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Anivia Build Guide by Kyocool

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyocool

Anivia, the Burst Mage

Kyocool Last updated on July 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, this is a guide to play burst Anivia, meaning you kill them quick. One second quick. Which is good. Because you won't die. And dying isn't good. Other builds may or may not include survivability. This guide does too. however, we are not sacrificing any burst for it. Maybe. Read on! Also, I've written this guide humoursly to release tension from your good ol' everyday lives! If you don't like it, then eh... ignore it and get the gist of this guide!

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Pros / Cons

- Pros play burst Anivia. Really. Why else would they call this section "Pro"?
- O.K. seriously now. She has great farm. Consistently has most CS at end of game. (Creep Score) [Ever wonder why people call it CS? No? Yes? More later.]
- Anivia has a very unique skill that allows her to destroy. Ze wall. I'll explain in the section below. To be exact, very below.
- One of the best nukers in the game. Utilizes high AP ratios to dominate. A.K.A why this guide is here.
- Passive? Sign me up for a free GA!
- Lots of these are generic Anivia pros... Not specific to burst. Still Pro though.
- Great laning presence.
- Able to harass effectively, pokes are long range and deal massive amounts of damage.
- Able to keep a safe distance away from enemies, if played correctly.
- I'm just saying random things so we don't have to get to the cons.
- Dang it.
- Squishy! She will die extremely fast if you make her the center of attention. So don't do that.
- Late game her presence starts to drop off. Won't be very bursty anymore. however she can and will do decent damage.
- Hard to master, hard to control. Anivia is the slowest champion in LoL, so getting ganked means probable death.
- Be ready to devote a lot of time to Anivia if you want to see her potential. Practice makes perfect!
-Oh yeah, also has the lowest health in game. Sounding like a true mage yet?
-I forgot to mention she can do double damage if played correctly. What? You read that right. Being the worst in some things makes you one of the best in others. Onto reading things that don't require me to write BS. (Below Standard)

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Summoner Spells

The two summoner Spells I use are Ignite and Flash. Flash is a must-have for Anivia, it allows you to escape from a nasty situation, such as a gank, or perhaps a losing team fight. Being slow is a sad thing... it can also help initiate by flashing close to an enemy and instantly destroy them with your oh so powerful abilities.
ignite I use so I can secure a kill. it's helpful also if I want to hinder someone healing or using potions, because ignite reduces that heal to 50%.
Other viable Summoner Spells to replace ignite is Teleport, Clarity, and Rally. Yes, rally. I'm totally serious. However, to use rally you must use the oh so secret 3rd summoner spell, with the 1st slot being promote and the 2nd one Mr. Pear.
There's a cool thing you can do with Anivia before being Egged. (Dying when your passive is up) Just Teleport to something or other that isn't a Champion that's allied with you before getting egged, and presto, your egg won't die. This trick is neat, but really, you won't get egged much often if you play Anivia right. And yes, you can use Teleport the boring way, like to help save a tower or to a ward to gank someone, but that isn't a cool trick specific to Anivia is it?
Clarity I have a little issue on. You are of course able to deviate from this guide as much as you want, which means that the items for this guide would be completely moot. That said, if one was to not get TotG (Tear of the Goddess) one would have mana issues. That being said, you can waste a Summoner Spell so you can have your mana. You have 6 items, you have 2 Summoner Spells. I'd rather use items that can help with mana and Ability Power at the same time. But that's just me.
Oh yeah and the rally. You have to use Mr. Pear. Trust me on this, if you use something else, such as Granny Smith, rally won't work out for you.

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Magic penetration marks are a must. There are few ways to get magic penetration, that's why you need all you can get.
Mana regen seals per level. Why per level? And why mana regen? Well, you only really need mana at level 6, when you get your ultimate. And at level sec your mana regen is .39, only .2 off from flat mana regen. So 7 and up you get more mana. Mana regen because Anivia is a mana guzzler. (At level 6) That ulti.. so useful, so much damage... but so mana draining.
CDR glyphs. They're kinda the only glyph really viable on Anivia... All I have to say.
Flat HP Quints. Some survivability for the laning phase. You can't burst if you don't get your farm on! More HP to live and for your egg. Great all around, more gold from laning longer, more survivability. Wait, I'm repeating. oh yeah, you also get mana from HP quints. How? Because... um... by living longer you get more experience which leads to when you level p faster you get that little extra mana by leveling! Eh, bad BS.. (Which means below Standard remember)

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Standard Caster Masteries, 9/0/21, getting extra ability power, CDR and Magic penetration in offense, while getting less time staying dead, more experience, being faster, less CDR on a lot of things a blah-dee-dah. The standard thing for mages. Don't really need to go in-depth on this thing. Why? Cause like I said, pros play Burst Anivia, and you want to play Burst Anivia, that means you're pro! So you know standard caster masteries and all that! I mean, it's not as if I'm not pro and don't know why the masteries are like this... *shifty eyes*

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Anivia's auto attack has very slow animation, and the little ice thing that is her auto attack has a very slow speed too. This makes it very hard to get last hits. However, unlike most mages, you can't farm with your abilites. Long cooldowns mean you have to use them on champions. But that will all change at level 6! That massive AoE is perfect for killing those pesky Creep Waves. But.. dat mana... Which leads me to.... killing creeps! Wait, what? See the section below.

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Creeping / Jungling

Did you come here to understand that to kill creeps you have to kill creeps? This section won't explain it.

Really it won't.


Fine, but only because you're so stubborn.

To get rid of those pesky creep waves, we need to use the ultimate, yes? But the mana, you can't kill every creep wave if you keep on going back to the fountain to get back your mana.
So how do we solve this problem? not items! That comes later. You use... The blue buff! it's that golem thing with 4 blue stone things circling it. Kill it and your mana regen will increase a whole bunch, not to mention your cooldowns are reduced significantly.
I get golem at level 6, after killing the mid laner or dying from the mid laner. if you kill the mid laner go back, but whatever's next on the item buy list, get blue buff, and then proceed straight back to mid lane. If you die, same thing, except you don't need to go back. if you die and you're not level 6, go back to the lane and become level 6! And if you're low on health, and you want to go b, then do it and get blue buff. But you're playing Anivia wrong if you don't kill/ be killed. That was a bit rambly.

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Unique Skills

The only really unique skill to Anivia is her wall. Like what the description of this wall says, it places an impenetrable wall. What you can use this for is to initiate team fights, by separating some enemy champions from the rest of the team, allowing your team to completely destroy them. You can use this fall to get away, if you're in a tight spot you can just wall behind you and run! if you really don't want to die, wall in front of you and flash over the wall. Rumors are you can ghost through the wall too, but I personally have not tried that yet. The wall also gives sight, so you can check bushes by placing your wall there, instead of face checking. It's also a good way to check up on dragon/baron if there are no clairvoyences/wards there either. you can use your wall from behind, and once you have sight, you know if they're doing it or not. Try to steal with your q!

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Thing is, with this guide you won't get max cool down reduction, which maxes out at 40% If you think a certain item is overkill in this guide, feel feel to swap it out for a Morello's evil tome or Deathfire grasp. They give Cool down reduction, some mana regen, and some ability power if I recall correctly. Deathfire Grasp gives a little less in everything, but compensates with an active. It's your choice if you want that '5th' ability.

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To play Anivia, press q so the opponent is 'chilled'. Press q once the little ice ball thing has passed through the enemy champion to stun him. If you time it right you will hurt him twice, when the ball passes through and when the ice ball explodes. if you deal any sort of damage with your q, the target is now 'chilled'. Use your e at any time they are chilled to deal double damage with your e. q+e is a basic combo for Anivia. Using your r also chills, so if you really need/want to chill them like that, go ahead. just remember to use your e!