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Annie Build Guide by randomguy#96201

An Unconventional Build By Demon46and2

An Unconventional Build By Demon46and2

Updated on January 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author randomguy#96201 Build Guide By randomguy#96201 4,447 Views 3 Comments
4,447 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author randomguy#96201 Annie Build Guide By randomguy#96201 Updated on January 10, 2012
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Hi, I have a handful of unconventional builds that work well and for a long time now I've been wanting to share them with other people. So I decided to post them here on Mobafire and hopefully someone will try them, have a blast and give me some feedback. This first unconventional is a Tanky DPS Annie. It's a very fun way to build her especially if your team is lacking in beefy-ness. Let's get on with it then shall we?
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Pros / Cons

-Not afraid to initiate at all.
-Kills squishy builds just as easily.
-So much mana you can clear waves, cast w on nothing to charge your stun passive and have more than enough left afterwards for a long team fight.
-"W" 1 hit mininon waves 20 minutes in.
-Tower diving is easy.

-Whatever cons have allready been mentioned in other Annie builds minus the squishy-ness LoL.
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Runes can be a little flexible, this is just what I use and I'm missing magic penetration quints(-->I'm a big nub I kno<--)doesn't mean I would use those though I happen to really like move speed quints, anyways you can decide for yourself which runes are best though I find with the Rod of Ages maxed out she has 3.5k hp around and mitigation from her "E" spell plus the last 2 items on the builds list, Zhonyas and Abyssal. For me this is all the tanky-ness you need, the runes should help either your offensive dps values or utility i.e. movespeed.
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Mastery page is simple, kind of a standard 21/0/9 AP page for maximum damage and some utility.
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Creeping / Jungling

Usually I don't delve into jungle till mid-late game. by then it's easy plus if you have a jungler he is less reliant on it the longer the game goes on.
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This is the really special part, (I'm so proud :P) now you might be thinking WTFBBQSAUWCE? 2 ROA's? exactly, 2 ROA's cause it works, don't judge try it. Here is the important part, Your first RoA you should have by 16 minutes, 2nd one you should have by 21 minutes (or sooner), I got both my RoA's by 16 minutes a couple games (super fed though). 1 maxed RoA gives you 80 Ability Power 630 health and I've never actually checked my mana cause I just have more than enough. The price is good and it takes up 1 slot, and screw the UNIQUE PASSIVE, who cares if it doesn't stack, we don't, k good. Rylai's, yummy! Cause we are going to be stunning, slowing and chasing *****'s down! Tanky Annie doesn't f around...

Now the last 2 items are maybe a little more than necessary, 3.5 k hp, 50 armor and magic resist (mitigation) from her "E" spell, and Zhonya's 45 armor with invinicible clicky AND 57 magic resistance from abyss? Well, it is what it is, sometimes if I'm rape ing too hard I'll just replace them with Deathcap and Voidstaff, it's up to you either way it's really fun, please try it, try them both. and write to me, cuz im so lonely oh so lonely.
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Team Work

Hmmmm, Once you got both your ROA's up and running you can basically just waltz around the river "Q"ing anybody you see and not worry too much unless the entire enemy team is mia. try to gank, even if you push them back without killing anyone and hit their towers a bit, it means you succeeded. In team fights don't react the same way your use to with squishy casters, you want to get in there and spam your spells as much as possible, go for squishies obviously or if someones out of position etc.., dont get seperated from your team (being out of position is baad) and when your starting to get low then you can play like a squishy caster and position yourself behind your team incase the enemy thinks your team is weak and try's to take advantage when it looks like your running away (blast em!). Oh yeah and she has very nice AoE damage in team fights you bound to hurt someone badly with your ultimate and W if you hit everyone it's like ****** in the pants.

A note of caution, if you did not get your RoA's on time (16 and 20 minutes) then you are doing bad and probably need to ignore almost everything about this section LoL.
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Skill Sequence

Annie's not new to any of us I'd presume, harass with "Q" till they lose some health, not to scare them back, then flash and tibbers "R" with passive (Stun) "W" "ignite" "Q" (keep following "Q" has low cooldown) "Q" (gg no re nubby cakes) simple. Annie's easy.

Max her "Q" spell first it replenish's your mana when it does a killing blow, good for farming.
Max her "W" second cause once Annie hit's Level 6 her "R" "W" "Q" "ignite" combo is pretty much instant kill on almost any champion.
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Summoner Spells

Flash Ignite, ALWAYS. no variation on this for Annie (in my oppinion) Always always always Flash and Ignite for Annie. they are usually both used at the same time, to do her combo, like as soon as she hits Level 6 (as soon as there is oppurtunity for it) it's not hard trust me.
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Well the hard part here is the early game, use "Q" to last hit, and last hit with your auto attack (very important try to last hit as many as you can). if your opponent is harassing you while your trying to farm (and waiting for Level 6 hehehe) then "Q" them in the face, and resume last hit with auto attacking, if they are trying really hard to kill you pre Level 6, continue useing your "Q" on minions when there is no danger but once you have your stun stop and save it, next time they come to hit you "Q" stun them and "W" them in the face! <Repeat action till they f off and resume farming those RoA"S>

Mid and Late game farming is too easy, doesn't require an explanation but I'll give you one anyways: "W". satisfied? good.
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That's my somewhat? unconventional Annie build? Try it!, and let me know if you had as much fun as I always do with this build. it started out as a half-troll, and I ended up doing it all the time. And please write in the comments and tell me about your experience with the build >.<
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League of Legends Build Guide Author randomguy#96201
randomguy#96201 Annie Guide
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An Unconventional Build By Demon46and2

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