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Annie Build Guide by badii09

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author badii09

Annie The Sweet Killer

badii09 Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Rune tips - What secondary and primary means and more.
By: Searz

If you're too lazy to look them up..
Primary/Secondary, what does it mean?
Primary runes
Useful secondary runes
Rune ranks
Universally good runes
Notes on physical damage (ArP, AD or CrC?)
Rune templates
Closing statements


Hello there. After strolling around the net for a while I've realized one thing, that most people don't know anything about runes.. So I thought I'd do something like this to help people with their rune choices.

This is my analysis of runes, backed with math (check out the graphs I've made) and good game knowledge. I hope you enjoy the read.

The builds are just examples using only good runes. I do play most of the champions though.


For any abbreviations you don't understand. Please read it if you're a new player.

If you're too lazy to look them up..

Here are all the abbreviations I'm using in my guide:

AD = Attack Damage
AS = Attack Speed
CrC = Critical-strike Chance
CrD = Critical-strike Damage
ArP = Armor Penetration
MrP = Magic Penetration (or MR Penetration)
HP = Hit/Health Points
HP5 = Heath-regen Per 5
MP5 = Mana-regen Per 5
EP5 = Energy-regen Per 5
AP = Ability Power
MR = Magic Resist
/lvl = Per Level (bonuses which you gain a part of with each level)
+EXP = Increased experience gain
-Time dead = Reduced time dead

Primary/Secondary, what does it mean?

So what are primary and secondary runes? They are categories that specify whether a bonus will be big or small. Primary runes mean big bonuses, secondary means small.

Let's use an example: Greater Glyph of Focus(primary) > Greater Seal of Focus(secondary) > Greater Mark of Focus(secondary)

They give: -0,65%, -0,29% and -0,16%. As you can see the secondary runes are not even half as good. So even if you have all CDR seals and marks you'll still get less than from just the glyphs.

So instead of getting Greater Glyph of Strength and Greater Mark of Focus you should get Greater Glyph of Focus and Greater Mark of Strength, for much bigger bonuses.

Since the bonuses often are more than twice as big, using only primary runes is almost always the best choice.

Primary runes

Now that you know what they are let's take a look at which bonuses are primary where.

Marks: Penetration, attack speed, AD and critical strike damage/chance.

Seals: HP, dodge, armor and regeneration (mana-reg too!).

Glyphs: CDR, AP, MR and mana.

Quintessences don't have any secondary runes. They are all primary.
Though there are utility runes only available in quints. Those are +1.5%movespeed, +2%exp gain, +1gold/10sec and -5%time spent dead. They work with most champs but are rarely needed. The MS quints are the only ones I'd recommend getting.

Useful secondary runes

While most secondary runes are ****, there are some that give almost as big bonuses as the primary ones.

Example: Greater Seal of Clarity Greater Glyph of Clarity, 8.91/10.53 = 0.846. The glyphs only give about 15% less than the seals. So these glyphs are worth getting with those who need mana-reg in glyphs.

Here are the good ones I've found so far:
Greater Mark of Warding, Greater Mark of Resilience and Greater Glyph of Clarity

Keep in mind though that only the MP5/lvl glyphs are runes I consider top rank. The other ones are more of a thing that works only with odd champions. Read more about it in the next chapter.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity and Greater Seal of Alacrity are runes I've seen on a few high elo player builds. The stats they give are very small and they are imo kinda bad runes. I know AS is a good early stat on carries for lasthitting (and junglers for more speed), but I just can't see that as more useful than beefing yourself up with armor and MR, to be overall stronger in the lane.

Rune ranks

This is purely my opinion. If you have a good argument for why something should be placed lower/higher, just comment and I'll consider it.

The power of a rune is decided by how good it is compared to the other runes in the same category.
They are also arranged within the ranks. Best to "worst", left to right (best->"worst").
I will move a rune down a little if another rune does the same thing better.

S-Rank: These runes are great. If you benefit from them, they are probably the best choice.
A-Rank: These are very close to the S-rank runes in power and are very good choices.
B-Rank: Decent runes. They don't give as good bonuses as the runes above them, but can be viable if you need the stat or don't need any of the stats above.
C-Rank: These runes are pretty much always worse than the runes above them. Only use these if they are for a special play-style and/or a special champion.
F-Rank: These runes are just overall bad. Stay away from them.

Here's a compact list of the rune attributes. Credit to Complexicate for the spreadsheet.

If you own all the S and A-ranked runes you'll be able to play pretty much any champion with good runes.


S-Rank: ArP, MrP
A-Rank: AS, CrC, AD
B-Rank: MR, Armor
C-Rank: AP/lvl, MP5, CrD, AD/lvl, AP
F-Rank: HP, HP/lvl, Mana/lvl, Mana, CDR, MR/lvl


S-Rank: Armor
A-Rank: Dodge, MP5/lvl, MP5, HP/lvl
B-Rank: Armor/lvl, HP, AP/lvl
C-Rank: MR/lvl, AS, HP5/lvl, HP5, EP5, EP5/lvl, AP
F-Rank: MR, CrC, AD, CDR, Mana, Mana/lvl, AD/lvl, CrD


S-Rank: MR, AP/lvl, MR/lvl
A-Rank: CDR, MP5/lvl, AP
B-Rank: CDR/lvl, Energy, Mana
C-Rank: Mana/lvl, Energy/lvl, MP5, AS, MrP, Armor
F-Rank: HP/lvl, CrC, AD, HP5, HP, AD/lvl, CrD


S-Rank: AP, ArP
A-Rank: AD, HP, MS, HP5, Armor, MR
B-Rank: MrP, AS, GP10, CDR, CrC, Energy
C-Rank: AP/lvl, MP5, MP5/lvl, Mana, EP5, HP/lvl, +EXP, -Time dead, Dodge, CDR/lvl
F-Rank: MR/lvl, AD/lvl, Mana/lvl, CrD, HP5/lvl, Armor/lvl


Here's a few explanations for the ranks:
CrD is just an overall bad rune stat. It doesn't help early on (when runes are the most influential) and it's not even better than CrC in lategame on an average carry build.

AD quints belong in rank S because they give humongous early damage and scale with crit and some spells. CrC quints only scale with normal attacks, are only useful on crit builds and deals much less damage early on. CrC is more powerful in lategame, but not by much (graphs). AD quints are basically a much better version of CrC quints.
The same doesn't apply to AD and CrC marks though, since AD marks have smaller stats compared to AD quints. (CrC quint=2 CrC marks, AD quint=2.37 AD marks)

Here's a graph comparing the damage mitigation of dodge and armor seals on normal attacks. Keep in mind that dodge is useless against physical spells.
In quintessences armor has a bigger value, while dodge remains the "same" (dodge quint=2 dodge seals, armor quint=3.02 armor seals). That's why dodge quints are rarely good on anyone. Here's a graph comparing the damage mitigation of dodge and armor quints on normal attacks.

AP quints belong in rank S because their stats are huge. They're usually are better than MrP quints on all champions with a decent AP ratio (over ~0.23 per 100flat dmg) because it's only in lategame (when your skills have the max base damage) that MrP quints are really effective (as seen here). Before lategame AP is pretty much always stronger, unless you're playing someone like Ryze who scales with mana and has bad AP ratios. Also keep in mind that AP is most likely the best choice on champions with abilities that doesn't deal magic damage. Heals, shields and things like that.

HP quints don't belong in rank S because they are often not the best choice. They are however still the most universal quints and are still strong.

HP5 quints belong in rank A because it takes 48seconds for a HP5 quint to give the same amount of HP as a HP quint would. For the duration of your laning phase HP5 is a stronger choice if you aren't scared of being squashed by enemy nuke. So they're very strong on tanky champions. The thing that makes HP5 quints a little less viable (on most champions) than HP quints is that they're bad outside of the laning phase.

GP10 quints are a little weak. It's a good stat for some champs (supporters ofc), but they will need a buff to be really viable. Even supports are often better off with other runes. 1.5GP10 would in my opinion be the perfect number. That would move them to the top of rank B.

AS seals and AS glyphs. The stats they give are very small and they are imo kinda bad runes. I know AS is a good early stat on carries for lasthitting, but I just can't see that as more useful than beefing yourself up with armor and MR, to be overall stronger in the lane.
Some junglers take AS glyphs for more speed, but the small amount they will speed you up (probably below 5sec) is negligible compared to the other things you could pick up instead. Some junglers might even get faster with CDR glyphs than with AS and CDR isn't useless outside of the jungle like the AS glyphs are.

Something to keep in mind with flat runes is that they can end up snowballing you by allowing a better earlygame. Then you might end up with better stats than you would have with the scaling ones because you got more gold/exp from snowballing.

Universally good runes

If you want to save money; buy these. These are the runes that are great with the largest amounts of champions. When you've got these you'll be able to play every champion in the game with decent runes at worst.
I would recommend that you don't buy runes at all before you can buy tier 3 runes (at level20). You'll just end up losing IP that way.
Greater Mark of Desolation(3690IP) AND Greater Mark of Insight(3690IP).

Greater Seal of Resilience(1845IP).

Greater Glyph of Shielding(1845IP).

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude(6150IP) OR Greater Quintessence of Desolation+ Greater Quintessence of Potency(3075IP each=same price as HP quints for both)

A complete build will cost 10455 or 13530IP, depending on what quints you buy.

I know it's not cheap, but it's definitely worth it. They are so versatile that they will fill most of your rune needs.

The choice between HP and ArP+AP quints depends on what you play most. HP can work with all champions even if it rarely is optimal while ArP and AP quints are better on most champions with offensive capabilities. Only tanky champions might be worse off without HP quints so unless you're planning on playing tanky champions I recommend buying ArP and AP quints.

Combine flat and scaling MP5 seals however you want to. They're both great.

Honorable mentions (or buy whenever you get the money):
Greater Seal of Clarity(1845IP) They're pretty standard on casters. Versatile, but not enough to end up in the list.
Greater Glyph of Force(3690IP): Also pretty standard on casters, but can't really be used by most other kinds of champions.

Notes on physical damage (ArP, AD or CrC?)

ArP marks are the most versatile source of extra physical damage. They scale good and give good early damage. I recommend them for all who are unsure about which runes to get.
ArP marks and quints are often the best choice for most champions that rely on physical spells. Physical spells are spells that deal physical damage. Like Ezreal's Mystic Shot, Pantheon's Heartseeker Strike & Spear Shot and Urgot's Acid Hunter & Noxian Corrosive Charge.

AD quints are great on crit builds. They may give a little less lategame damage than crit and ArP, but they give loads more damage early on. AD quints work so well with crit builds because AD scales with crit. Without crit they'll be noticeably worse than ArP runes.

AD is usually better than ArP for champions who have abilities that scale with AD but don't deal physical damage. Like Shaco's Two-Shiv Poison, Jax's Equipment Mastery & Leap Strike and Akali's Twin Disciplines. Keep in mind that the AD quints are more useful than the marks. (normal quint=2 normal marks, AD quint=2.37AD marks)

CrC marks are usually worse than ArP marks, even on those who only auto attack. I currently can't see any reason to get them over other marks. They are viable on some champions that are using AD quints, especially Tryndamere, but he's kind of a special case.
CrC quints are pretty much always worse than AD quints, so don't bother with them.

Don't believe me? Graphs here. They take a ****load of space so I didn't wanna add them to this description.

Rune templates

I'm gonna state some good runes for different kinds of champions here.

These runes will be very useful most of the time, but all champions doesn't fit into these categories (supporters for example, as they're too different to generalize). You'll simply have to think about what is needed most and/or try to fill the holes in your build/playstyle.


Marks: MrP. Armor or MR works good with some supporters.
Seals: MP5 or MP5/lvl.
Glyphs: AP/lvl or CDR.
Quintessences: AP.

Physical damage:

Marks: ArP. Look here for more info and possible exceptions.
Seals: HP/lvl or armor.
Glyphs: MP5/lvl or MR.
Quintessences: ArP, AD or HP.


Basically most the S and A rank runes work good on hybrids. Rune ranks here. I can't narrow it down much more than that.


Marks: ArP or MrP. (depends on what kind of damage you mostly deal)
Seals: Armor or Dodge.
Glyphs: MR or MR/lvl.
Quintessences: HP5, HP, Armor or MR.


(this is for physical damage junglers because most junglers use physical damage)
Marks: ArP or AS.
Seals: Armor or Dodge.
Glyphs: MR/lvl or CDR.
Quintessences: ArP or AD.
AS quints are generally not needed. You can just use 6AS marks, 3ArP marks and 3ArP quints to achieve the same effect as AS quints+ArP marks.

Closing statements

If there's something you ponder about; just ask. I'll answer to the best of my ability. But do try to find the answer in the guide before asking since most questions are answered in it.

Feel free to correct me on any mistakes you find.