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Annie Build Guide by willcutt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author willcutt

annie great mid

willcutt Last updated on June 19, 2012
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hello this is my first mobafire build. i would just like to mention that everyone at riot is awesome for creating this game. im not the best nor anywheree close. i would like to keep growing and getting better at annie and the rest of the game. so here is my build hope you all enjoy.

p.s. please leave a comment if anything is wrong with the guide

thank you and have fun

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first i start off with a dorans ring the immedite health and ap boost helps during the early part of the game. then comes boots the sorcerss boots is the best choice of boots for annie because the magic pen. in then rush a rabadons in order to get the 120 ap which can greatly aid any ap carry. i begin to build arcangels at this time the extra mana boost can greatly increase your max mana and you dont lose any stacks on death. at this point in time i buy morellos for the CD it gives. the void staff i build for a quick item with decent ap i dont like building multiple rabadons because unquie passive dont stack and there are items out there much better for filling the space. i very rarely get to this point in the build at this point the next item i buid is deathfire grasp for the passive of reduced CD which can greatly help you nuke the enemy.this build isnt for all it can be adapted for tactics.

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Skill Sequence

the reason i start with disingrate is that it has a short colldown then when added with CD from items causes it to become a ultra short colldown the other main reason is it is great to farm for your stun because last hitting with disingrate means you get the mana back. i then begin concentrateing on incenarate it is great for an aoe stun when tibbers is down. the last skill i focus on is molten shield the amount of protction it gives you is almost nothing. of course you are gonna concentrate tibbers the most when he is availble. this is the order in which i pick my skill like i said this is completly adaptleto certain situtations.

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Summoner Spells

the two summoner spells i picked were flash and ignite. the main reason i selected these summoner spells was that flash allowes you to get into postion to final hit someone or throw a spell at the enemy before they get away.

the reason i took ignite wasto allow last hitting of enemies qucikly and easily without haveing to be close if mixed with flash can create a deadly combination which could get you many kills.

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the runes i picked for the perlevel bouns they give out do the flast bounses that other runes give by the time your 6th level. these runes are for mid to late game. the boosts givin can greatly increase the amount of ap annie has makeing her spells hit harder. runes are important only to a point. one thing you should never do is buy runes before level 20. these runes could also be changed up with magic pen runes depending on play style.

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the masteries i picked are the main ones for most annie builds the ap bouns you getwhen ignite is on CD can help when you dont have the ignite to finish an enemy. the extra AP is there for the extra damage you can do early game. though masteries arent nearly as imporatant as runes they can make the differnce between first blood and death. these mastries are good all round for annie.

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farming with Annie is a lot easier then on some champions because of her q. when an enemy is last shoted with this you get mana back from the kill making relative ease of waves. late games when you have massive AP you can one shot creep waves with incinerate which makes pushing simple. this can also result in you gaining levels quick and massive money.

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Team Work

Annie is great in team fights because of her epic nukes. she can do massive damage even to tanks making anyone scared of you. rember though your tank is your friend always stick close to him and things will go faster and easier.

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Pros / Cons

here are annies pros and cons.

heavy nuke
great as acarry
does a good job in teamfights.

always concentrated
really squishy early

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fisrt i would like to say thank you for stoping by and looking at my build i would like to thank you. if anyone has constructive critiscm. i would also like to thank my friends for getting me into this game. please send me messages on lol if you cant get ahold of me for whatever reaason please tell me what to do next i will update once every 4 weeks i can.

thank you