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Annie Build Guide by Cromatose

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cromatose

Annie- Firery, Farming and Fed

Cromatose Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About me

Well I'm a 21 year old college student working 30 hours a week and going to college for a business degree. I've been playing video games since 5 years old. Playing classic NES Mario to Pokemon Red/Blue then to Halo 2, CoD4, WoW, and now hardcore in LoL. I'm also a HUGE Song of Fire and Ice fan. Book nerds rejoice. My favorite LoL characters are of course Annie, Tristana, Singed and Alistar... Enough about me... Lets start rolling into this guide

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Annie, IMO is the best AP carry in the game right now and one of the strongest picks in the game. Just think, Annie Power, AP, yeah I went there. She's one of the best farmers in the game and has one of the biggest bursts of damage of all carries. I want you guys to remember, this is my guide, this is how I play her and this is how I constantly dominate with her. This may be like all other guides, but I have alot of stuff to say and help further your play with Annie. Which you will find out later in the guide. Enjoy and remember any comments/questions/ideas/improvements please feel free to comment.

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Annie's Spells and What They Do

Pyromania(Passive)- After every 5 spells Annie's next ability will stun the target 1.75 second. This is very self explanatory. If you dont know what this means, Ill have Tommy come back there and hit you in the head with a tack hammer, bc you are a ******.

Disintegrate(Q)- A single fireball then when it lands a killing blow your mana is refunded to you at once. This is your farming tool and a part of your nuke rotation.

Incinerate(W)- A conal attack in front of Annie. Another part of your nuke as well.

Molten Shield(E)- A shield that increases your Magic Resist and Armor. You wanna grab this at lvl 4 for the sole purpose of it is to charge up your stun.

Summon Tibbers(R)- This is your big KABOOM. This makes Annie, Annie. (And after use you can yell at your computer screen telling Annie you found her damn bear tibbers.) Anyways, this somewhat of a killshot but has a rather large circle radius. Your basically bringing out a big teddy bear to do your bidding for 45 seconds. Tibbers does aoe damage to everything around him, and he can also tank towers. Which btw, NEVER use Tibbers just to tank a tower.

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I go with the basic runes of all AP carries.

Red- Magic Penetration
Yellow- Mana regen per lvl
Blue- AP per lvl
Quints- Flat HP. I go HP quints for every character and every set up. I feel like its the safest option and helps for early game.

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In all honesty you have your basic AP build just like all the others. See above.

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Farming on Annie, this is why she is one of those "Recommended" characters. Your should be spamming off your Disintegrate non stop to last hit those minions. Your mana should never stop and you should out farm everyone in the game with no problem at all.

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This section of the guide is what most people are going to be looking at so I am going to be VERY thorough of my explantions. I know most of you right now are saying, GA? I'm done with this idiot guide. For those of you who continue to read on will think twice. And hopefully if a couple people go along with this guide, even one or two it will be a success. There is a more in depth guide below of what your doing early/mid/late game as well. Lets us begin..

Starting- Boots and 3 health pots. Reasoning- As Annie, you do not need mana to farm, and because of this any MP5 items or even Doran's ring is going useless. The boots give the movement needed for say like a Brand or Caitlyn that can poke well. You also have the 3 health pots that give you lane survivability that is needed.

After your farming and farming and farming and farming, maybe sneaking in a kill or two you should be getting your Rabadons and Void staff as fast as possible, while also upgrading your boots. IMO Rabadons and Void are required for every AP carry. Gives you INSANE AP as well as Magic Penetration.

Survivability Items- With the recent patch I have played Annie a few times and she has lost a little bit of power, so instead of GA I am going to have Zhonya's Hourglass inserted. Gives you the AP and 2 seconds of untouchable. I like to pop my 2 seconds after I have unleashed a round of my spells. Then hourglass and your QW should be back up and ready to put out more damage. Now your next item could be 2 possible items. You can go banshee veil which I do about 80% of the time or you can go Quicksilver Sash. The only time I usually go Quicksilver Sash is when the enemy team has say a Morde(ult) and WW who can supress you for too long. There are others but those are my main two reasons for the Sash. Banshee's is what I usually do.

Somehow very very late game, super fed Annie item- Morellos Evil Tome, which will give you some CDR and a bit more AP. Also remember you should be buying your blue elixers.

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Pro Tips

This is where you transform from a good Annie to a boss Annie player. I will be giving out all my secrets and tips and tricks here.

Early Game- In all honesty pre-6, just farm, farm, farm. If you want to harrass some, thats fine. Some people like to harrass some dont. I dont harrass unless a jungler is going to be ganking mid or someone else is. Which reminds me. As Annie, YOU GO MID EVERYTIME. If you have to be noob and call Mid at character select screen, DO IT. If you have to camp in mid with another character til leave, DO IT. Annie needs a solo lane. She farms to damn good to be in a lane with somone else. Anyways you should be farming with your Q non stop, just keep on farming. And once you hit 6 is when you can kill anyone/anywhere you want. Now lets get to the fun stuff

Pro Tip Number 1- If you are planning on letting somone have it aka killing them. Never just wait out with your stun ready. It will give them a heads up to stay away and keep them at a far distance. If you feel like your ready to unleash hell, do not E. That is usually a dead sign every time that an Annie is ready to committ to a fight. So what do you instead? Stay at 4 summoner abilities on your stun, if somone over exentends even a **** hair, bring up your shield as fast as you can and land that Tibbers stun, Q, W ignite, GG.

Pro Tip Number 2- ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, have your stun up and ready while you are walking through your jungle. Reasons, as soon as you get to your gank area, you are ready to go. And B, if you are caught in a gank yourself, it is always a good idea to have that stun ready in an emergency.

Pro Tip Number 3- Knowing when to use your Tibbers stun compared to a Disintegrate stun can be game changing. Example- You and your team are pushing mid. You have a couple wards in their jungle and see a nub Ashe camping in the brush on the side. Your team sneaks to her and now its decision time. Do you wanna unleash an entire Tibbers stun on this poor little Ashe or simply Disintegrate then Incintegrate and lets your team finish her off? Well, trick question bc it depends on your situation always. Is this Ashe on the other team this main carry and just crushing everyone? Then she deserves a full blast off the Annie rotation. If shes middle of the road, your gonna wanna go with Disintegrate. If your team is ready to committ to another fight within the next 30 seconds, your Tibbers stun should be up and ready to be landed upon multiple people.

This will be what I expand on the most more than likely, and with the help of other peoples comments I will give full recognition and be glad to put more tips in here.

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Summoner Spells

Flash- Self explanatory. No other summoner spell is even close to what flash is right now. Helps you offensively and defensively.

Ignite- Gives you that extra Mphhh. And I cant tell you how many times it has gotten me kills early when I blow all my rotation only have somone flash away and I barely get off an ignite.

Exhuast- IMO the only other SS I think you should need. It gives the extra help if your getting ganked or to help you get a kill.

Clarity- NO, if you need Clarity as Annie, your doing something very wrong.
Teleport- No, I've never really needed a use for it.
Ghost- Eh, I guess you could use it but Flash/Ignite/Exhuast are more viable.
Revive/Rally/Clairvoy/Smite- Just simply no

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How/Why My Guide is Better than Others

This is going to be biased some b/c it is my guide. I am sure you all feel the same way about your guides compared to others. From what I've seen on here, other guides build AP, AP, AP and more AP. There is a point when your AP is just too much and you become that glass cannon. Which is why I focus on the survivability items when others do not. When you become that glass cannon Annie, you are first target. People will be gunning for you non stop, and a dead Annie is not a useless Annie. If your building for some survivability your chances of winning go up.

Other guides also do a different build than me. Usually guides first items include RoA or Rylai's. This items I do not include in this guide for many reasons. When I first go back around the 10 minute mark I easily have enough gold to buy my Sorc boots and a Blasting Wand. Other guides usually have you get Catalyst. Now, compare the two items. Catalyst, gives you health and mana. Mine gives you 40 AP and 20 more spell penetration. Think of the difference that makes if your going to go for a gank in a lane. You PUNISH people with your early game so why not make the best of it of by getting yourself stronger earlier.

Rylai's- This to me is just a waste of gold. Yes it slows, yes it gives you some health, but what exactly does it do in a team fight? Your stun is all you need in a team fight, you dont need to slow the enemy, they should be stunned for the 1.75 second and thats all you and your team should need to knock anyone out. Just my two cents, feel free to comment back.

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Closing Statement

Well, as the servers were down for a good 12 hours... SUPRISE... I finally got this guide out for you guys. I would really appreciate feedback as I took a good 3 hours to write and contruct. I will accept criticism as long as it is contstructive critism and non of that childish ****. Please comment as this is my first guide and if it goes well and people likey I will continue. Til then, peace out, Cromatose.

PS- This is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.

Shout out to my boys