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Akali Build Guide by HoggleBot

AP Assassin

AP Assassin

Updated on July 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoggleBot Build Guide By HoggleBot 1,737 Views 0 Comments
1,737 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HoggleBot Akali Build Guide By HoggleBot Updated on July 11, 2011
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This a AP Akali build. This build is designed to give you speed early game so that you can harass with Mark of the Assassin more easily,but then later game to give you a little more survivability while being able to deal HUGE amounts of AP damage. If you are using this build then early game you are going to want to use Mark of the Assassin as much as possible. You should be faster then most champions and should have your passive spell vamp ability already activated because of your runes and masteries. Your health pots are also always there just in case you get super low. After getting Hextech Gunblade you can be very aggressive this gives you alot more spell vamp and life steal along with allowing you to hit much harder both with your abilities and your auto attack. Rylai's Crystal Scepter will give you more survivability along with more ability power for some extra damage if necessary or if you prefer you can grab Rabadons Death Cap before this item it's mostly preference. Void Staff is a very good item because it allows you to deal more damage to tank characters or those who are building an anti AP build. Nashor's Tooth is there to finish off the build just to allow you to unleash your abilities more quickly and give you a little more power. I normally do not get as far as to get Nashor's Tooth but it adds a nice touch.
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The Rune design for this build is basically the same for most other Akali builds. The purpose of runes for Akali is to activate her passive abilities from the beginning of the game or as soon as possible. This part of the guide is not complete yet as I am not yet level thirty but I will post up my rune guide as soon as possible.
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The masteries for this build are a 21 / 9 / 0. The purpose of the masteries is to aid in getting your passive abilities for Akali quickly, they also allow you along with the help of your runes to be very deadly early game, and the points given in defense are there to give you more survivability early game.
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When you start the game off you are going to want to grab boots of speed along with two health pots. The reason for the boots and the health pots is to allow you to play very aggressive early game and allow you to harass more comfortably with your Mark of the Assassin. Next on the list is Boots of Swiftness getting this early game allows you to hit with your Mark of the Assassin but also activate the mark dealing out alot of damage, it also allows you to escape and chase down enemies more effectively. Hextech Gunblade is next. I tend to lean towards buying Hextech Revolver before Bilgewater Cutlass because this gives you a tremendous amount of spell vamp early game allowing you to stay in lane for longer. After you finish off buying Hextech Gunblade buying Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This item will give you the much needed ability power to deal out tons of damage but also alot more survivability giving you more time to deal damage and a better chance of surviving team fights. Your next two items are here to seal the seal. After buying Rabadons Death Cap and Void staff you will have enough AP with magic penetration to deal out massive amounts of damage. Nashors Tooth is your final item this item was put last because normally cool down time is not a big problem when I use Akali this will just give you a litle more bang for your buck
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is designed to max out Mark of the Assassin as soon as possible. Early game along with you boots and health pots you should be using this ability as much as possible. Twilight Shroud is always helpful in escaping from sticky situation and Crescent Slash is always good for combo's.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash are your two summoners spells. These two work in good combination because these allow you to turret dive move effectively and escape from even the worst situation with ease.
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I hope that this guide was helpful I plan to make more in the Future please leave feedback as I do appreciate it. I have an Akali guide video on Youtube my name is HoggleBot. Please Email me and visit my website for more information.

League of Legends Build Guide Author HoggleBot
HoggleBot Akali Guide
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AP Assassin

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