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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haze.Ab

Annie Tank + AP

Haze.Ab Last updated on April 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Firstly I would like to say that I am not a pro but I would just like to try posting my build and I would really appreciate the comments...

Any consideration please don't hesitate to share.

And Please Don't Spam On My Build. Thank You!

Annie History

In the time shortly before the League, there were those within the sinister city-state of Noxus who did not agree with the evils perpetrated by the Noxian High Command. The High Command had just put down a coup attempt from the self-proclaimed Crown Prince Raschallion, and a crack down on any form of dissent against the new government was underway. These political and social outcasts, known as the Gray Order, sought to leave their neighbors in peace as they pursued dark arcane knowledge. The leaders of this outcast society were a married couple: Gregori Hastur, the Gray Warlock, and his wife Amoline, the Shadow Witch. Together they led an exodus of magicians and other intelligentsia from Noxus, resettling their followers beyond the Great Barrier to the northern reaches of the unforgiving Voodoo Lands. Though survival was a challenge at times, the Gray Order's colony managed to thrive in a land where so many others would have failed.

Years after the exodus, Gregori and Amoline had a child: Annie. Early on, Annie's parents knew there was something special about their daughter. At the age of two, Annie miraculously ensorcelled a shadow bear - a ferocious denizen of the petrified forests outside the colony - turning it into her pet. To this day she keeps her bear Tibbers by her side, often keeping him spellbound as a stuffed doll to be carried like a child's toy. The combination of Annie's lineage and the dark magic of her birthplace have given this little girl tremendous arcane power. It is this same girl who now finds herself as one of the most sought-after champions within the League of Legends - even by the city-state who would have exiled her parents had they not fled beforehand.

"Annie may be one of the most powerful champions ever to have fought in a Field of Justice. I shudder to think of her capabilities when she becomes an adult." �¢ï¿½ï¿½- High Councilor Kiersta Mandrake

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Hear me and hear me well when I say this.

For my Annie Build, Depending on how you play her. Try to own early with your skills of controlling her. If not, you will tend to be a damager + support for your team early game since your AP will lacking early game. Trust me on this, with DISINTEGRATE maxing out first you will get last blow on the enemy but with the wrong timing, you will lack the AP to last blow your opponent unless you played well and farm your Mejaj which will give you the AP that you need. I know Annie is an early gamer but if your new to her just use DISINTEGRATE to farm. With a Level 3 DISINTEGRATE it will be easy to last hit creep trust me. If farm well by Level 6 you will have 2900 gold + 1 kill.

Support your team all you can and at least hit the enemy hero just once if you can before they die to collect charges. Since you won't be killing that much early but only assisting, enemy wont think of u as much as a threat. This is for those who had a bad early game but you will prove them wrong mid and late game.

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Now let me explain the Runes selection to you.

Greater Mark Of Insight
0.95 x 9 = 8.55 Magic Pen

Greater Seal Of Fortitude
5.35 x 9 = 48.15 Health

Greater Glyph Of Insight
0.57 x 9 = 5.13 Magic Pen

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
26 x 2 = 52 Health

Total at Level 1 = 100.15 Health + 13.68 Magic Pen

100 Health and 13.68 Magic Penetration = Not that Squishy + Heavy Nuke For Lat Hitting

Don't Forget! You are buying Boots of Magic Pen early that means early game you already have 33.68 Magic Pen and late game + 40% Magic Penetration!

For example a Yi with 68 Magic Resistance.
60% of 68 he is left with 40.8 Magic Resistance
With the Addition 33.68 Magic Pen he is left with 7.12 Magic Resistance

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Boots Of Magic Penetration - ADD UP PENETRATION FOR EARLY GAME! =)

Mejaj - 160AP Who Doesn't Want it and it only cost 1.2K

ROA - A good Basic Item for mage so that they won't be too squishy Mid Game

Rylai's Crystal - Slow is good so that you can chase and catch up while your skills CD and + the Health it will beef you UP and late game with Molden shield you will be soooo hard to kill!

Rabadon - This Item Is A Must Late Game For You To Nuke and Kill. With Just this and No Stacks You Will Still Have 400+ AP!

Void Staff - Magic Penetration 40% and 80 AP will make you have 500+AP with NO STACKS! Imagine if you have full stacks your AP will Burst to 700AP and YOU HAVE NEARLY ABOUT 3K HEALTH!

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Skill Sequence

Basically I Up DISINTEGRATE First Because:
With 33.68 Magic Penetration Disintegrate give you 80% that you can last blow your opponent and maxing it up for the damage for the last blow. You can spam DISINTEGRATE to farm with no mana cost while Incinerate you will tend to have no mana early and mid and with the long CD you can't Spam It Too Many Time! You could have use 2 Disintegrate By the time Incinerate CD.

Molden Shield Is the Last Late Game Spell which is really Important to you! It will prevent you from dying late game and anyone that attack you with the amount of AP you have late game they will die if they hit you trust me. =)

Remember ALWAYS CHARGE YOUR STUN BEFORE ENGAGING! and USE TIMBER! It will change the course of the team fight trust me!

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Summoner Spells


Ghost - Important for chase and run


Ignite - Make sure to use it after you finish your combo! HE WON'T BE ABLE TO RUN!

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This Is A Simple Guide, I hope it is Informative and will help you. Do Comment!

Thank You! Hope to hear from all of you soon!