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Team Guide by luzoz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author luzoz

AoE Counter Build

luzoz Last updated on December 11, 2009
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AoE Counter Build

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Nasus Build

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This build is designed to counter AoE build teams with high target DPS.

The following is a general outline of the roles expected from each champion:

Nasus - Tank/DPS
Tryndamere - Carry/DPS
Twisted Fate - Assassin/DPS
Annie - Pusher/DPS
Taric - Support/Tank

Every champion must take cleanse for this team to be effective. The role of cleanse is to remove the champions from the AoE spams of an AoE stun/damage team.

The team leader must call out and mark the appropriate targets to systematically remove the opposing team’s champions, with high DPS focus fire an AoE team tends to lose most team fights in this scenario. Things to consider for a successful team fight and end game push:

-Bait the opposing team to blow AoE's early or at inappropriate times and pull back. After the AoE's have been unloaded the opposing team has no chance to survive a high single target DPS team.
-Taric must use his ult and summoner ability once a team fight has initiated, the extra damage from Radiance and Rally are indispensable
-Tryndamere targets, if smart will run away, Mocking Shot, Wither, Annie's Passive, Tibbers, Gold Card, and Dazzle should be able to prevent this. If the called target has cleanse move to the secondary target and then back to the primary once it has expired.

Hopefully this team build works for others as well as it has worked for me.


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