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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author demoneka

Annie the Destructive Fire Girl

demoneka Last updated on September 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Annie Guide:

Annie is by far one of the best �tank� mages in the game. Her core build when finished can put her at nearly 2900 hp and 3200 mana, while extending to about 400 ability power and 10% spell penetration.

Annie has 5 abilities that she uses:
1. Disintegrate: This ability is used for last-hits on minions, and initiators on champions.
a. When initiating on champions this is used for stunning the enemy champion so that you can use your second ability with higher ease. Or this can be used to stun a champion near an ally tower and then having the ability to use your ultimate on the same target to ensure a tower kill.
b. This ability is great for ensuring a last-hit kill on minions, at level 1-6 the target needs to have around 80 or less HP to be a guarantee last-hit kill.

2. Incinerate: This ability is used for doing 150% of the damage of a Disintegrate to multiple targets (not divided between the targets), this is great for multiple last-hits on targets and building stacks on pyromania.
a. This ability should be used as often as possible; it isn�t mana heavy and does very high damage.
b. This ability has some pretty nifty tricks. When running from an enemy champion this can be faced directly behind your champion and casted from your back.
c. When you use this, it can be used from literally just outside the lining and from end to end plus about 1-critter-size length past the far end of it. This gives you a very high advantage because of its extra length.

3. Flame Shield: This ability is great late game, because it can determine whether or not you survive in fights. It can absorb up to 500 damage and deal on average 450 damage to nearby enemies.
a. When doing team fights make sure to have this up and on you at every single second you can. This will do very high damage to enemies and absorb a dangerously high amount of damage.
b. TRICK: This also absorbs 3 tower attacks! VERY USEFUL!

4. Summon Tibbers: OMG! I love this bear. He is a great tower tank and will take 100% of all tower aggro no matter what! He does EXTREMELY high damage and stuns targets on summon.
a. When summoning Tibbers try to make sure he is used to hopefully stun or take out a mass of minions.
b. TRICK: This has a .5 second summon delay! This fun bear can be used for great escapes!

5. Pyromania: This ability stuns a target on �6th� spellcast!
a. Use Disintegrate and Incinerate as often as possible so that this will stack up. It is great for champion kills and team ganks.

Now for the wonderful MASTERIES! WOOOO�

There are 2-3 different ways you can set up points based on what spells you chose to grab. Be warned, the best spells I have found so far are: Ignite, Flash, Ghost, and Exhaust, DO NOT GRAB HEAL OR CLARITY THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT. If you have to use these 2 then you are playing Annie incorrectly. No matter what 2 spells you choose though, your build will be 9/0/21. For higher depth on point locations please scroll up to the Mastery Tree Build.

Onwards to the Item Build:
1. Sapphire Crystal
2. Health Potion
3. Health Potion
4. Catalyst the Protector
5. Sorcerer�s Boots
6. Mejai�s Soulstealer
7. Rod of Ages
8. Archangel�s Staff
9. Void Staff
10. Rylai�s Frozen Scepter

Core Build:
Sorcerer�s Boots, Mejai�s Soulstealer, Rod of Ages, Archangel�s Staff, Void Staff, and Rylai�s Frozen Scepter.

If the game progresses even longer then get rid of your Void Staff, Rod of Ages and Mejai's Soulstealer and get 3 more Archangel�s Staves. This will give you the most mana and ability power possible.

Early Game:
Levels 1-6
The main strategy here is to minion farm like crazy. The secondary strategy here is to kill enemy champions where you can. Do not over-extend or let yourself get killed. If you die you will fall behind heavily and most likely you will not recover from it unless your teammates are good. Try to have your Rod of Ages by the time you hit level 6. This is actually pretty hard but if you can hit Rod of Ages by level 6 you will be able to carry any lane and gank champions constantly and consistently.

Mid Game:
Levels 7-12
By now you should have: Sorcerer�s Boots, Mejai�s Soulstealer, and most of Rod of Ages or all of it. You will most likely have a kill score of 2-0-1 or 3-0-0. If you have achieved these stats then you are in excellent shape! Now your mission is to get in each lane and get 5 kills/assists of any amount. (Example: 3-0-2, 2-0-3, 1-0-4, etc) and clear out every outer tower. By the time you are done with this mission you will most likely have a kill score of something like 5-0-3 or 6-0-2. You should also have made enough gold to get your 4th piece and most of your 5th, these would be Archangel�s Staff and Void Staff.

End Game:
Levels 13-18
Ok at this point your team should be well on their way to pushing middle all the way to the inhibitor. This will benefit you greatly because you will be able to get multiple assists and kills. By the time you get to or take out the middle inhibitor, you will, I repeat WILL, have enough gold to get your Rylai�s Frozen Scepter. Now you will also be most likely level 18. Basically your objective is to go and clear out the rest of the towers while your team harasses middle lane heavily. By the time you have cleared the rest of the inner and inhibitor towers you will have enough gold to replace your Void Staff with a 2nd Archangel�s Staff. At this point your damage will already be so great that you will be able to solo 2v1 fights easily, and will have the ability to solo 3v1 fights if you kill the highest damage champion 1st.

Extended Game:
Level 18
If your team has not finished the game by the time you have a 2nd Archangel�s Staff then you may as well grab Baron and just start completely shutting down all enemy champions in your path. You may even get a 3rd Archangel�s Staff at this point. If you get a 4th Archangel�s Staff then you are just being ridiculously aggressive and completely trashing your enemies.

With this guide you need to be careful to never over-extend. DO NOT EVER CHASE AN ENEMY CHAMPION UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU CAN KILL THEM AND GET AWAY. It is so pathetic when you chase a 12 hp enemy champion and get murdered from behind by someone who was called MIA. A kill is not worth it if you will feed an enemy a kill as well.

I have used this build in several ways and it has proven to be one of the most deadly builds. I have gone on average with this build in a score of: 14-2-6. Best score: 21-0-9. Worst Score: 9-5-13. If you have any questions please let me know either on this site, at my e-mail:, or even in-game: Demoneka. I am always willing to help anyone who has issues and needs advice.

TIP: If you are very unfamiliar with ranged caster classes do practice games with friends or against computers. This is a great a way to just get a feel for Annie�s style of fighting. Just know this, computers are absolutely stupid and are nothing compared to real players, so don�t get used to an enemy running through a tower to get you at like 100 hp and dying.