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Annie Build Guide by Blood OverDoze

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blood OverDoze

Annie - The Blazing One

Blood OverDoze Last updated on June 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guide, I'm gonna show you my build for Annie, The Dark Child. I know there are many similar builds and etc., but I decided to make it anyway. Well, as you may know Annie is one of the most powerful nukers in League of Legends. Her amazing skills and her powerful passive give her dominanance through all game. For more description, scroll down!

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Pro's & Con's

Pro's :

- Great nuker, since the AP ratio raised in the last patch
- AoE stun ( Yes, you can stun 5 people with it )
- Awesome farmer ( Using Disintegrate for last hit is amazing. Low cooldown and mana refunds )

Con's :

- First focused in fight ( Because of her awesomeness )
- Some might say HP, but as you can see, 3,2 K hp ain't little

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Summoners Spell

There will be definitely alot of arguing here, so yeey for the one's with big E-*****es.

I use ghost, because alot of people when they get nuked by Annie and survive a bit, they start running, so in mid or late game ( depending on gold ) you slow them with Rylai's and with ghost you can finish them off. Also it is very nice for running away, saved my life 1000 times. Take it!

Flash is a great "initiator" for stun! Flash, summon Tibbers + stun, 2 nukes and his dead or his HP is like 0. It's a great escaping tool, so combined with ghost, you can run away almost from everything ( except if the other teams want to be wannabe gangsta and they stun, snare, taunt you 5 times ).

I know you'll say Ignite for Annie, but I don't choose it, since your spells are already doing enough damage and I don't see why you need another one. So what, he ran away with 10 hp, well, the turret's gonna suffer, or if he want's to be brave, he's dead. End of discussion.

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Masteries go like that.

9 points on offense go 3 to 0,6 AP per level and 1 critical ( w.e. ). The other 5 go to cooldown reduction and magic penetration. A monkey could figure that.

So we're at the Utility points. I take 1 point in Ghost, since I use it as a summoners spell. Following 3 points in perservance so I get HP and MP regeneration. Then I use 4 points for Awareness, so I get 5 % more exp, which is more than amazing when farming middle. Then I get 2 points in expanded mind, because it's not so crucial, but it's better than neutral buffs, since you won't be taking it all the time ( atleast I don't, but hey, it works for me ). Following 3 points in Meditation, so I get +3 MP5. Well, there comes Quickness which improves my speed for 3 %. Not bad, since Annie's skills got nice range and you can harass opponent even when running. Well, you never know when you're gonna use flash, so I take 1 point there for 15 seconds less waiting ( + 15 % from Presence of the Master ). Then 3 points in Intelligence, which reduce cooldown for 6 % + 3 % = 9 %, which is like having a free cooldown reduce item and it helps with Disintegrate. The last one, no need to explain.

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Greater Mark of Insight gives you magic penetration, combined with Archaic knowledge and in late game with Void Staff, your penetration from boots, his magic resistance equals 0 ( yeye, troll if u want ).
Greater Seal of Celerity gives you mana reg., which combined with masteries really helps alot, so you don't need to return to base alot.
Greater Glyph of Force is needed to raise AP through levels. I could take Potency, but at some point, your AP from Force = Potency will be the same, and since farming pretty good, you should pick Force.
Greater Quintessence of Force gives u AP, which u need, that's it!:P

So, we finished with the runes, summoners skills and masteries. A must!

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So, your items start with Sapphire crystal and HP and MP pot. Why? Your crystal will upgrade to Cataclyst the Protector and potions to keep your HP and MP up. When enough gold, go buy boots and a Tome. Following Mejai's, which is needed in early game to get stacks fast, it's important. Then you farm or gank/kill until enough gold to buy Catalys + Sorcerer's shoes together. Buy the Rod of Ages when enough gold first, so the Unique "levels" up ASAP. Then you should get Rylai's for the slow you get. Your enemy will be slowed all the time, since Disintegrate has low cooldown, your target will have 35 % stun. I hope you got some stacks from Mejai's, so your following item will make them bigger! Yes, I'm talking about the most useful item for Annie, Rabadon Deathcap! This item gives you ****loadz of AP ( 155 ) AND increases your AP for 30 %! It's like it couldn't get better .. but it can! Void Staff provides you 70 AP, which ain't enough, but better than nothing, but with the Unique, Magic Penetration which makes playing a whole new story. His magic resistance is ignored big time, so with your stun and skills his HP is getting down like nothing. Well, with all these items, we solved the "squishy Annie" problem, since 3,2k HP is amazing! 1,2 k HP is provided by items and runes, the other comes with lvling. Well the cooldown reduction with 20 stacks of Mejai's is like nothing, + masteries and 15 % from Mejai's, you're about to nuke like all the time.
The items are explained, so yeah, moving on!

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Farming, ganking and killing.

Disintegrate is an amazing skills to farm. Low cooldown, great AP ratio and refunds mana if killing a target ( minion, champion, monsters ). This will be your main skill to farm. When you get AP and level up Incinerate, you can massively nuke a big wave of creeps coming to your turret. If there are alot of creeps, like 20, using Molten Shield is a great idea if standing on your own vs. them and using Incinerate too. Why, it's explained in the next sentence.

Molten shield is like Thornmail, only that you can maximize it with AP, so later, guys like Ashe, Yi, Vayne, Trynd will be hitting you, they will hurt themselves too. That gives you a big advantage, if you return like 150 damage to them. So your nukes + reflected damage + slow from skills will just be like, I don't know, a nuclear reactor maybe. I know that Trynd will have big time crit with 0 HP and endless, but you don't have to worry about that. With charged stun + slow from skills, you can Ghost or Flash away from him, and then come back and end him. It's not a perfect plan, but hey, with a little luck and practice you can do it.

When reaching level 6, you become like a dominator on the mid lane. Everyone will fear you, even the one's that have balls of steel. Your ultimate is like a giving more fuel to the already burning fire. You can AoE stun people if I don't know, they camp in brush ( how do you know that there are people in brush? Some guy used Clairvoyance or there is a Ward there, or some stealth unit went there ). Summon Tibbers is the best thing that can happen to you and the worst that can happen to the enemy. Flash + Summon Tibbers + Stun + Nuking = Instant Death.

How to kill? Which skill should I use first? Go for Disintegrate. You stun him, skill is almost ready when the stun finishes, no more explanation. The AoE is easier to land with him stunned, so that follows. With Tibbers on, you just make him angrier, since Tibbers does AoE damage and when you slow him with Rylai's, Tibbers will catch up to them and burn and hit them. They're dead, if not, you scared the **** out of him, and you can keep pushing. There are noobs like, with 100 HP going to rush you, but one Disintegrate kills him and he's finished.

Ganking is big fun with Annie, but I don't like to leave Mid lane exposed, so I don't do it very often. It's a really simple procedure. You ask the guys on the lane ( top or bot ) to let them push, you hide in a brush and BOOM, flash, stun, teammates come to help, well there you go, another stacks for you Mejai's. It's not hard, but I get enough kills on Mid lane, so I don't gank alot, just kill.

That's explained, I hope.

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With who to lane / Your worst lane enemys

With who to lane :

- Stunners ( Taric, Sion, Veigar,... )
- Taunters ( Rammus, Shen, ... )
- Slowers

Worst lane enemys :

- Silencers ( Kass, Malzahar, Le Blanc = NIGHTMARE,...)
- Stealthers ( if you aren't charged, it's a good chance you'll die or get away barely )
- VEIGAR!!! That son's of ***** ultimate is like getting your balls ripped off and stuck instead of you eyes.

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Chapter 9

Here is my score I made with Annie earlier. As you can see, I was playing vs. another Annie and her AP was greater than mine. But there's a catch. She worked only on AP and 500 HP, while I worked on +160 AP ( Mejai's = Rabadon ) and I got 15 % cooldown reduction. I also had extra HP since RoA that she didn't have. She had bigger AP than me, but her HP pool was lower and that lead her to dying. Yes, I died 7 times, lost stacks to 9, but hey, with a bit of concetrated gameplay I got 6 stacks in 1 attack. So I didn't worry about losing them. I scored the most kills and got the only 7 ( ******** Zilean ><) deaths.

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I hope I explained enough to give you a little tips and advices to play Annie. It's certainly worth it, but when you master it, it's really easy. Please comment, and enjoy playing Annie! And please .. don't troll and don't show off you E-*****es.