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Annie Build Guide by Victra

Annie Insta-kill

Annie Insta-kill

Updated on June 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Victra Build Guide By Victra 6,664 Views 0 Comments
6,664 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Victra Annie Build Guide By Victra Updated on June 11, 2011
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Hello everyone, Victra here and I have created my second build that brings a ton of pain to the field of Justice. Please vote if you like my guide and build. I'm going to try and bring in game play video this time to better explain my build and get you Annie's on your roll. This build is a super burst. i use it right now and i have had nothing but success. Please leave comments on how you would improve the way i play, or tips that i can add to help others. Thanks!
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Pros / Cons

Tons of Burst
Pet with AoE

rely heavily on stun

Overall Amazing champ
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Super important, the best stats come from primary runes. The runes i pick are all primary so i get the most effect from each rune.

Greater Seal of Clerity - You will not always last hit minions with your Q spell, and if you are just getting in champ fights it always helps to have the mana regen even if its a little.

Greater Mark of Insight - Magic penetration plays key roles in blowing up tanks, but just against normal players with the sorcerer boots its enough to raise the bar of damage.

Greater Glyph of Clerity - Just a solid Glyph that is primary

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - These give tons of HP, and with the dorans ring at start it gives more then enough survivability.
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Offence Tree - Take the ability power, CD and magic pen.
Utility Tree - Mana regen, Exp gain, Monster buff duration(always comes in handy), Flash upgrade, and CD.

The masteries are kinda important in utility because with the point in flash, and the last point to reduce summoner spells cd really lets u use and abuse the flash, for some of the most vital times in the match.
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Start to finish, each item and why.
Dorans Ring - HP, AP, and mana regen. No matter where you are this item does wonders for you.
Amp tomb - I have never had a problem with not getting kills or assists with annie. start building your Mejai ASAP.
Boots of Speed - Helps move in for your stun combo.
Mejai's Soulstealer - Stacking up AP, and a nice CD at 20.
Sorcerer boots - magic pen and more speed.
Giants Belt - you need to keep those stacks from mejai's. this gives you plenty of survivability while staying down the Path of ranged AP.
Rylais Crystal Scepter - Turn that giants belt into a Rylai's. Keep your enemies in range and keep yourself alive while your at it.
Tears of the goddess - You do amazing damage already as annie, but you will only get in a few bursts and your mana is gone, well good thing for you is the enemy will most likely be dead on your first burst, or blown there summoner spells trying to get away. start building towards the Archangel staff, get your mana maker first. The more bursts the merrier.
Archangel staff - Go Burst happy build up your stun by using W into no where at this point, u will get all your mana back and you get more mana for using an ability. yay.
Rabadons Deathcap - Kill them all, Get your AP up in the clouds and destroy anyone in ur path.
The rest of the items are for Heavy CC teams, or heavy MR.
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Skill Sequence

I am a HUGE fan of her stun. I start with my W(Incinerate) and charge it up at pool. Be aggressive at first, most will have no defense for you so if your laning with a friend or in mid, bait them into range and stun them, you can get a few auto attacks off as well. Next get Q(Disintegrate) and hang back getting the last hit with Q, so you don't spend mana and you build stacks up for another stun. Once u get tibers its time to become your enemies worst nightmare.
As a bonus having flash up to get into range for any of these tactics is a great idea, or to burst and flash out so they cant react.
Single Person Fight - get 5 stacks for stun
Q - You wont miss your stun
R - Tibers, Lots of damage while he is stunned he is getting AoE damage from Tibers
W - big burst damage since enemy is pinned in stun
IGNITE - should kill them if not already dead.
E - defense and another point into stack
Q - again if necessary

Team Fight - Get 4 or 5 stacks
R - Tibers!! AoE Stun if ur on 5 stacks
W - More AoE damage
Q - Nuke the person closest do dieing, this does alot of damage but is single target ;p
E - defense and more stacks for next stun.
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Summoner Spells

The most ideal summoner spells that I use are Ignite and Flash.
Ignite - After you burst, its time set them ablaze since u are a fire girl anyways, makes sense to me and this will normally get you the kill.
Flash - You can use this to get in or get out. its pretty amazing to have your 5 stacks up for stun, flash next to the person boom boom boom, and they die and not even get to react because of your stun.
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Please Vote and leave comments to help improve even the way that I play Annie, I hope you enjoy thanks!!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Victra
Victra Annie Guide
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Annie Insta-kill

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