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Annie Build Guide by TonyTheTroll

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TonyTheTroll

Annie! the mid nightmare

TonyTheTroll Last updated on March 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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i choose these masteries to get the most damage out of annie in early and lategame making her role as burst AP VERY good!
if you want to you can take improved recall instead of swiftness or summoners insight but i recommend taking summoners insight since it reduces the cooldown on flash by 15 seconds which might in fact save your life!

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Skill Sequence

i focus on taking fireball and the fire wave and completely ignore her shield until i HAVE to take it or if im harassed by yi but that isn't very likely, focus on her Q ability and use on minions with very low HP to get all you mana back, a kill and when you have some spell vamp some health too! all for free.

tl;dr rush her Q and W, completely ignore E and take R at lvls 6, 11 and 16

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unless you have no idea how to play annie take amplifying tome at start and build a hextech revolver as soon as possible to make your Q a spammable and VERY usefull spell

if you see a minion with low hp use annies Q to kill it, get your mana back and get some HP too to stay in lane even longer

try to go for a will of the ancients or if your opponent is swain or another champin with some good CC try to go for sorcerers shoes and then build a will of the ancients

after will of the ancients and sorcerers shoes you will either need more dmg or more mana depending on the enemy, if you lane vs a strong HP character like swain you will need more mana to burst him more often or if your enemy is fiddlesticks or leblanc who focuses more on dmg than on HP you will need more dmg

if you need more dmg: go for a abyssal scepter if the enemy is a good laner or is doing good you will need some defence and survivability

if your enemy have built magic resist and you DONT have a problem with mana: take a void staff after sorcerers shoes and will of the ancients and this shouldnt be much of a problem

if you waste your mana and disregard my earlier tips: take an archangel staff and if you arent a complete tool mana shouldnt be a problem at all

when you have built these items your build should be like this
sorcerers shoes
will of the ancients
archangel staff
abyssal scepter
void staff

after this you should have a bunch of kills IF you follow my how-to-burst guide below

when you have these items i recommend getting rabadons deathcap if your enemies are getting tanky, if not get a morellos evil tome, if you keep getting ganked get a rod of ages to make your opponent pissed.. or you can stun them and walk calmly back to the turret and hit shift+2 to piss them off even more. either way you should get a morellos evil tome to hear "TIBBARSSS" even more often and a deathcap to get ****loads of AP

then your build should look like this

sorcerers shoes
will of the ancients
archangel staff / switch out this with a rod of ages or a morellos evil tome
abyssal scepter
void staff
rabadons deathcap

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How to burst and focusing!

keep farming your Q on minions with low HP to get back your mana, build stacks of annies passive forward to your stun and when you have the hextech revolver or will of the ancients you will get back alot of HP too, when her Q have farmed up so youre ready to burst wait to you get in range of the enemy, hit q then quickly use W (try to kill some minions with it too if you can) and then ignite if the opponent is sure to die if they have low-ish hp run towards them, ignite, and wait for your Q to get ready again for the killing blow

how to focus:
if a teamfight is initiated stun as many as possible with tibbers and then use her W to hit as many as possible, then use Q and target the enemy with the lowest HP, hit E (if you have gotten so far) to build one more stack of your passive and to make enemies think twice before attacking you, even if you are out of mana and still have alot of HP try to stick around the enemies to have their magic resist lowered by your abyssal scepter and to improve your teammates with will of the ancients

ultimate burst:

if you're at lvl 18, alot of mana and have all abilities and summoners spells ready do this to gank an opponent: use tibbers to stun him then hit Q and then W use E right after to stack for next stun then ignite and hold the left ALT button and right click the enemy to make tibbers attack them, if they flash away use flash to follow and hit them with Q again and possibly another W if its ready, if the enemy isnt dead by now consider surrenderingi

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Tips in General

DO NOT use annies W to farm minions ONLY use her Q to kill one and one of them, if you have morellos evil tom stop auto attacking and use Q to kill entire minion waves

if the enemy team have an agressive ganker try to stay back and save your stun for him to come

how to **** over gankers:
if the enemy jungler ganks alot (lee sin, fiddlesticks etc) wait for them by getting hit by alot of minions so you're at half hp or if you are feeling safe you can go as low as 25% to lure the enemy in, when they come to gank; stun, with Q or tibbers depending on cooldowns or level, hit them with W and finish of with ignite or basic attacks and Q

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for runes i take magic penetration marks, flat ability power seals and cooldown glyphs take 2 flat ability power quentissances and one for movementspeed

this build is made for annies farm and ability to kill even if the enemy have magic resist

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last words

this build is made for both ranked and unranked play but works better for ranked matches!

NOW GO ON AND WATCH YOUR ENEMIES TREMBLE IN FEAR FOR a small 7y/o girl who shoots fire... anyways enjoy! this build is made by TonyTheTroll!