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Anivia General Guide by olle99olle

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author olle99olle

Aniviia strikes again

olle99olle Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Anivia Build

this is my own build :D

Fuggernought's Awsome PWNDO - the FAP (still rockin it out!)
Fuggernought on August 14, 2011
Comments: 402 | Views: 4,854,910 |




Health 5585
Health Regen 65
Mana 0
Mana Regen 0
Armor 182.69
Magic Resist 222.3
Dodge 0
Tenacity 35
Movement Speed 407.55
Gold Bonus 0
Attack Damage 110.23
Attack Speed 0.878
Crit Chance 0%S
Crit Damage 0%
Ability Power 0
Life Steal 0%
Spell Vamp 0
Armor Penetration 0
Magic Penetration 22.83
Cooldown Reduction 0%


Mark of Magic Penetration

Glyph of Scaling M.Resist

Quint of Movement Speed

Seal of Armor


Doran's Shield

Sorcerer's Shoes

Warmog's Armor

Chain Vest

Negatron Cloak

Sunfire Cape

Warmog's Armor

Force of Nature

Warmog's Armor

Mercury's Treads

Elixir of Fortitude

Elixir of Brilliance

Elixir of Agility

Oracle's Elixir



WARNING: These masteries are still using the old tree and have not been updated to the new tree by the guide author. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Offense: 1


2/21/1 1/1



Defense: 29

Utility: 0

Saintvicious says....
Changelog and History
Trollolodo (Build 2)
Build Explenations
Pros and Cons
Summoner Spells
Abilities of Mundo
Tipps and Teamfighting
Zeke's Herald vs Stark's Fervor
Spirit Visage: Yes or No?
Who's afraid of the Bloodrazors?
TEH MAHTZ (build 1)
TEH MAHTZ (Void Staff and Last Whisper)!
Build variation?
Jungle Mundo???
Conclusion of the long walls of text...

Saintvicious says....

Saintvicious...Saint-****in-vicious of Team Curse...was on mobafire last stream (11.10.2012) and browsed with Nyjacky through the top rated guides. They know mobafire guides are full of **** and so they insulted eachother with randomly picked top rated guides, which they deemed bad and said something like "Hey, is this ****** guide from you? you play exactly like that!"

So after a while of denouncing all or most of the top rated guides on mobafire, Saintvicious opened mine (this one)....and was actually surprised that it didn't suck like the rest.
He checked out some builds and scrolled for a bit, clicked on the Veigar-OP video and closed my guide off with something like "Hey, this one is actually not bad..." The rest that follows is unimportant.

GOOD JOB FUGGER!!!! *patting myself on the shoulder* YOU DON'T SUCK!!! HELL YEAH!!! EAT THAT MOBAFIRE!!!!


Greetings fellas, i just wanted to point out that about a year ago i established this guide on So dear readers, commentors and voters, thank you for making this guide a relatively huge success and thank you for bearing with me. I don't know what else to say...wish you well maybe?

Changelog and History

This guide constantly undergoes alot of minor and major "changes", with which the guide becomes more and more detailed and i am too lazy to list them all.

-remove dodge from viable runes, for they are gonna be removed soon...**** you riot!
-3.12.11 added TEH MAHTZ on Last Whisper and Void Staff
-6.12.11 added cleanse for viable summoner spells
-6.12.11 added the "Jungle????" section
-7.12.11 20.000 VIEWERS!!!!! NEW HIGH SCORE!!!!!! I take this as a present from mobafire to me! Thank you community! Now i go party!!!
-14.12.11 30 thousand views!!!!!!!!! epic achievement!
-22.12.11 40 thousand views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even epici..ehrrr......cier achievment!!!!!!!
-28.12.11 added some moa cons to jungle mundo
-30.12.11 50 thousand views!!!!!!!!! i never tought i would get so many views in such a short time. thank you dear community! and a happy new year!
-06.01.12 60 thousnad views and 88% rating :D
-08.01.12 #1 Dr. Mundo guide on all Mobafire, all hail Pwndo!
-10.01.2012 70k Views, but only former #1 Mundo Guide on Mobafire.....
-19.01.2012 Mundo got buffed bigtime! i really like the new changes. gonna update guide soon. and #1 guide again!
-21.01.2012 100k views!
-23.01.2012 updated runes and some items and provided more depth to my reasonings = more text.
-25.01.2012 took out some old ****
-28.02.2012 gettin real close to 400k views, added Dominion build, added item section, changed some ****
-04.03.2012 removed CDR Mundo, because the noemal Mundo also reaches the cap now that Zeke's Herald provides CDR
-10.03.2012 500 Thousand views. I never thought that i would create anything, that will be viewed so many times. Half a million epic. I know people, who would kill for this much attention. Thx br0s
-15.04.2012 1 million views, updates comming
-23.04.2012 updated some parts, including math, runes, masteries
-23.06.2012 replaced Atma's with Sunfire, updated "Sunfire Cape section"
-24-06.2012 updated summoner spells
-26.06.2012 updated item section to look better and added text to items, updates pros and cons section, updated cheat sheet buy order
-27.06.2012 corrected some grammar, added "tipps and teamfighting"
-04.09.2012 changed some purchase orders, working on troll build
-17.09.2012 try new masteries setup on PWNDO, see if good
-25.09.2012 fixed some parts, changed name to be in canon with my other guide



This guide takes a different approach in comparrison to all the other good guides on It focuses more on items, possible builds and me babling **** rather than on how the champion is played. Mundo is not a hard Champion, his skills don't have any hidden complexity. The hard thing with him is just to not screw up early game.


these builds were NOT tested in a botgame, infact, i played, invented and tested them in several normal and ranked games. This build is viable for normal games, botgames, ranked games, 3v3, 5v5, 4v5, 9v1 etc.


Finaly! After a long time of despair, Mundo gets buffed! 10 or more patches ago he was nerfed and since then, people stopped playing him. Now, that he gets buffed and i think those buffs are pretty HUGE, even more will play him! They look tiny, but they are pretty neat.

And finaly after a short time of ****in people around mundo got nerfed :( hate the forums...


Everyone should pay the 1850 Riot points to dress their favorite doctor like this...

So you finaly did it huh? You finaly found Fuggernought's proguide for pro players, huh? And you finaly decided to take Mundo as a char, huh?

You know, League of Legends has a little secret, a secret sooooo secret, not even riot knows it exsist....that secret is, that Mundo CAN'T DIE!

Thats right, fellas. If you choose the right items on Mundo, you will activate a secrete sequence within the game itself that enables Mundo to digitate to PWNDO for the entire game and grants him invincibility! MUHAHAHA! Now read on, brothers and sisters of PWNDOism and discover, what has been waiting in wait (pun intended :D).


I moved my guide from the humorous section to champion section, because i firmly believe that my Mundo guide not only can stay toe to toe with the other Mundo guides, but is also more detailed and better than most of the other Mundos here. No offense people and other guide writers, no offense. Or maybe baby?


OP = Over Powered.

in League of Legends, it is often attached with a champion or item, it means that the thing described with OP is so severly broken in balancing and/or so strong, using/abusing it will often result in an easy win. Most of the time player skill is not required.

in affiliation with this guide:

you saw DAT?

Now you know OP-ness!

There are many champions i think currently OP. Champions, who are often banned or should be banned in ranked games like Morgana, Skarner , Kassadin and ESPECIALLY Veigar. Dr. Mundo could be one of them. If played right and with the proper items, he is so incredibely broken and OP, as he kills the enemies not by huge damage, but by simply not dying. Good thing is: people tend to not play Mundo/PWNDO, which is good for me and any Mundo player. Pls dont tell riot or he gets nerfed... :(

Trollolodo (Build 2)

"Troll with style..."

Average bruiser defensive stats, high AoE magic damage per second, AoE slow and high magic penetration. Also, the more people you hit with your magic, the more life you gain back through spellvamp. The only con i can think of is the weak early-mid game till you have abyssal sunfire combo.
It's just a suggestion and i have to try it out in a game or two....premade of course so i won't outrage these random kiddies. Or "fellow teammates that are teammates through matchmaking system"...

Based on match ups or game goal different runes can be chosen. The most diverse are the Quintessences. Either you get more magic penetration to have the early-mid game even more damage in total, possibly getting enemies even under 0 MR and late game the slight edge, the movementspeed quints, which of course are always usefull as i say so often or the spellvamp runes to get even more life out of your AoE magic damage. All 3 have advantages and disadvantages over the others, so choose wisely!

Build Explenations

Most of the different Mundos in an overview:

The PWNDO Build (1):

This build is a ****in OP trololol build, if YOU are pro enough to get this items without feeding, nothing will stop mr. dr. mundo, the guy that goes where he pleases, even into your kitchen when you sleep!

It's not so hard to get this items btw., with the first Warmog's Armor comes the second one and whats better than one Warmog's?
Thats right kids, a Warmog's in a trash can! ...
just kidding, two Warmog's Armors are better than one, if it wasn't obvious.

The Sorcerer's Shoes are for his OP cleavers. You dont need other boots!!!

Also this is just a superpro extremely serious build, that took me 5 years of my life to invent it. If you don't like it, try it once and then use the other two.
The Mundo build (3):

The third build is a classic Dr. Mundo, who is still too afraid to taste the AWSOMENESS of PWNDO. It gives utility to your team and yourself, but lacks ... well, lacks some Warmog's Armors. This build is pretty much already approved by everyone and the dominant, serious and most powerful form of Mundo. If you still cant be PWNDO, then just be a good Mundo and use this build. It also has low Cooldown spells, because you hit 40% CDR.

SUPER AWSOME SLOWDO build (Dominion):

What? Warmog's Armor not allowed in Dominion? Pff, who cares? Let me introduce to you...........badumm badumm badumm........
Another incredible Trollbuild! this Mundo packs tons of slows to annoy the heck out of your enemy. Now Anything slows, from your normal autoattacks to your already slowing and now even more slowing cleavers over to the now AoE Slow Burning Agony. Even if the Burning Agony Slow is minimal, it is AoE and it still adds up to your other overall slowing. You end up around 4k Health and with 200 Armor and 170 Magic resistance and the damage is not to be taken lightly. Just try this one out in Dominion and you will be as much pleased as i am! This build would work on Summoners Rift btw., it gives TONS of utility to you and your team, BUT because you CAN buy Warmog's Armor, i recommend PWNDO over this build in Summonerss Rift!

Pros and Cons

1. Mr. PWNDO

godlike with godlike synergy
good farmer even if pressured, can last hit under tower with e-spell, can last hit with cleavers
u always get a "n1" from teammates and enemies etc. for all your hard work
No weaknesses! :D
people love you for doing it 100% :D
Ignite, Executioner's Calling Morrelo's Evil Tome (pretty rare)


Fast clear time, good jungle farmer
good ganks with exhaust/frozen mallet/red buff
good counter jungler
fast dragon/baron thx to cleaver
when snowballing, becomming unkillable tank
Ignite, Executioner's Calling Morrelo's Evil Tome (pretty rare)
early game, sustain is kind of a problem


3. Dr. Mundo

high teamfight utility (AoE slow, auras)
items can be purchased even if having a bad early game
strong pusher
Masochism hits like a truck thx to armorpen and critchance
low cooldown everything
not as awsome as PWNDO
tend to die more often cuz of the lack of Warmogs
Ignite, Executioner's Calling, Morrelo's Evil Tome(pretty rare)

4. SUPER AWSOME SLOWDO (Dominion)!!!

high teamfight utility (AoE slow, High Single target slow)
items can be purchased cuz its DOMINION, where money falls from the skies
As muc damage as all the other Mundos
low cooldown everything
Dying is pretty rare
not as awsome as PWNDO
Lacks Warmog's
Ignite, Executioner's Calling, Morrelo's Evil Tome (pretty rare)



Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Greater Seal of Armor
Runes mostly the same on any Mundo, because:
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration improve the damage of Infected Cleavers, Mundo cleavers as much as he autoattacks!
Greater Mark of Attack Speed in the jungle, he clears fast and with these even faster!
Greater Seal of Armor bonus armor is better because Mundo gets so much life, that the defensive stats provided are worth more than usual.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are all around good with tanky people and protects from casters midgame, when they are the most powerful.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are needed for Mundo to be fast and swift. A faster Mundo is a deadlier Mundo and a more annoying Mundo. Also this runes benefit him alot more than Flat HP quints anyway. Just try them out, they are sooo worth their money!
Greater Quintessence of Gold They are pretty decent on Mundo. They can Snowball you hard into lategame or help you out when you had a bad early game. 3gold/10sec => 540 free gold after 30 minutes. Nothing to be sniffed at.
And they cost only 510 ip, so they are darn cheap.
Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp To add a bit of sustain in the jungle, Cleavers, Agony and even Smite heal you now!

Summoner Spells

Ghost is the only ****in must have, the second option is up to you. A fast Mundo kills faster.....Oh and flash is not as viable on Mundo as on others, so don't take flash.
You can get any of the following, for they are all good on Mundo:
Exhaust, Ignite, Heal, Cleanse!






















































Masteries are NOT always the same!

The specific reason is:
With PWNDO, the majority of the damage you deal is long sustained damage with Burning Agony, so the Spell Peetration is needed. Also having a shorter Colldown on your ultimate with Enlightenment is better than for example Honor Guard .
With Mundo, your damage comes from Youmuu's Ghostblade's active and Masochism, so the extra Armor Pen in the offense tree benefits that. Because you already have Youmuu's Ghostblade and Randuin's Omen, which also give you Cooldown Reduction, you can put points in Initiator to... well... initiate. Also, with all the items and only 2 points in Enlightenment , you hit the cap of 40% CDR at Max level.
Honor Guard is a pretty ****ty Mastery and i decided to not use it anymore. Same goes for Evasion , but that one i never used

Abilities of Mundo

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The ability sequence is also always the same, except for jungling Mundo, because maxing his infected cleavers is the most beneficial for they are core to Mundos DPS. Maxing his Masochism right after Cleavers is better than maxing Burning Agony, for Mundo has not the amount of HP or HP regeneration early-midgame to fully utilize Burning Agony. And getting the extra autoattack damage from Masochism earlier is better for Lasthitting and in small skirmishes.

Ability Explenation:

Adrenaline Rush
More Health = More Health Regeneration!
One of the many reasons for Mundo to stack Health. It becomes more and more notable everytime you buy more Health. So abuse the **** out of it and buy Warmog's!!! But early game, it sucks...

Infected Cleaver
Mundos ranged attack!
This ability is his key to success, his bread and butter, his french fries. It deals magic damage based on the targets current health, so it hurts everyone equaly much. Its low cooldown and low cost makes it spammable, use it to lasthit minions, harras enemies etc. BUT make sure you hit something in the laning phase or this skill turns around to bite you in your ***, for it only refunds parts of the cost when you hit something. The cleavers do not scale with AP or AD and benefit the most from Magic penetration.

Burning agony
This = 3 Sunfire capes of damage!
This skill hurts the enemies. A lot. Mundo *********s (XD) red hot sweat, that burns himself and stinks so much, that it hurts the enemies noses even more. Its like having 3 Sunfire capes of damage at once, so Mundos DPS goes through the roof late game. But its best to use it only mid-lategame, because early game the cost is high to sustain this spell without Sadism. But since the cost got lowered it doesn't hurt as much as it used to anymore. maxing it second gives high DPS and allows to push fast. Benefits the most from Magic penetration and health regeneration.

Makes Mundo hit like a firetruck.
It increases Mundos attack damage for a few seconds by a lot! And the less Health Mundo has, the more bonus damage he gains by Masochism. This skil enables Mundo to have high damage even without AD items. The cost is almost nothing, so spam spam spam! It is the highest AD grating spell in the entire game by the way. Also good for taking down towers. Masochism scales off of lost HP and benefits the most from Armor penetration, crit chance and Cooldown reduction.

Push R for HP.
Sadism is a pretty easy, straight forward and unique ultimate. It gives lane sustain and teamfight sustain and lowers the propability of dying, by giving Health regeneration based on Mundos Max Health. Mundo also runs faster with Sadism, making it also good for towerdives or escaping ganks. Stacking health benefits it the most.

Mundos kit enables him to dish out tons of damage, without buying any AD or AP items, because his damaging spells have high base stats, but dont scale off of AD or AP. Thats what is so unique about Mundo, he can buy only defensive items and still deal a lot of damage. And this is the way to play him.


First off....

This item is the counter to ignite and other healing reducing debuffs. If you find yourself in a situation, where you die because of ignite, buy this item immediately!

And now to the other stuff....

Early Game/Starting Items:

Doran's Shield: This item is a good choice as a starting item for low level players top. It provides average sustain and good defensive stats. The only Doran's item on Summoners Rift, that hasn't been nerfed.

Regrowth Pendant: This item provides good sustain and with the spare money, a potion can be bought. Cleaverspam should be no problem anymore and Regrowth Pendant builds into a Warmog's Armor or a Force of Nature later.

Cloth Armor: A good starting option for both jungle and top lane. Top lane this item coupled with 5 Health Potions offers good defense against harras from characters like Riven and Olaf, charakters usually found top.
As for the jungle, this starting composition allows easier and more sustained jungle. Good for beginners.

Boots of Speed: Coupled with 3 Health Potions a very viable Top and Jungle starting item. In the jungle, it allows you to get from one creep camp to another faster, thous speeding up your jungle. And ganking is easier, because you get to the enemy faster.
Good starting choice for more experienced players and junglers, who get a good pull/leash at their Red/Blue Buff.


Mercury's Treads: I would say best shoes for Mundo. They boost his magic resistance and give him the very important Tenacity, which coupled with his Burning Agony make Mundo hard to stop.

Sorcerer's Shoes: Good Shoes on Mundo, because loads of DMG comming from Cleavers, Burning Agony and Sunfire Cape are magic damage. HAving the spellpenetration early allows tons of damage being dished out.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: A huge amount of CDR is given by these boots, lowering your Cooldown on Sadism Significantly. BUT wasted gold, if you are going for Youmuu's Ghostblade, Zeke's Herald, Spirit Visage or other CDR items anyway.

Ninja Tabi: Having a hard time in the jungle or top lane? Is that mean Renekton dealing too much damage? Then buy these boots.

Viable Offensive Options:

I know some of them are more defensive than offensive, but i still list them here
Note: it says "viable offensive option", meaning they are all viable, even if i don't like some of them...

Sunfire Cape: In a direct comparison, this item outshines Atma's Impaler. It offers good armor and health AND an area of effect damage per second passive. Coupled with Burning Agony, Mundo's DPS goes through the roof. A super viable item!!!

Atma's Impaler: A very viable offensive item. It provides a good amount of armor, but is bought because of the crit chance and the passive AD. Mundo stacks HP getting a lot of bonus AD from the Atma's passive and his Masochism gives him plenty of AD, so when you crit, you deal lots of dmg.

Zeke's Herald: Typically a more supportive item, i think its way too undervalued. It gives Mundo some stats he needs and wants like Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction and HP. The Lifesteal is not that needed, but still not bad. On top of all the Attack Speed and Lifesteal is an aura, providing these stats to your entire team, when they are near you.
The item benefits Mundo a lot!

Youmuu's Ghostblade: Builds from a GP/5 item and the brutalizer, both good items on Mundo. This items increases his DPS by a lot and when you have Armor Penetration Runes, you should get this item. Also the CDR is good to lower Mundo's Cooldown on Sadism. Sadly, this underrated item is a very rare sight in League of Legends.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: This item gives good amounts of HP. The i think offensive part of this item is not the Ability Power you gain, but the passive slow. Your cleavers slow a bit more now and your Burning Agony is an AoE slow, that also gets a bit of bonus damage from the Ability Power. This item is a good choice on Mundo to have fun with.

Frozen Mallet: Again like Crystal Scepter, this items huge bonus is loads of HP and the passive slow on your autoattacks. The slow makes almost every jungle Mundo gank a succes, as you can simply cleaver the enemy and then stick to him like glue. If you are not in the jungle, a Warmog's should be considered instead of this item.

Ionic Spark: Good item to increase your DPS. The attack speed goes well with Masochism and the passive damage lets you clear minions and monsters faster.

Wit's End: The superior choice over Ionic Spark. This item gives similar stats, but the passive magic resistance of 50 MR at full stacks is just too good. Also, unlike Ionic Spark, this item deals magic damage on every single autoattack, making it more reliable.

Trinity Force: Sometimes overlooked on Mundo, this item is actually decently strong on him. Aside from the given Mana, every single stat makes Mundo stronger by a bit, both offensive and defensive. The reason this item works is because Mundo has low cooldown abilities like Infected Cleaver and Masochism, allowing the Trinity to proc and thereby increase his damage. BUT its super expensive at a cost of 4000 Gold and should not be bought, when you don't have a significant advantage over your enemy. Being tankier is always better than hitting harder in Mundos case.

Viable Defensive Options:

Note: it says "viable defensive option", meaning they are all viable, even if i don't like some of them...

Heart of Gold: It gets the first spot on the list, because it is the best defensive early game item for Mundo. If you know for sure, you will buy Randuin's Omen or if you are jungling, buy this item as soon as possible.

Warmog's Armor: What is the best item for Mundo in the game? Thats right! This thing, being a core in every single Mundo build except my Jungle build and on Dominion. The great fact of loads and loads of HP is that it counters any source of damage, no matter if physical, magical or true damage. Also, the more HP you have, the more your ultimate and passive will heal. A win/win situation everytime, no need to explain anyfurther.

Force of Nature: Best item in the game for Mundo after Warmog's. Funny is, it has also the best synergy with Warmog's, so why not get them both? Mundo has loads and loads of HP and this items passive heals you more, the more HP you have. Moving faster is also good on Mundo, as being kited is his biggest flaw after ignite. And the tons of Magic Resistance make any other MR item unecessary, when coupled with tons of HP.

Sunfire Cape: See above

Spirit Visage: If you ever get so poor, that you can't afford a Warmog's, buy this thing. It is pretty decent, but people tend to overvalue it on Mundo to the point, that they won't sell it later in the game. This item is designed as an early-midgame item and should be sold off later. Back to the point, Spirit Visage provides decent HP, decent magic resistance coupled with good Cooldownreduction and a good passive. Don't forget that the more HP you have, the more Mundo heals. The more Mundo heals, the more this thing heals too.

Randuin's Omen: Now this is a beastly item! The third best item on Mundo in the game. It has all the stats a tank needs. TONS of armor, a passive that counters AD carries and an active, that slows all enemies near you and their attack speed. Good active to start a fight with! This item coupled with one Warmof's and a Force of Nature makes Mundo almost impossible to kill, as his Regeneration and defenses are simply too high. Also, this item makes towerdiving easy. Get this item later in the game, because most of the time it is midgame, when the AP casters are the strongest and lategame, when the AD carries are.
Also, letting your Heart of Gold tick longer gets you moa MANNEY! So buying Force of Nature before Randuin's Omen is common sense.

Aegis of the Legion: Every team needs it. The bonuses for the team are game breaking. If no one gets it, you must! For the sake of Victory, YOU MUST!

Frozen Heart: Very viable on Mundo. Even if the money for the mana goes down the dumpster, all the other stats don't. An aura which reduces the enemies attack speed is game winning. The 99 Armor and the 20% Cooldown Reduction are going along super well on Mundo. So not as bad of an item on Mundo as people think. If no one on your team buys it, you MUST!!!!!!!!!

Thornmail: Decent item. It provides the highest amount of Armor in the game. The passive is good, when the enemy AD carries are super fed. And that is the only situation this thing is viable in. Only buy, when the enemy AD carries are SUPER FED.

Guardian Angel: It has its uses on Mundo. Below i explain why it is not that great on Mundo. BUT it is a great troll item. Think about it. You are on the verge of dying, below 1/8 or so of your max HP. You press Sadism, which takes 40% of your current HP away, making you die, when the enemies deal some damage to you. While you ressurect with Guardian Angel, your HP regeneration from the ultimate does not stop.
So you get back to life with LOADS OF HP and can start to fight over again.

Maw of Malmortius: Ok item for top lane Mundo.

Tipps and Teamfighting

A useful tip would be to use your cleavers to check the brushes instead of running in blindly. When your cleaver hits something, it makes a distinctive sound.

Use cleavers to pull/check monster camps from over a wall. This way, the monsters start running at you, saving you one or two seconds of walking up to them and therefor speeding up your jungling.

Cleaver kills Dragon/Baron fast, thanks to its build in percentage damage. Use this to your advantage.

Rules and steps for a succesful teamfight:
Poke enemies with cleavers, don't care who the target is
Poke Poke Poke with cleavers
Soak up all the damage
Eat the skillshots aimed at your carries
Dodge skillshots, when they are likely to miss them
Fight initiated? Press Randuins active if you have
Turn W on, turn E on, stick to their carries like glue and kill them
Press R at around 50% HP, watch for ignite (press Quicksilver if you have)
getting chased? turn W on to reduce slow and stun durations, throw cleavers behind you to slow
uhm....go and win?

Zeke's Herald vs Stark's Fervor

As you all know, my second Mundo build had Stark's Fervor in it, because it was a beastly team-buff item. But now, Starks has basically been split into two new Aura Items. The closer relative is Zeke's Herald.

Changes compared to the old Stark's Fervor are the following:
Removed the passive 20% Attack Speed (Now builds from a Dagger instead of a Recurve Bow), down to a total of only the 20% bonus attack speed Aura
Removed 8% Life Steal from the formerly 20% down to 12% Life Steal, BUT it is now an Aura instead of a passive
Removed the 20 Armor Reduction Debuff near enemies, instead giving it 15% CDR
Removed the 30 Healthregen/5 and adding 250 Health

The changes basically made Stark's/Zeke's less viable on Mundo, because the total attack speed and life steal is lower than before. The HP/5 is now also gone, as well as the armor reduction debuff, which is quite notable and was one of the great things on old Stark's. Of course the passive Health is not bad, but still pretty little.

The only real good change is the 15% CDR.

I liked the old Stark's alot and it hurts that the new Stark's is only half as good. Of course they made the once passive Lifesteal an Aura now, but its only beneficial for the offtanks and the AD carry anyway.

All in all, i will keep the New Stark's as an item in the second Mundo build, even if it is inferior to the old Stark's. But it is a good item to have for the team.

Farewell Stark's Fervor....


Sunfire Cape is actually pretty viable now. It got buffed a little while Atma's Impaler got nerfed. So when i compare those two items, i get the following:

Atma's and Sunfire give the same amount of armor. Atma's gives you 18% crit chance and around 90 AD and your Masochism has good synergy with crit. Sunfire gives you 450 HP and 40 Magic Damage per second to units around you. So you basically decide between single target damage and multitarget damage with HP.

So i believe now that Sunfire Cape is more viable than Atma's Impaler[/b].

Sunfire Cape is really viable again.

You need 800 Gold to upgrade a Chain Vest and a Giant's Belt into this thing. Means 20 HP and the 40 Magic Damage per second cost you 800. For Atma's you pay 825 and get 18% Crit and around 90 AD. Because Sunfire is AoE and ticks every second, it is more viable than Atma's.

Replace Atma's with Sunfire as your main damage item!!!


You cannot buy Guardian Angel. Fact is, as PWNDO/Mundo you won't be dying in the first place. And with Guardian Angel on you, you think that you are truly unkillable, aren't you, little fella? WRONG! ... well right, then you truly ARE unkillable, but.............. and here goes the logic:

People tend to NOT focus you, instead even ignore you, because you just smashed their last bit of hope of killing you by buying Guardian. Which is a bad thing, because both Mundo and PWNDO are focused on not dying while the entire EVIL team is targeting you.

SO if no one targets you because of Guardian Angel, and the passive of it will NEVER EVER come to play, what's the purpose of buying it then? What's the purpose of playing PWNDO/Mundo then? what's the purpose of life? well i don't know and you don't know either, for if you DO know, you wouldn't be here reading this.

Summary of all that usefull information? DON'T buy Guardian Angel, for it just doesn't fit the role PWNDO was intended to fullfill!

Spirit Visage: Yes or No?


By the way, i did some math and calculated out, that with two Warmog's Armor and Spirit Visage you get almost as much HP regeneration passively and from Sadism as you would with 3 Warmogs and no Spirit Visage. BUT a fully stacked Warmog's gives around 1000 more HP than a Spirit Visage and we all know that 1000 HP is better 10% CDR and 30 Magicresistance. So when you have a good game, always prefer Warmog's over Spirit Visage. When you have a bad game, it is okay to buy Spirit Visage.

This is my reasoning for why i dont buy Spirit Visage. I simply don't have bad games.

In the jungle, this item is a must, because the jungle mundo is very very poor and has to buy low cost items and GP/5 in order to stay in the game and get the farm for high cost late game items. Succesful ganks aren't always the case. So this item is ok.

Who's afraid of the Bloodrazors?

People tend to believe, that Bloodrazor counters tanks or high health champions.
So people believe the counter to Mundo is the Madred's Bloodrazor.

But what if i told you, that there is a way to beat this item?

Yes fellas, there IS a way to beat this item.

Its called........


This item is the ultimate counter to Madred's Bloodrazor, because every stat this item gives counters it.

Bloodrazor deals magic damage, this item gives the most magic resistance in the entire game. It also provides a lot of built in health regeneration to counter the DPS. It does not fully block Bloodrazors damage, but it counters it to the point, that Bloodrazor becomes irrelevant. Also, the health regen from Sadism outheals any damage anyways.

The "Counters" to Force of Nature

Only Carries or autoattack DPS type of champions can buy Madred's Bloodrazor
effectively without sacrificing a viable itemslot. BUT those types of champions don't or usually won't buy magic penetration or have any at all.

Void Staff is in their eyes a waste of space and is not viable for Physical Carries and Malady shreds only 24 magic resistance, which is not enough.
And noone keeps it Lategame anyways. Have you ever seen Ashe with Sorcerer's Shoes??? I don't think so! No one, not even casters buy Haunting Guise, you will never see it anyways. The only realistic counter to Force of Nature for a physical carry is a combination of Abyssal Scepter and Malady, which i have to come across yet.
Of course there are always those Magic proc Teemos and Magic proc Kogmaw's. Their playstyle revolves around getting Malady, Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor. But they can be taken care of by just telling your team to focus them first or if you get focused by them, pop your Sadism, when you are around 50% HP and you should do fine. These kinds of builds i never had much problem defeating.

Another way to counter them is buying a Randuin's Omen instead of Atma's Impaler. Randuins effectively lowers their Attackspeed, when they attack you, cutting their DPS significantly.

Conclusion: The only counters to Force of Nature either don't have enough impact, are not viable for Bloodrazor wearers or can also be countered. They can annoy you, but if you and your team are not fully ******ed and the game goes down to who is more skilled than to who is more fed, you should do fine.

Summary: Bloodrazor Wearers cannot optimaly get the counters to Force of Nature. With Force of Nature and Magic Resist Runes, you are good to go!

TEH MAHTZ (build 1)

Ok, i will quote our beloved rapper EMINEM:

"Let's do the math..." - Eminem, White America

Credits go to Trenditon, who did it, because my own math was outdatet!.

This math is to show you all the power of a 3 Warmog's Armor, Atma's and Force of Nature Mundo, aka PWNDO!

Calculations for "Pwndo's" total HP and resulting HP per 5

Max Health:

Health at level eighteen: 2035 HP
Bonus HP from masteries: 138 HP
Warmog's @ Full Stacks: 3 * 1270 = 3810 HP
Total flat HP: 2035 + 138 + (3 * 1370) = 5983 HP

Total HP + Juggernaut Mastery: 5983 * 1.03 = 6162.49 HP

Health Regeneration (per 5):

Base HP per 5: 20 HP/5
Warmog's HP per 5: 120 HP/5
HP per 5 from Vigor : 3 HP/5
Percent (FoN + Adrenaline Rush): 6162.49 * (.003 + .0035) * 5 = 200.280925 HP/5

Total HP per 5: 20 + 120 + 3 + 200.280925 = 343.280925 HP/5

Ultimate Boost (level 3 full build):

Regeneration percent: 70% of max HP
Total amount of HP generated: 6162.49 * .7 = 4313.743 HP over 12 seconds
Amount of HP gained per second: 4313.743 / 12 = ~359.4786 HP/1 second
Bonus HP per five from Sadism: 359.4786 * 5 = ~1797.393 HP/5 seconds

Total HP per five during Sadism: 1797.393 + 343.280925 = ~2140.674 HP/5
Total HP per second during Sadism: 2140.674 / 5 = ~428.135 HP/1 second

Damage(at lvl 18):

110 dmg (base) + 92 dmg (1.5% of max health from Atmas) = 202 damage per attack

bonus damage from Masochism: 100 (+1 per 1% Health missing) dmg

Mundo deals 233 damage per autoattack and 302 damage or more with Masochism on.

As people with education tend to see now is, that PWNDO is invulnerable and deals ****tons of damage, when built right. And the right build can be found here XD !

TEH MAHTZ (Void Staff and Last Whisper)!

Simple math and simple comparrison following. By no means indepth.

So i thought, maybe i should teach you about when to effectively buy those two similar items.

These being

Let's talk about Last Whisper first:

So this thing goes through 40% of the enemies armor. Alot, you think? WRONG!
Let's compare it to other common and less common Armor pen and shred items, being The Black Cleaver, Zeke's Herald and Youmuu's Ghostblade and the effects on some typical enemies you'll come across...

The Black Cleaver: Shreds up to 45 armor.
Lategame, a glasscannon Graves has 72,6 Armor flat + 30 from max stacks of his passive = 102,6 Armor. The Black Cleaver reduces it to 57,6 Armor. Pretty Decent Reduction.

Now the Last Whisper: grants 40% Armor pen.
Taking Graves 102.6 Armor - 40% of it = 61,56 Armor.

"WUTT?" You may ask. "Cleaver shreds more?" Yes it does. So, when you have to chose between buying The Black Cleaver and Last Whisper, you first need to know the "Sweet Spot" of Last Whisper, when it will penetrate more than Cleaver can shred.

45 Armor Shred of Black Cleaver / 40% Armor Pen of Last whisper = 112,5 Armor

The "Sweet Spot", the exact number of Armor the target must have in order for Last Whisper to be more effective than The Black Cleaver is 112,5 Armor. When the Target has 112.5 Armor or more, it is more beneficial to buy Last Whisper in terms of Armor Pen.

The "Sweet Spot" for Youmuu's Ghostblade is 50 Armor. The target must have 50 or more Armor for Last Whisper to be more effective than Stark's or Ghostblade.

List of Sweet Spots for Last Whisper in comparrison to:
The Black Cleaver : 112,6 Armor
Youmuu's Ghostblade : 50 Armor

Now you know when to buy Last Whisper for it to be the most effective in comparrison to The Black Cleaver and Youmuu's Ghostblade.

You may be thinking "hmm, i buy Last Whisper and dont have to think about those kind of things anymore..." ... partially right.

HAVE you ever thought of buyng both ITEMS? I mean Cleaver AND Ghostblade? I don't think so. Buying both items + Armor Pen runes gets you to a whopping 80 Armor Pen!!!!!

So The "Sweet Spot" this time would be 200 Armor.......HAHAHAHA!!!! *diabolic laughter*, think of all the dmg you dish out. In no game in the world anyone reaches this amount of Armor without trolling or being the tank. And if you focus the tank you do something wrong.
(These tems also give you awsome Attack Speed btw. for massive DPS)

To most normal Targets you deal true dmg or even more, to tanks like Rammus you deal good dmg. Just think about it.....and try it once!

The same math top can be applied for Void Staff, as the percentual Penetration is also 40%. Except there aren't as many and good Magic Pen items.......?

List of Sweet Spots for Void Staff in comparrison to:
Malady : 60 Magic res
Sorcerer's Shoes : 50 Magic res
Haunting Guise : 50 magic res
Abyssal Scepter : 50 Magic res

Malady, Sorcerer's Shoes, Haunting Guise and Abyssal Scepter would get you to a maximum of 84 Magic Pen. The "Sweet Spot" for Void Staff would be 210 Magic Resistance.

U In for some trolling? I hope so!

Build variation?

"Can i change these builds to fit my playstyle more?" - Stupid guide reader

The answer from me:

Actually, yes. Can i control you? No. So do whatever the **** you like. I don't like reading comments like "Duh, you should include Spirit Visage, its so awwwsome and a good replacement for a Warmog's." No, i wont change my build just of that. But you can do it, if you wanna buy this or do that, JUST ****IN DO IT AND DON'T TELL ME THAT YOU DO IT OR ASK FOR PERMISSION.
This game is about fun and you have more fun, the less restriction there are.

These "Guides" aren't called guides for nothing. They are there to "guide", not to force.

So just buy what you like, play the way you like it. I am only suggesting possible builds that are effective. Maybe i will track you down and **** you in the ***, but maybe i won't...

Jungle Mundo???

After asking some high elo friends, playing and trying out the new buffed jungle Mundo, i gotta say...They are right. He is pretty fast now thanks to high damage Cleavers and Masochism and has ok sustain when starting with vampiric scepter or buying spellvamp runes, after lvl 6 no problems at all thx to low cooldown ultimate. He snowballs pretty hard out of the jungle when getting ganks done, becomming this unkillable offtank. He can also pull of some incredible ballsy towerdives after lvl 6.

His ganks though still suck, because proper warding prevents Mundo getting close to throw cleavers at their faces. But once a cleaver hits, chain slowing the target is a piece of cake. Buying Oracle early will help with ganks, but come at the cost of getting focused and at the cost of losing 400 gold at death.
But in order to succesfully gank the bottom lane, you will need it. Or a well placed ward at dragon.

One tactic is the smite revive jungle mundo, where you suicide at red buff or at the enemy towers without them getting the kill and then abuse the revive mastery bonus, which grants 400 bonnus health for a period of time. This allows easier jungling and safer ganking. Against 5 man premade this tactic wont work, but for low elo solo queue, it just pubstomps.

Other tactic is simply getting exhaust for a reliable slow, instead of ghost.

I quote Stonewall to back me up and i know his opinion on Mundo has changed, but mine hasn't:

"Dr Mundo - His speed allows him to abuse other junglers and can farm the jungle quickly. However, he still has bad match ups vs a few other key junglers and his ganking is weak. If he does get a gank going - he packs a whole lot of damage and can often break his target in half[...]"

Here is the link to his jungle tier list!

Conclusion of the long walls of text...

Random clips by LoLFuntages and some other dude:

My Mundos are da best!

Special thanks to the constructive guide Making a Guide

This Guide has some outdated parts i know and i try to keep it updated, when i find the time.
Thank you guys for reading/supporting my Guide and getting it to 2.700.000 views as well as on the top spots on!

Leave a comment, ask questions and rate! Also i am open to constructive critics, not to troll/flame or hate from for example the other guide writers. Like i say, i am a childish 12 years old internet kid who loves to smacktalk ****, be aware... And if you add me ingame, please PM me over mobafire before, because i get friendinvites lately of people i don't know... AND IF U MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS FEATURING THE GUIDE, GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT BELONGS! Thank you. Maybe i will post them on the guide. If they are funny.


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