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Nautilus Build Guide by Aushions

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aushions

Anchor Management: Solo Lane Nautilus

Aushions Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

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Defense: 14

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Utility: 7

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I'm Ryan Egan, creator of this guide on I transferred over this guide today from solo-mid, basically word for word. Add me (IGN: Ryan Egan) if you wan't proof that Aushions isn't just some rando-copier. xD

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Solo Lane? I thought this was a Jungle Champion.

After putting some serious thought and testing into my builds and playstyles with Nautilus, I've decided that Nautilus is most viable as an AP Tank Solo, or an AP Carry/Off Tank Solo. Nautilus can counter a wide range of AP Carries at mid, and can out-sustain almost every Top Laner.

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META GAME *Please Read*

Go Tank build if your team set-up is as follows:

    [.]AP Top or Mid
    [.]AD Ranged/Support Bot
    [.]AD/AP Off-Tank or Non-Tank Jungler

Go AP Carry build if your team set-up is as follows:
    [.]Off Tank, Bruiser, or Tank Top
    [.]Tanky or Bruiser Jungle
    [.]AD Ranged/Support Bot

DO NOT GO FULL TANK MID IF YOU HAVE NO AP CARRY! This will make your team viable until about the 25-30 minute mark, then their damage will surpass yours and you won't have enough force to kill the enemy team.

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What th-I don't even.. YOUR MASTERIES?! >:O

Yeah, 9/14/7. GET AT ME.

To support his excruciatingly low mana pool and moderate mana costs, the Mp5 and Mana per level is very necessary to have sustain in your lane up until RoA. Since he needs to be able to take down an opponent in lane, the 9 points in the Offense tree to grab Magic Pen are very useful to maintain control in your lane. Since his W scales off of health, and he could use a little extra health regen, the 14 points in the Defense tree complement his sustainability even further.

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Those aren't tank runes. Scrub.

SHUT UP. At level 6 you will be guarantee'd a kill with these runes. They will help you dominate your lane.

The Magic Pen marks along with your mastery will devastate your laning enemy. You'll notice that your Riptide will hit for an obscene amount at level 5, since they most likely won't have based by then to buy a null magic.

The Mana Per 5 Seals will synergize with your Utility talents and assist you with being able to sustain harass during the laning phase, pre-ROA.

The Magic Resist glyphs are particularly important for early game sustain against your counters, which are mostly going to be AP champions.

AP Quints to give some power to your Riptide(E) and Depth Charge(R) early on in the game.

Well, okay... why not get Health Quints or other Tanky runes?

[.]Very bursty when going for a kill, so you won't need the extra health.
[.]Regrowth Pendant/Health Pot provide more than enough regen for the laning phase, along with your masteries.
[.]When harassing, you're either going to be hitting E from a safe distance or running in to melee with your W shield up. Since your first hit will be a mini-stun, you won't even take damage to proc the shield if you play carefully.

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Summoner Spells

This shouldn't be too hard to grasp. Flash for escapes and offensive Q's, along with Ignite to prevent any annoying champs from squeezing out a regen victory during a dive. Ignite can be swapped for Exhaust or Heal, but if you want to get your kill at level 6 Ignite is the way to go.

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Item Sequence

Early Game
Start off with Regrowth Pendant + Health Pot and head to defend either blue or red (depending on jungler/side of map). After you're well into the laning phase and either your opponent has based or you killed him, go back to shop and pick up Tier 1 Boots along with either Ruby Crystl + Sight Ward or Catalyst + Sight Ward depending on how much gold you have. If you have enough for a Mana Crystal and a Health Crystal get them both.
Early/Mid Game
By now you're probably around level 7 or 8, and you're ready to base again. This is when you'll need to decide whether or not you need Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads. Upon returning to shop, pick up your Catalyst Protector and grab either the components for your boots (Cloth Armor/Null Magic) or just the whole tier 2 boots themselves. If you have enough for a Blasting Wand, get it. If not, just buy Sight Ward x 2 and head back to your lane.
Mid Game
At this point you'll have quite a bit of farming capability with your E/W combo, and you should have accumulated enough gold to buy your Rod of Ages (850g after Catalyst and Blasting Wand). As soon as you have the gold to get your Rod, base and quickly get it. You want those stacks to get maxed out as quickly as possible to abuse its usefulness. If you happened to have more than enough for your Rod of Ages, check to see if your enemy is more AD heavy or AP heavy. From there you can either start building into your Frozen Heart, Force of Nature, or Abyssal Scepter.

Conditions for building each of the three Mid Game items:
[.]Abyssal Scepter: If your team has a few AP based Champions or you're confident that you can still tank effectively with giving up some survivability. Also works well against an AP Top champion.
[.]Frozen Heart: There are multiple AD carries on the enemy team, such as a Nocturne/Trynd/Twitch Jungle and an AD Carry bot.
[.]Force of Nature: If you're not at a great level/farm advantage on your enemy team, don't risk an Abyssal Scepter unless it will greatly help your team. Build this instead.
Mid/Late Game
At about the 30 minute marker, you should have both Frozen Heart and Force of Nature, or at least close to it. Then you can begin building your Warmogs. Try to get Giant's Belt as your first item, but if you are about to initiate a team fight or prepare for Baron/Dragon to spawn, just go ahead and buy a Ruby Crystal.
Late Game
After you get your Warmog's Armor, you'll have to think hard about what you want your Luxury item to be. Go Atma's Impaler if you're already very tanky compared to the enemy team's damage and you really want to rip through them to win the game. Select Locket of the Iron Solari if your teammates are being focused much more than you in team fights, and your support hasn't picked up this item. Pick Randuin's Omen if you have opponents such as Nocturne, Tryndamere, or Riven that are fairly fed and are focusing your AP/AD Carries. Go with Rylai's if you feel like your E slow just isn't enough to catch that tricky Nidalee or Caitlyn that keeps kiting you around. And finally, grab a Zeke's if you've got a bunch of AD carries on your team for some odd reason.

If you're building AP Carry/Off Tank, just substitute the Mid-Game and Late-Game items with the ones above.^^

What Items NOT To Build, And Why NOT To Build Them
You're a tank! Why would you need WOTA?! Only circumstance would be if you had a WOTA dependent champion such as Kennen/Vlad on your team and you were the only one able to buy one. Even at that, it would have to be your 6th item.

[.]Banshee's Veil
This really isn't worth it considering that you already have a good bit of mana from ROA/FH and you can mimic the Shield with your W when it comes to damage. Since you're the initiator and you enter with your Q to grip, a stun or snare on you won't stop your team from picking up a free kill.

[.]Lich Bane or Trinity Force
I've thought about these two items quite a bit, and after further consideration there is one factor that really breaks this idea wide open. Your ability CDs are rather long. With your 10-20 second CD timers on Q-W-E, you really don't have much of a way to maximize these effects. The only way you could capitalize on this would be to have the items to play a ganking role during mid game to make those kills quicker and more efficient. Sure, you could use your Q on terrain to try and maximize the CRD/Proc combo, but the damage you lose from hitting Q to terrain nulls the gain from Lich Bane/Tri Force.

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Gameplay So Far

This is shortly after I thought up this build and bought Nautilus:

After getting into a few Ranked Games with Nautilus, I managed to pull these scores:

*UPDATE 2/23/12*
A video of ranked Nautilus gameplay will be up shortly.

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Final Comments

I hope you all enjoyed this guide, as its actually my first one! :D

I had a good time putting it together, it was definitely a great experience to get to purchase Nautilus on day 1 and mess around with him at a position that everyone expected him to fail at.

If anyone has any questions about the guide, feel free to add me in-game, my summoner name is Ryan Egan.