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League of Legends Build Guide Author koolkruse

Anti Tank Burst

koolkruse Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Really, I don't feel a need to do much of an introduction to Akali. She's a well known character. And she's a ninja. And she can burst more then almost any other champion in the game. Enough said. However, I would like to say that this is my first build, and that's it'd done me well so far. I hope you enjoy it.

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I know, I know, all the runes just give flat ap per level. What on god's green earth could be the logic behind that??? Well, quite simply, it gives you very solid damage output. You should have your hextech gunblade and shoes around the 20-25 minute mark, and have about one and a half times the ap you would normally. This build is the biggest anti carry build. You're only focus is killing something quickly, and hopefully surviving to kill another person.

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Again, a little strange. The masteries are split apart so that way you have some extra defenses early game against minion agro/ dmg, more ap per level/ minor spell pen, and faster leveling. It all flows for what it's meant for.

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How Should I play this build/ What's it's point?

As a character, Akali is defined as an Anti carry. In short, she is designed to find the enemy team's carry, and kill them before that carry can click on you to auto attack you once. Which is great. Except now you're knee deep in enemy territory, with very few ways out. And that's the case for many anti carry's. They often die doing their job. This build is still very Anti carry based, but the spell vamp is a way to help you survive. Many players either omit Discipline of Might, or just let it sit at 10% from the Doran's Blade they bought at the beginning. That's not enough to really save ur life. However, Hextech gives you 45% ( counting in her passive). For sake of ease for what I mean here, I'm going to run some numbers. Let's forget about our target's magic resistence for this. (after all, it will barely be noticed here anyways). Let's assume we are level 18, with our full build. And for sake of ease, we have exactly 600 AP from everything. Talking strictly Spell damage here, we have the mark hit (300) plus .8 of 600, which is 520. 820 plus crescent, which is 130_ about 180 for 310 for a total of 1130, PLUS our dash, which is 250+300 for a overall grand total of 1680. With this build, on a high MR tank, this will get cut down to about 1100 or 1200 at worst. Having 50% spell vamp on this means that when hitting a tank character ( which you shouldnt! unless they're all alone!!!!), you will heal 600 per rotation. You're skills have about a 4 second cooldown. and you have 3 dashes. That means in about 12-13 seconds, you could heal for 75% of your max health with this build. And kill a lota people. It's still very anti carry, but it's also very carry based. You can do a lot with it.

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The order is pretty straightforward here as well. But, just for break down:
Hextech Gunblade: This thing gives you mad healing, and a lot of early to mid game damage. You can burst any non tank character at almost full health to dead with this. (if you shoot them, always remember the active. It's a free 300, and a free slow. Use it wisely, use it often)

Rylai's: Slows on all hits, AP, HP.... It's all good. Quintessential as a second item.

A note here on items and playstyle. If you feel that going hextech gunblade first is too glass cannon for your tastes, you can grab revolver, then rylais, then finish. Don't skimp on revolver first; It let's you survive, and it only costs 765 with the amp tomb you started with ( you did start with amp tomb like i said to, right???)

Void Staff: Once you have Rylai's and Hextech, you will have also leveled up enough to start seeing the benefit of the ap page. Rylai's and Hextech give 155 ap combined. You should have around 225 or so at this point ( give or take 5-10). That's a substantial boost. It's like having a free Needlessly Large Rod and half a Amp Tomb. At this point, the problem here is people being mean and stacking magic resist against you, such as the enemy tanks/ the intelligent players. Void Staff takes care of all of that. You can hit a semi-fed Galio with Bulwark up for a solid chunk with you're entire combo, instead of clipping off a quarter of his health bar. And when Bulwark wears off, you do you're combo again, and you should have that kill. Easily.

DeathCap: At this point in the game, you have all the spell pen you could ask for. Tanks and squishies both go down fairly easily. You show up after your team initiates, attack a tank with high mag res that's holding up ur team, and crush him in no time flat. What can't you do? Frankly, that's one thing: Do it faster. Deathcap makes you obscene. You're items once you grab Deathcap (not counting DC passive, or runes) will give you 380. Not bad. Now, tack in runes, and we are at about 475 or so. times that by Deathcap's Passive, and you go to over 600. 600 Ap, with five item slots. You should one shot everything, and walk away at full health.

A final note; there are only five items here. Why? Quite simply, all builds need some flexibility. If you get the D.C. and the game is still going, you need to address the situation. Do you still need to kill things faster? A Lich Bane is a great choice. Is your team refusing to push, leaving you to ninja (no pun intended) turrets? Something that gives atk speed and ap will help. Nashors Tooth. ( Sounds insane. But if you have to push towers cuz ur team wont, u need atk speed. And Nashors gives cd redux, atk speed, and ap. You have worse choices) Or maybe it's staying alive? Grab a GA. Nothing like having to kill a person with 600 Ap that can burst kill a lota things instantly, twice. And she can heal, so you might be able to turn some bad situations around with it.

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Skill Sequence

Her skill sequence isn't too hard to do, once you have it down. You find you're target, Q them (preferably, if looks like they will get away, switch the order of these two steps), R them, Auto attack them, Crescent them, Dash Them, Auto Them, Q them, Dash Them, Auto Them. You shouldnt have to get past that first Auto because they are already dead. But that's how you could blow all 3 dashes on one target. And if it's a team fight, omit dashes that aren't needed, because you need to fly around. Having them in just helps you get more damage on a single target.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer exhaust and ignite. But, really, any summoner skill that has an offensive base is okay. Except for Rally.( Honestly Riot, get rid of rally. Nobody uses it.) Stay away from any defensive summoner skills (heal, fortify, clarity, teleport). You can use utility skills/ some summoner skills that work both way ( clairvoyance, flash, ghost) as well. It's really on what you prefer.

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Ranked Play

I've been playing this build in ranked, and so far it's done very well. I'm not very high ELO right now (1350. I just started playing ranked a lot. Like it way more.), but it wins pretty often. And with a free item slot, it's possible to adapt to the enemy team.

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Creeping / Jungling

Oddly, you CAN jungle with this build. HOWEVER, there are a few pitfalls to it that must be made clear to your team. If you have to jungle with her, you need to make it clear that you won't be able to gank for a little while, only cover. You start ganks when ur level 6, which shud be at the 10 minute mark or so. ( a terrible time). And, it's very easy to get executed before revolver, since you have no healing method. You need to be very good at jungling. My order when i do it is golems, wolves, wraiths, recall, repeat, buy revolver, grab red, recall, gank.

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All the items are rather expensive. You need a large amount of farming and kills to pay for it. Early game, last hit often with your Q, and take any kill chance you can. even if the play is a zero, you are more dangerous then a fed cait or mf or ashe.