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Annie Build Guide by Frogly

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frogly

Annie - By Fire be Burned!

Frogly Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Hello to everyone , so lets get started - the first thing I wanna point out at this guide is if u use it u will not get a guaranteed ownage every single game but it will help all of you who like to 3 hit an enemy champion , I will try and explain how to play with this build and any tip that I got for you , aswell dont go comment like : "dude this guide is so stupid , wtf u pick that and that? " - every item is explained further in the guide and explaination why I choose them so please read before judging and if u have any questions leave it in the comment below or write a personal message on my profile , Enjoy !

Few short points : - this build is mainly AP build with A lot of burst.
- this build is not ment for running around and trying to acomplish something with 1v3
- if u like to kill a lot and burst damage to insane limit's - this is the build for you .
- any questions u wanna ask leave it in the comment below.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : Insane Damage output .
Great Stun if u know how to master it .
Great Ultimate abillity .

Cons: Fragile early game as all casters .
Fragile late game .
You will be focused on teamfights.

If u read this , your probably thinking , is this build good at all ? the answer is yes - I will explain how to avoid Cons , further in the guide.

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Summoner Spells

- Why did I pick ignite for my summoner spell ? the answer to that question is : Early game when annie hasn't reached her full potential off her bursting damage sometimes u will not be able to finish him off in the first burst : stun with " q " following by " w " and ultimate " r " , and thats when ignite come's in and try to finish him off , it helped me a lot with early game killings.
- Ghost , why ? because this is the most usefull summoner spell for me and I use it almost on every champion I've ever played , 2 simple and effective reasons : 1 - u can chase ur enemy down , 2 - u can run out of enemy's danger zone in matter of seconds.

Other summoner spells I concider to be usefull :
- great for fast escape's from enemy's claws and great for wall running out of danger , u might take this instead of ignite if u just started to play annie.
- great for fast map jumps and teamplay , I would deffinetly recommend this on a lot of teamfighting between your teams.

And the Summoner spells , I personally concider dumb to use on annie :

Never ever use summoner spells like those it will basically ruin ur gameplay.

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Why picking masteries I picked on top ? A few points I will add out.

First things first , do not be confused of that one crit point on offensive because it was needed to get those VERY important stats below , - Sorcery , Burning embers , Archaic knowledge - those are the most important masteries on offensive .

Why resistance on Defense ? because U may meet another good shaped spell caster in games and that will come in handy aswell as it will come in handy with little damage on melee , its a short amount of damage but its still a little and sometimes that might be a life saver , also picked it because of early game harrasments .

Why putting so many points on utility ? basically the reason is u need the advantage of movement speed , health and mana early and late game , also as u probably noticed I picked expirience gaining mastery , also for the same reason , try to be a step or just a little ahead of the other enemy champions early game , and it will pay out significantly.

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Why use the particular runes ? I mainly runed Abillity power because I wanted to make this build as much bursting as possible mana regenerating one is mainly for the early game , and some magic penetration for tanks , thats about it concidering the runes.

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Skills & Tips

- the abillity I like the most , basically what u want to do with it since its a most rellyable spell u have , u want to last hit the minions - why ? because if u grant a killing blow with this abillity ur mana will regenerate and its the most efficient way to kill minions on early game standards . you allso want to use it for stuns since u never know if ur gonna hit with ur "w" or "r" I recomment this to use first for stun then bursting ur ult and W spell and u will most likely have another Q ready by the end of the burst for last shot
, this is a good damage output spell a nice teambreaker with a lot of AP and a nice AoE stun , but it doesnt mean that its a better AoE stun than Tibbers , which u most likely have to use in teamfights , if they are foolish enough to stay together and get a fullteam stun u and ur ally's will probably be able to kill all of ur enemies without any needed victims.
, an Awesome shield , a great damage if u are attacked by a fast hitting champion ( if ur AP is built ) and a great stun stack builder . its not that needed early game if u want some nice burst damage to go along. if u play defensive I would recommend this after ur first two damage abillities.
, this is your ultimate and by far the most fun ultimate I ever played with , you will summon a gigantique toy bear that will fight aside of you , if u hit an enemy with this ultimate it will get a sick amount of damage and staying near to him with tibbers will get even more auto hitting and arena damage , that is Tibbers and I love him so hard ...
, this is ur passive abillity and its a very nice passive if u learn how to master it , How u want to use this early game is , last hit as many mobs as possible with ur " Q " abillity and get to 5 stacks of this passive , when u get that ur next spell will stun , I use this early game for harras why ? because ur damage is not high enough to finish him off early game and u want to get him backed off for a shorter amount of expirience and gold . Aswell how I build stacks on this passive every time I go base I pop up my " e " and " w " abillities so I can stack my passive up for a stun , even out of the base on the later game don't be afraid to use it randomly to build off ur stun , it will help out A LOT .

Tips how I demolish them with annie's bursts , basically I build out my stun almost always before I get to ganking because its a huge advantage in damage after u burst him purely . ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS use ur shield before going to combat , its a nice protective ward and enemy's will get a nice amount of damage hitting u , even so if u have shield on and u see enemy focusing u , do not hessitate and run away , u still can't afford to stay in fights u are focused in , how to mostly avoid that try to join ur teamfights 2 or 3 sec after they alrdy engaged and nuke the pure **** out of them , with this build I was able to get a Quadra kill on enemy players just with this sick amount of AP and AoE you do.

burst rotation : first off u need ur stun to start the pure bursting , " Q " use it for stun and a nice damage output , " w " right after that and then ur ultimate " R " , u will notice the significant amount of damage sometimes even 3 hitting them , yes its possible I do it all the time with this build sometimes even 1 shot , basically if the target isnt dead by then DO NOT AUTOHIT unless ur a really really early game , try to hit him with ur " Q " again as soon as possible .
Hint : if ur having some problems with ur stack building i'd Recommend u take Molten Armor on level 4.

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Jungling , Creeping & Farming

So basically DON'T EVER jungle with annie early game , late game after ur AP is goon enough u can one shot most of those jungle creeps except the buff ones , so basically what u want to do then when u run to another side of a map through jungle and u want some more stun stacks it'd recommend to use some ur " W " abillity on them , there is nothing better than getting some gold while building your stun stacks , it might not be a lot but in the end u still get a little gold bonus which is always nice to have ,

WHAT NOT TO DO ***EVER*** - Don+t ever , ever take time to jungle don't even try to do it , in the end u will waste ur time and gold which will end up in a gold loss and nobody wants that. just follow the upper part and that way u will end up in atleast a little gold advantage.

About Creeping , there is basically nothing easier than creeping with annie , early game u last hit with ue " q " abillity , u will get some decent amount of gold and practically waste no mana. Later in the game ur AP should alrdy be built up and u will basically be able to 1 shot A LOT of mobs stacked , u basically wanna do that when enemy creeps are stacked and pushing ur creeps to the tower , u can get a decent amount of gold that way without even trying.

Farming , there is not much to say about that - don't do it . kill creeps and jungle creeps on chance or when u are building stun stacks , otherwise u should focus killing enemy champions , since you have the damage to pretty much demolish them.

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Item Choice

Why using the certain item build ? this is not an item build u can just basically rush in 1v3 and kill someone and still manage to get out alive , this build is one of the best 1v1 build since u will probably 2- 3 shot him. few things I want to point out :
, starting with this because of the health, mana regen and mostly AP , when u start with this item play defensive early game and try not to drop ur hp too much , why buying 2 of those , ur mana will drop efficiently that time since u can see I dont have any core mana items i base it on mana regen, and u will probably need just a little more survivability thats why i get another Dorans Ring for 100hp , 5 mana per 5 sec and 15 AP I deffinetly recommend this , late game ur mana base will already be higher and feel free to sell one of those or even both for more AP boost.
- if u just started annie and u don't have much of survivability skills , DO NOT take this item , this item is something u need to go along with , if u die a lot this item is useless as hell , on the other hand if u get the stacks up ur damage will be so sick u will be dropping ur jaw every 3 seconds , I usually get to 20 stacks since I got used to it and I don't die a lot , and trust me when I tell u , they will run and they will kneel before ur supreme damage , note this , Don't even use this is ranked play or on a team that feels advanced in ur prespective , u will be playing risk and only buy this item when ur certain that u will not die.

Why 2x, because this item is the best abillity power item in game especially with 20 stacks of soul engorgement , in the end ur AP will end out about 900 AP and ur damage will be really really sick .
Quote : if u feel unconfortable being a little more fragile I'd recommend Abyssal Scepterif the enemy is spell based damage , or Hourglassif enemy is physical based damage instead of another deathcap, if ur having issues with survining even get this before ur 1st deathcap , and u will be able to survive through various fights . if u follow my primary guide and in the really late game u will probably notice that ur hp will drop really fast , when that happens I recommend to play with your team and stay a bit out of the front lines and try to approach ur enemy's while they already clashed , at that point u burst all ur spells and watch how they burn at your feet , Note : this guide is made for nuking and basically make ur enemy tremble before ur damage , people will commonly run from you if u get a good playout with this build , try to get advantage with stuns and fully burst him , ur job isn't to play full defense ur job is to make ur enemy health drop before they can actually hit you , if there is something ur unsure about this chapter u can leave the comment below and I will Explain everything u want to ask.
, the item I find the most fun to play with and the reason why I chose it , sometime u will not be able to pull a clean kill with all ur abillities ( which will hardly happen and mostly on tanks ) and the slow will come in handy then , aswell the good side is u get 500 hp which I find life saving late game also u get a nice AP output with it.

Sometimes when u seem to get focused early game , dropping hp severely buy some health potions they help out a lot.

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Team Work

How to use Annie is teamfights , ur role in teamfights is basically one simple sentance : nuke the **** out of them , u wait 1 or 2 seconds for ur Teammates engage and then u burst them with everything u've got , Even so use ur passive stun with ur ultimate or " w " abillity , why ? because this will stun all of the enemy champions giving a HUGE advantage to you and ur team.

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Ranked Play

, This is a ranked play and don't ever use this item on a ranked play , u will not be able to own as much as on normal and u won't be able to get the full stacks so don't play with it , its not worth it get a defensive item with some AP output such asor, deepending on what ur enemy dps is advanced in , spell damage or pshysical damage.

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Thank you for reading this , I hope u like it and I hope you find my build fairly interesting and damage-filled , Please leave your comment below and if u like it , vote

Thanks !

- Frogly