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Annie Build Guide by cillion

Annie on fire!!

Annie on fire!!

Updated on September 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cillion Build Guide By cillion 1,454 Views 0 Comments
1,454 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cillion Annie Build Guide By cillion Updated on September 23, 2011
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early game

Play mid and more agressive than your enemy, burn him with disintegrate all the time there no sure minion kill for it. from lvl 2 evertime you got 4 pyromanie stacks hit him with disintegrate and incinerate so that's he is stunned if possible throw another disintegrate at him.
play like this until lvl 6. make sure you got 4 stack on pyromania.
flash to the enemy disintegrate him and summon tibbers instatly. most of the time he wot survive that after the harrasment before, if he will survive this you still got incinerate and for sure a reloaded disintegrate in your backhand.
go back buy shoes or mejas if possible. and then gank wherever you can. you might lose your lvl advantage but if you're doing it right u should get enough kills and gold to get fed. and trought will of the ancidents u only need blue buff oder another mana replenish from time to time!

the only champs u need to be very carefull against are akali, leblanc and kassadin. when you play against them, **** on farming just harass them as much u can, they had to be on lower life when they hit lvl 2-3 because they will do more dmg than you now.
when they try to farm you won!
when they try to make their combo make sure u can stun them before they can finish.
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Mid /late game

play agressive as usual, and don't let them take some breath.
when u come to buil abyssal scepter u can also build viodstaff or hourglas, just look that u can counter the enemy carry with that item. you dmg and spellvamp should be high enough to survive most of the teamfight.

PS. let tibbers run behind enemy champions whenever it's possible, scout with him bushes before you run in. he's your toy and like to die for you.!!!

Tibbers is youre way to win in mid and lategame, he will save your *** from traps and other evil enemy plans.
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Summoner Spells

if flash and ghost not fits to you u can also pick clarity for having stronger dmg output at start. other summoner skills are most time just wasted, spells like clearvoyance are nice against a jungler but right played no jungler can reach you before you are under the save tower.
heal is with this build not nessecary because of 25% spellvamp.
Cleanse maybe but i think when they get you then they get you annie is not good for running away so that would not help much.
teleport might be cool for being fast in mid or on lanes when needet but most of the time just going up or down with flash ready is more than enough surprise for them.
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Skill Sequence

level up disintegrate as fast as possible followed by incernate and tibbers whenever it's possible.
just in case of and annoying ad champion on mid lane lvl molten shield once before reaching lvl 6 so that he damages himself by hitting you.
if not, lvl it just once on lvl 7 for pushing your stacks on pyromania.
the only other use i have for molten shield is getting blue buff, the additionally dmg to the golem is very usefull when you're low on mana.
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in case u have not a good start buy first hextech revolver then mejas, if they have much tanky guys buy voidstaff instead of abyssal, well abysall is the variable item in this build because this slot has to be the one u use for better surviving.
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Tibbers is your way to win.
as i sayed before u need to controll him very good.
    scout busches
    harass enemy champions under tower without taking dmg
    get much life when he does damage to mobs with his fire aura
    farm mobs
    block enemy champions when they chase you
    let him tank as much as possible.
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when u master annies passiv you master annie. it's sometimes quite dificult to have always enough stacks for stunning in the right moment.
use molten shield always for pushing your stacks till you reach 4 stacks.
when youre on the way to a fight lvl it with molten shield and incernate, maybe hitting neutral mobs with disintegrate. just look that you have all offensive spell ready when going into the fight

why 4 stacks and not five?
most of the time enemys wont look directly at you and wont see that you have 4 stacks so they act more relentless.
when you start a fight with 4 stack you're able to cast disintegrate first on a weak enemy, then hit with tibbers followed by incernate. the stun time allows you know the get ready for another disintegrate on the weakest enemy.
most of the time better than ignite a fight with tibbers. waht you had to do with 5 stacks.
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at least i wanted to say, if you play annie well and got some fed true your mid opponent u might jump in in 3v1 fights but you need tibbers and stun and flash as well.

Annie has to be played agressiv.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cillion
cillion Annie Guide
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Annie on fire!!

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