stats and ap,also this is another good gold income.
This item is great for sieging especially if you got Baron buff.

When youre grouping you can promote a minion on a sidelane to let it slow push,the lane will push in and someone will have to depush it.
This is great if the enemy doesnt have a lot ad-waveclear.
Ad champs will kill this minion much faster,therefore its better if the enemy mostly has ap champs.
Promote Caster or cannon minions.

1. Caster Minion

having the most range of the three and is best used to offer more aggro damage if the enemy attacks its ally. Despite being the squishiest and having the lowest DPS, the 600 range the Caster Minion offers easily allows it to damage the enemy champions easier and safer.

2. Cannon Minions

being the tankiest of them all is best used as a self-pushing minion. Due to the difficulty of destroying the Siege Minion and the heavy attack damage it brings, it can potentially net last hits without even thinking about it as well and last a long time causing it to inevitably reach the enemy turret if left unhindered.

(Also Cannon minions generally take 35% less dmge from turrets)

Banshees Veil: self-buff

-500 Health
-70 magic resist
-100% base health reg
Passive: grants a shild that will block the next enemy ability (40s cd if not being attacked)
builds out of:spectres cowl + crystalline bracer


good against hard engage (like annie,malphite ult)
very selfish item and not a primary support item.
Can be bought in lategame if youre squishy/focused and in need to be not cced to peel your carry
(soraka for example)
Very weak against poke since the shild will be blown away very fast.

Abyssal Scepter : Anti carry,Self-Buff

-70 ap
-50 magic resist
passive: Aura that reduces the magic resist of nearby enemies by 20.
costs: 2350 Gold
builds out of: negatron cloak + blasting wand


A very situational item,mostly this wont be a good item as its better on low range midlaners or junglers.
As Support Aegis will mostly be better.
You may get this if youre going for a very ap focused build and when youre actually making use of the aura (annie maybe,Brand,Zyra,Morgana)

Spirit Visage : Self Buff

-500 Health
-70 magic resist
-150% Base health reg
-10% cooldown reduction
passive: increases all healing received by 20%
cost: 2800
builds out of: spectres cowl + kindlegem


I do not recommend to get this item,as their are just much better items for supports.
Other than that it will only be good for supports who can spamm heals (Soraka,Nami,Sona)
I personally never see anyone get this and i wouldnt get it as well.
You spend way to mcuh on stats you dont really need on these champions and 20% is not too much especially if your self Heal is low. Also you mostly want to Heal your allies so investing in that is better.

ZZ'Rot Portal : Self Buff,Push,Goldincome

-60 Armor
-60 Magic resist
passive: get 20% movementspeed over 2 secs while near turrets or fallen turrets
active: Spawn a Void Gate for 150sec (150s cd)


A niche item if you want to win by constantly slow-pushing a side-lane while grouping mid,very similiar to banner of command.
Its definitely better on tank supports as the lil voidlings profit of your max Health.
It gives good stats for yourself combined with some health youll be very tanky actually.
But its definitely not something you would get every game and usually its better for toplaners or even junglers.
I think items like this and banner of command are especially strong in lower Elo,you mostly group mid and teamfight and the sidelane will constantly push,while the people are worse at roaming and depushing you might get a few tower by this.
After all its a rather secundary choice tho

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Supportive/Peel/Buff based items

Items that will be covered here:
Zekes harbinger,ardent censor,Mikaels crucible,Righteous Glory

Zekes: Teambuff, Selfbuff

-30 Armor
-50 Ap
-250 Mana
-10% cdr
Active: Binds target Ally (60s cd)
Passive: Attacking,using spells and being near your binded ally will generate Charges
At 100 Charges,causing Dmge will grant you and your binded Target 20% Ap and
50% critical strike Chance.
Cost: 2350 Gold
Build path: Glacial shroud + amplifying tome + amplifying tome


Zekes is a great item to buff the Dmge Output of an adc and helps him snowballing.
If the adc is dead you can still use this on other Champs like midlaners,Auto attack based Toplaner/Junglers etc who can make use of the Buff.
You will usually get this as you third item if your adc is ahead and got like 2 core items.
If your adc is behind you might want to get items that keep him alive .

Also Zekes can be somewhat hard to coordinate,means you need some timing to actually make use of the charged passive in a fight.

Its pretty decent on every Support.You may not get much out of the ap as a tank ,but after all its an item to snowball your Adc.

Ardent Censor: Teambuff, Push

-40 ap
-10% cdr
-100% base mana reg
passive: 8% movementspeed
Active: Shilding or healing an ally will grant him 15% attack speed and
30 magic dmge on- hit for 6 seconds
Cost: 2200 Gold
Build-path: Aether Whisp + Forbidden idol


Great item to get early on if youre ahead,you can snowball very well with it.
Great on Supports who can spamm heals or shilds (like janna,Nami,Soraka,Sona) and therefore keep the passive up for a long time.

This is great with heavily auto attack based Champions (jinx,Kogmaw,twitch,ashe etc)
and if you have even more auto-attack based Champs on your Team.(yi,tryndamere,irelia etc)
Do not get this if your adc is rather spellbased and your Team has noone else who profits of the Item.

Great Synergy with Windseeker blessing,Solari,mikaels.
(itemshilds/Heals trigger the Ardent Censor passive)

Mikeals Crucible: Teambuff

-35 magic resist
-10% cdr
-100% base mana reg
passive: restored 2% of missing mana every 5 seconds
active: Removes all taunts,stuns,slows,roots,fears and silences of you or an allied Champion
also Healing them for 150+10% of your max Health
Cost: 2300 Gold
Build-path: forbidden idol + Chalice of Harmony


get this Item if the enemy Team has a lot CC and hard engage.
A cced Adc cant attack and is very vulnerable,therefore cleansing the Main-CC off him is a great Peel possibility.
If you face a hard CC Lane which can snowball you/is ahead and your adc is gettting locked down you should think about getting this after your core items (gold item,boots,sighstone)
This is also extremely important if your adc doesnt have any escape.

Using Mikaels at the right time needs good timing but is extremely powerful.

Mikeals CAN NOT cleanse:
Supression,like Malz,warwick ult (only QSS can help here)
Grievious Wounds,Bleed
attack speed debuffs,ad debuffs,debuff marks (like Darius)
Zed ultimate,urgot ultimate
Quinn blind (can cleanse teemos bind thou)

!! Only cleanses Roots,Taunts,Slows,Stuns,fears and silences Dont forget this !!

Righteous Glory: Engage

-500 Health
-300 Mana
-100% base health reg
Active: Grants nearby allies 60% movementspeed for 3 seconds when moving enemy turrets or champions,after 3 seconds or on recast nearby enemies will be slowed for 80%
(60 s cd)
Cost: 2600 Gold
Build path: Catalyst + crystalline bracer


Great if your team lacks gapclosers to hard engage,it also gives you good sustain with catalyst and good tank stats over-all. A rather uncommon item atm thou.

Suits champs like: any Tank Support or engage focused ap Supports like Morgana,Annie

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Armor based Items

Items that will be covered here:
Frozen heart,iceborn gauntlet,Randuins omen,

Frozen heart: Anti Carry

-90 Armor
-20% Cooldown-reduction
-400 Mana
passive: The attack Speed of nearby enemies is reduced by 15%
Cost: 2800 Gold
Build path: Wardens Mail + Glacial shroud


Great against high attack speed/auto attack based Champions
(Examples: trundle,yi,trynda,most adcs,irelia,jax,udyr warwick etc.
Okish against Ad-casters,who do auto attacks in their combo but it doesnt weaken them a lot (like: Riven,pantheon,talon,lee sin,Rengar etc.)

Usually a better item on Jungler or toplaner/tank supports. If top/jungle do not get it its better to have one on an ap support rather than not having it at all.

Overall a great item which gives you a lot of stats!

Always keep an eye of the item-builds of your enemy some Champs might be auto attack based and profit a lot from additional attack speed bu the player isnt buying any,therefore frozen heart might not be that good in that moment.

Randuins Omen: Selfbuff, Anti Carry, Engage

-500 Health
-60 Armor
-10% dmge taken from critical strikes
passive: when hit by AAs ,reduces the attackers attack-speed by 15%
Active: Slows nearby enemies movementspeed by 35% for 4 secs
Cost: 2900 Gold
Build-path: Wardens Mail + Giants belt


This item is basically the more expensive and more selfish version of frozen heart.
It gives you some more Life,reduced dmge for you only and the passive will only trigger the debuff if you get attacked,its not an aura.
As support you will hardly be the one focused in a fight,therefore the passive is not as effective as on other Champs/roles like bruisers etc.

The slow can be used for some peel or some chasing/engaging.

You can get this if youre facing an ad-heavy Team if youre not forced to either get solari,Mikaels/ as a last item /once you got your core items (after the items your team really needs)

I personally think that this is not a primary Support item,frozen heart combined with some health will often be better.

Specific item -Frozen Gauntlet : Selfbuff, Anti Carry

(Sona,taric.blitz mostly)

+65 armor
+500 mana
+20% cooldown reduction
passive: After using an ability, your next basic attack (on-hit) creates an ICY ZONE around the target for 2 seconds. This effect scales with bonus armor and has a 1,5 s cd


This is great for supports who work a lot with auto attack + Spell Combos.
Sona is the best example.
The item gives a lot of Armor and also scales with it,so the more armor you buy the more dmge you deal.
Good against heavy ad comps.
The sheen is pretty good to snowball on laning phase and and the glacial shroud gives you some tankiness.
Together with cooldown Boots you get very close to you max. cooldown reduction in an early game state.

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Boots and enchantments


Swiftness boots: 900 Gold

The better mobility Boots I'd say,even tho the overall movementspeed on mobility boots is better the speed of Swiftness wont be disabled by taking damage or dealing dmge which is much better combined with the slow reduce.
You can combine them with alacrity enchantment to make up for the previous nerfs.

Cooldown boots: 900 Gold

Good on ranged Supports,who rely on their spells.
Also gives reduced cooldown on Summoner-spells,meaning you will have flash more often to engage or disengage,as well as exhaust or ignite.

Mercurys Treads: 1100 Gold

Grant magic resist and tenacity.
Great for tank supports if the enemy Team has a lot CC. They cost a lot therefore you should rather get them late game,once youre fullbuild.
Then you can swap mobility/mobility boots with mercurys.

Ninja tabi: 1100 Gold

Grant 30 Armor and 10% dmge reduction on auto attacks.
Good if the enemy team has a lot ad and strong auto attackers.The Dmge reduction is only worth it if you have a lot Health and some armor over-all.
Rest same as mercurys


Reduces your cooldown on flash for 15% and you gain a 2 sek movement speed buff when flashing. Good on engage Supports,who heavily rely on Flash (like Annie)
Also good if the enemy has hard engage,or if you get focused (like Soraka)
Cost: 450 gold

Allied Champions gain a movemenstpeed Buff when moving towards you
Also great if youre an engage Support,people can follow up faster.
Good for saving people,Disengage Supports who usually stay at backline as well
Cost: 450 gold

+20 movementspeed,Good if you want some additional roam power eary and midgame

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When and when not to Build Pure AP on Support

First we have to make a cut between Mage Supports and Ap-scaling and ap-utility Supports.

Mage Supports are picked purely for their Dmge,that doesnt mean that they always build full ap,but they do prefer a Dmge Build.
I would mention : Brand,Zyra,Velkoz

Then we have Ap scaling Supports who have the option to go ap to deal tons of dmge + increase their utility by a bit.But due having a lot of Utility in their Kit,they arent forced to go for a hell lot of ap and still be very good.They kinda go with both very well

I would mention: Annie,Karma,Sona,Lulu,Morgana

And the last group ap-utility Supports.
(that would be champs like Janna,Soraka,Bard.Nami)
These supports got ap-ratios,but they usually arent that high and only increase their utility -not their damage by a lot.
Even tho their utility gets better when building a lot ap,its not enough to actually replace or out-do the utility Support items.
Its not like ap is completely wasted on them but hyrid items like zekes,ardent,frostqueen + more utility are much better

First of all I have to mention,that building pure Ap is very expensive.
As a Support you dont have a lot Gold to spend unless youre getting very fed early on and you can snowball with that lead.

So what does that mean?
its very risky to go ap when youre already behind! how do you afford an item that costs 2900+ Gold when youre not getting any Kills or if you die a lot.
The fact of this item being so expensive will set you even further behind since it takes a long time to actually finish it.
Normal Support items will cost way less,often provide tanky stats and utility,and as long as you have utility it doesnt matter too much if youre behind as youre still of use to your team.

A Support that doesnt deal dmge because hes behind and has no utility to offer is kinda useless right? if youre already behind/you die a lot try making surviving and bringing in utility your first goal

the most mages that are played as Support even have a very high base dmge and mostly not that great scalings,so you dont even lose that much when not going full ap.


-if youre behind dont go full ap - try to get some utility/tankiness
-if youre ahead,buying ap can snowball the lane and also the game
-Buying ap costs more than getting support items
-for most supports its better to get a hybrid ap-support build since you usually dont have the best ap scalings

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Ap Items


a very, very expensive items.Due to that fact its very unlikely for you to get it unless youre really fed.
With 3,8k Gold you would be able to get almost 2 Support items with low cost.
Still good when playing a high ap-scaling support and you already got some ap
When behind this item is not recommenden,as it costs too much and gives you not enough utility especially if you dont have a lot ap overall.


A very cost-efficient item.
Gives a lot Mana and Ap (+movement speed when getting a lot stacks) for only 1400 Gold.
This is a great Item for high-ap scaling supports who tend to get assists easily and dont die a lot due to their safe kit
(best example is janna,Soraka whos utility and peel-ability is scaling with ap)

Overall you dont really need this item tho,I like to say you dont win 'because of mejais but despite having one..'


similiar to Rabadons and more selfish with its active.
I do like to get this if im ahead on Soraka for example,since she is one of the suppports who gets focused a lot.If the enemy team has an assassin a zhonyas helps a lot.
Remember that it costs a ton and in zhonyas youre not able to help your team.
Also good if youre playing something like morgana whos going to engage.

Liandrys torment


-80 ability Power
-300 heath
passive: 15 magic pen
active: spells burn the enemy for 3 seconds. Burn will cause them to take bonus magic dmge equal to 2% of their current health per second./effect is doubled against enemies with impaired movement)


Good on ap supports who have a constant poke and dmge output or dmge over time spells.
(Karma Q : spammable and slows, Brand passive deals dmge over time,Zyra plants...)

Gives decent hp and is great against a lot tanks with high health.



+400 Health
+100 Ability Power
Passive:Damaging spells and abilities apply a Movement Speed reduction to enemies based on the spell type,aoe spells will have a weaker slow velue.

Good on ap supports who have a constant poke and dmge output or with dmge over time spells.
Gives good CC,kite/chase potential
Synergizes very well with Liandrys.

Also note the Abyssal scepter as mentioned in "magic resist based item"

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Elixir of iron:
grants 300 Health,25% Tenacity and path of Iron
(leaves a path behind that gives allies movementspeed,kinda similiar to Captain)
Good for tanks in lategame and a nice replacement of mercurys.
Generally nice if the team has a lot CC
Helps your team follow up or disengage.

Elixir of Sorcery:
grants ap,mana reg and true dmge on auto attacks /spells
(5s cd versus champs,no cd versus towers)
Good for ap scalings supports and some pushing

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Additional Look at first Back-n Buy

This will be covering what to buy on your first back,trying to be as cost-efficient as possible:


300 Gold or less: pink ward +Pots; or feary charm + Pots

400 Gold: Boots + pots; or Feary Charm,pink +pots

450-500 Gold: Ruby crystal +pots

550-700 Gold: Choose between ruby crstal for your sighstone and hp or the spellthief upgrade for better trades and goldincome +pots

800 Gold : Do not get sightstone if you got no pots left and no Gold for them.
its better to chose between the options above instead of going to lane
with no pots.

850-900: Sighstone,sweeping lense +pots

Try to be as efficient as possible with your Gold and decide what you need for the lane:

A Ruby crystal will almost always ensure that you will get your sightstone on the scdn back ,
also it gives you some more health- which is good if youre up against a lane with high
early game dmge/ burst-dmge,
If youre loosing the lane very hard its better to get the ruby .

The Frostfang on the other hand costs more,but gives you more mana reg. ap and dmge therefore better trades and poke.

-A feary Charm only costs 125 Gold and you can later combine it for frostfang,
-a pinkward can be a good option depending which side you are/ if youre being pushed in a lot.
-Boots can be good for dodging skill shots,whether it may be poke or engage spells.
Also it makes it easier for yourself to engage.

Remember that pots are important !
If you dont get any pots you will be pushed out of lane faster and lose most trades
Always get ATLEAST 1, 2-3 are perfect. Getting 3 is safest if u play against a lot of poke.

If you back and only miss around 15 Gold for another pot,its worth waiting those few seconds

Relic start:

300 Gold or less: pink ward +Pots; or rejuvenation beads+ Pots (if u want the early upgrade)

400 Gold: Boots + pots; or rejuvenation beads,pink +pots

450-500 Gold: Ruby crystal +pots

550-700 Gold: Choose between ruby crstal for your sighstone and hp or the relic upgrade for better sustain and goldincome +pots

800 Gold : Do not get sightstone if you got no pots left and no Gold for them.
its better to chose between the options above instead of going to lane
with no pots.

850-900: Sighstone,sweeping lense +pots

Ruby crystal provides more hp than the relic upgrade and you will be able to buy sightstone faster,but the relic upgrade offers more sustain for you and your adc.


300 Gold or less: pink ward +Pots; or feary charm + Pots

400 Gold: Boots + pots; or Feary Charm,pink +pots

450-500 Gold: Ruby crystal +pots

550-700 Gold: Choose between ruby crstal for your sighstone and hp or the coin upgrade for better trades and goldincome +pots

800 Gold : Do not get sightstone if you got no pots left and no Gold for them.
its better to chose between the options above instead of going to lane
with no pots.

850-900: Sighstone,sweeping lense +pots

A Ruby crystal will almost always ensure that you will get your sightstone on the scdn back
also it gives you some more health- which is good if youre up against a lane with high
early game dmge/ burst-dmge,
If youre loosing the lane very hard its better to get the ruby .

Coin upgrade will give you more long time sustain and gold.

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Thanks for Reading

If you got any Questions feel free to levae comment Ill try to answer or maybe ill even put it in the guide.

Let me knowif i made some major mistakes
and pleas etell my why inserting pictures doesnt want to work :D


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