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Annie Build Guide by Zepherith

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zepherith

Annie, the Little Girl of Devestation and Chaos

Zepherith Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Hey this is my very first build on here and its like 10pm and I'm tired so if I misspell anything get off meh back... Now we all know Annie as the squishy early game, annoying mid game, and devastating late game, well I have something that makes her devastating all three parts of the game. So here it is, Annie is my usual main, but I have been experimenting a lot with melee DPS and Tanks. Annie is the only champion I have gotten a Quadra Kill by myself in a 1v4 standoff when they got pissed about me killing their mid for the seventh time in a row. Annie has many problems early game including mana starvation which can easily be countered with specific items. She is also a AP monster who I have gotten over 700 AP with her and Veigar was the only one who killed me late game. Also do not worry if you die a lot early game it just means your getting used to the build it does take some time to master.

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Okay going to skip past runes because I think you can figure out why I did them the way I did... Okay so first off lets talk about the Offensive runes, their all for destroying people with high AP okay done with that. Now because your going to be farming early game in mid you need to grab the Awareness talent. The rest is easy to figure out.

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Okay the items are pretty easy to figure out, the main point of all of them is not survivability, but for maximizing damage and saving your and your allies ***es in a matter of seconds. The thing you need to stay alive and make miracle saves to your life is Spell Vamp. My friend and I were arguing over if Annie should have some spell vamp, he said no, I said yes. It turns out I was right after I was in mid against Morgana and kept dying until I got my spell vamp and made so many life saving heals with it that Morgana stayed right beside the turret unless she saw I was gone. Even late game this will allow you to go against an entire team and with a high probability of killing them all and staying alive. You can add some other items in but this is the stuff I usually use and get through the game epically with. Also the AP may seem low, but it doesn't show Death caps effect...

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Skill Sequence

Okay because God and Moba hate me I can't see the skill Sequence thing so I have to leave it blank. (Scratch that last part.) But I am going to tell you how to do it. Pretty simple grab fire ball thing first, then incinerate, molten shield, fireball, incinerate, tibbers (Cause he can kill a champ in under 3 seconds late game) and then incinerate...and then whatever the hell you feel like doing. Before any battle if you can help it have pyromania ready and tibbers this will allow you to do so much burst damage that if you have spell vamp (you should btw) you will be at full health by the time they are dead (or at least have gained a ungodly amount of hp from it). Tibbers passive AoE damage does apply to Spell Vamp. During any 1-5v1-5 use tibbers when they huddle up it will kill or severely damage them and then a simple incinerate should take them out. This will allow for major feeding and make you public enemy number 1 which isn't a bad thing for Annie until you get killed. When feeding on your enemies make sure that you don't get cocky because this will get you destroyed remember Tibbers is the best way to kill your enemy. Also, Tibbers on summon burst will stun more than one enemy so using it in a crowd -IS- I said -IS- the best way to kill multipule enemies and even taking out turret huggers.

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Play Style

Okay early game call mid, mid is the best place for this build to work because you won't have some moron running in and stealing your kills. It also allows you to quickly get back to a turret without the hassle of worrying that your ally may be dumb and get you ganked... What you do is if you can see your enemy being a total moron in the middle of the lane, run up-->fireball-->exaust-->ignite-->basic attack-->if in range and still not dead fireball. That combo will usually kill the other mid laner and give you a head start on farming. Rinse and repeat this combo or add your own flare with an incinerate until you get tibbers. When tibbers is avalible if you have not yet grabbed your Spell Vamp DO IT NOW! When you get back shoot a couple of fireballs and place a shield on yourself or incinerate a couple of stray creeps and charge pyromania. Then go to the enemy champion and summon tibbers right on top of them then choose to auto attack. If you have followed my directions and arn't a total dumbass you should kill them in about three to four seconds. Now tibbers won't kill them by himself until late game so start shooting fire balls as soon as you can after tibbers stuns them.

Mid game is pretty much the same except you probably be able to go to other lanes to help out teammates or also be having more champions coming in groups to kill you. This is a prime example of why spell vamp is a necessity. It allows you to gain more HP than you are losing. Rinse and repeat the early and Mid game strategy until you think your ready to become a chaotic disrupting evil pyromaniac little girl and step up to making mid game feel like late game.

Now I usually will lead the attacks infront of the tank so I can stun them, then the tank goes over and tries to beat the hell out of them while you are safely behind him stealing the kills with tibbers AoE. Although the first part is possible it is also possible to wipe out an entire team within a matter of seconds which is what I do when I feel confident enough. After all the killing and bloodshed is done and the nexus destroyed you may then feel proud of yourself for finally going positive and making the enemy team literally cry in agony of defeat.

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All in all this isnt a very detailed guide, but get off my back I don't like explaining things that you can easily figure out yourself, its not my job to explain every single little detail. Now what you see is what you get a guide to help you make people rage and cry. Now I will prolly update this when I get bored and/or really tired and forgotten to take my meds to say some wierd stuff pertaining to the stupidity of people I have faced and how to make them feel even worse about their bout with Annie (I.E. Making it even easier to kill them).

Enjoy, Now Imma go eat a sammich!
(Quote by thesupremelyevilone who is one youtube look her up her MMD stuff is pretty funny!)