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Annie Build Guide by DaBestMayne

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaBestMayne

Annie: EasyBake

DaBestMayne Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Firstly, I apologize for the briefness and un-detailed nature of this build, and to be perfectly honest, I don't expect this build to get a high rating at all, but THIS build, is how I win with Annie game in game out. The first time I played LoL, I played as Annie (I'm so happy that it was her free week.) and I did play EVERY game as Annie until I had the money to purchase her (which happened before her free week ended.) After a few more games with Annie, I played as Jax, from that game I decided that it would be in my best interests to continue playing as Annie (don't get the wrong idea, I play many champs now with ~350 wins under my belt, not that much I know, but meh!) she was perfect for me, it was a match made in heaven. As I never played any game like LoL before, I was pretty bad, but after a while I started noticing that I would finish games with more kills than deaths, and eventually I decided to play around with the default build, it changed around until one game, one fateful game, the game that will go down in history as the game where DaBestMayne found his Annie build... The 51-0-23 game, the game where it ended in 49 minutes, and I had 51 kills, the game where Annie went where she pleased, not silly Mundo, the game where a Rammus was dropped in one burst on level 16 from full health, the game where 2 penta kills happened. It occurred to me that THIS was the build. GOING ON! (P.S. I have all 6 annie skins :) Goth/Riding hood/Wonderland/prom queen/Frostfire/Reverse. <-- dedication.

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Now, Masteries and Runes are obviously very important for someone like Annie who has so much early/mid game reliance on domination. Which is why I choose a very attacking runebook/masteries. It seems nooby, but I go for flat AP quints/yellows/blues while going for flat MPen reds, the MPen helps late game too if you get fed (which if you don't, this build isn't for you!). But the point of this build as a whole is to always be getting a bit more survivability, so it's not neccesary for runes.

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I can guarantee you now, that 200-300 AP is NOT any where near as important as being able to survive a whole brand combo late game. Having 700AP and 3k health is especially important when you face a champ like yi or tryn late game, that shield will take almost all their health if you've played right, that brilliant shield, (which is why you may wonder why I leave it till I absolutely have to, to upgrade it) but this is because until around lvl 16 you should be able to just get kills and farm with ease, even if you are initiating because you should have your rylais by about that time which gives you two dimensions of survivability. I choose the mejais under the pretense that I am good enough to warrant it, (normally around 3-0 by then), IF you don't think you are able to keep the stacks, don't buy it, buy either a morrellos/void staff OR go straight into RoA and make room for an extra AP item late game (Lich Bane maybe? I got 1100AP one time (no boots.) and decided to get a lich bane to take turrets, I would use an ability then autoattack turrets for like 1/3 of their health, then wait a bit, and repeat, worked a charm for those games that go forever and you feel like **** for taking a caster because you can't BD.) I choose the RoA and Rylais before Rabadons because I feel as if that survivability is much more important, AND I should be getting enough AP with those two + a stacking mejais. The rabadons is there for what it is there for, serious kick in AP, and the zhonyas is so I can reduce agro in teamfights/survive longer, get that AP kick, and have more of an effect with the shield. Also, I may add that in some cases you may want some MPen more than AP as Annie's AP scaling is nothing to brag about. If the other team catches on that you are good, or you have several casters on your team, they may get some MR, but don't worry, Swap your rylais with a void staff, and your mejais with a abyssal scepter and you are cutting again!

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Summoner Spells.

Stop, I don't care that "clarity works for me." or, "You don't know the way I use heal." Just stop, I use to be a heal user because of its team heal AND because I can gain agro early game and survive long enough to kill others, JUST NO, Annie is a burst for a reason and you have to play your game more smart than that. I always get flash/ignite, but ignite is swapable, flash I don't think should be, it's just got too many uses. If you opt to not go with ignite, I would recommend teleport, as you can pick up easy double/triple kills when there is one of those tense semiteamfight things going on (normally bot lane.) and you teleport to the furthest forward minion/ward, and ask them "have you seen my bear tibbers?". GG.

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Early Game: I normally opt for mid as I can get good farm early and no one takes your mana coz they last hit the minion you wanted to get with Q. Boots, 2 hp pots, 1 mana pot, you NEED lvl 2 first, because at Lvl 2 you should have got your stun, and your incinerate, you can stun with disintegrate, hit them with incinerate, ignite, run behind them and ignite, hit Q again while autoattacking them, if its a squishy, you should have gotten the kill, if not, then dont waste ignite, and just go back to last hitting minions with Q, spam that ALL GAME LONG, you should be lvl 2 with full mana always, and only use mana when harrassing enemy champs (1v1 ALWAYS stun with disintegrate unless you are positive tibbers is a better option, unless its shaky and Q is on cooldown, never use incinerate.) Anyway, be really aggressive with the (Build stun with Q on minions, Q and W enemy, rinse and repeat), if you are slaying them hard and you won't die, keep standing next to them for Q to come back, this should make them retreat and lose exp. If you are generally winning, get behind their minion line (except for under turret ofc.) and just sit there making sure they can't farm, this is when you know you are going to win.

Mid game: this is when "QQ ANNIE OP" comes in and I love it, 1 burst anyone that isn't a tank (COME@MEBRO) double kills and triple kills galore, go and gank top, they are getting pushed hard (which is a good thing coz you can 1v2 both of them, so no running away now :) ). This is when Annie does as she pleases, roam around :), also this is when turret diving still isn't awesome, so if tibbers is around, use alt+right click to control him, you around around the walls until you are behind their turret, get our nice flamey friend to go around and harass them from the front, while they run back, you are already behind them ready to stun... oops :)

Late game:

If you are fed, continue raping, if you aren't, stay back and wait for the initiate, it will come, and when its getting into the mid stages of the teamfight, drop an area stun (this is where W stuns are acceptable if tibbers aint around.)and start slowing the other team down and raping them, works every time ;). GL HF and add me if you want some help, Summoner name: DaBestMayne