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Skarner Build Guide by Blejdzior

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blejdzior

AP/AtackSpeed Skarner Carry/Anticarry

Blejdzior Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First of all

I tested a big amount of mobahire builds on scarner - off tank, semi ad mix and a lot of other, and decided to publish mine point of wiew about this awesome champion

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Lets begin - Skarner have rly big ap ratio counts, and using his Q in ganks, when u have nice made AP provides u a lot of dmg output - afterall on this build u expose his strongest sides - atack speed, ability power ratios, and of course his awesome cooldowns

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About runes - i decided to use Aspeed runes and quintesences, cos they will bive u an op 25% boost for atack speed - more atack speed-shorter cooldowns! making early game kills is thanks for this

Taking dodge runes may cofuse you on this point ;] but they will provide u a little more survival ability against your worst enemies - ad carry champions

the last ones - cooldown reduction ones, are here becouse of the same case as the atack speed ones

of course for more advence in late game than in early game, u can always use runes with boost per lvl - they work same well

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11/19 build is way to achive as much atack speed and cooldown reduction plus ap % bonus from the avesome Ardor - they might look messed, but test them and i am sure u will see why i managed to use this set;) of course u can always try option 9/21 for better survival ability thanks to tenacity, but i still prefere 11/19 setting;)

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is out of questioning best option for skarner - synergizes with his Impale, the same as with shield - your mobility is awesome this way, and taking enemy championsfar away, to let your team kill them, is awesomly easy this way

Exhaust is option for u to make easy kills under your tower - combo - ghost-shield-impale-run to tower-exhaust(all the time during it u spam Q) wont let any champion survive;]

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Regrowth will provide u ability to farm easy (hp reg) and enemy harrasing, afterwards u can use it to proceed in making philosophers stone(later u will sell it-much much later)

Berserker Grieves - next boost to atack speed? you love it! u need to make your a speed big asap (during buying grieves, it is good to also buy 2-3 mana potions, and max 1 health potion - your cd is really short, and in fights u spam all u can, but even with so small costs in mana of skills, the mana will run out incredibly fast)

next item is Tear of Goddes - good to stack it long before making archangel from it - plus fact it will nulify your big problem with mana

most of u will make "OMGROTFLZOMG" about Nashors Tooth - why? AP? 55! Aspeed? 50! Colldown reduction? 25% - thats why this item is a "must have" - combined with Blue buff, or elixir plus your runes, this item will give u 40% cd redustion! 2,2sec cd on your Q! when u hit enemy champion it is Q-HitHit-Q-HitHit-Q, plus on team fights u are all the time on your W Shield - Boost a speed and ms from it is overtaking everything, plus a fact, that single enemy champion cant stand u 1on1 when u have Bers grieves,Tear,Nashors - in addition i can tell that in some fights u can manage to make ulti once per 15-20 seconds!!!! (start gank- taking carry on Impale-fight - enemy on run-than u impale again;] WTF?

Mellady - i am always thinking of this one - it can be better to pick wits end in its place, but i like melladys m resist lowering - remember - u are AP champion - not AD!;) plus ofc most important part of mellady - Atack Speed! nothing more to say;]

Archangel - Before u will make this one you will propably have like 400-600 mana stacked on tear - means we are starting to buil our AP Amount;) - Best AP giving item afterwards

Rylai's - if u like the slow from your Q, than you and your team will like it more;) AP bonus, and aditional Hp amount, will proceed on making u stronger - if u have enought cc in team, and you think your Q slow is more thna enought, than feel free to change it for Rod Of Ages - better item to stack ap (u already have archangels - more mana more AP) i advice to try both:)

Rabadon,s - i think u dont need to ask why this item is here:) IT IS AP CHAMPION!!!! xD this one will provide you awesome boost for your AP! 400 aoe dmg from Q? not a problem!:)

OMG OMG !!!! 7th item?
Normally when u make Rabadon's, u shall end the game;) if u havent done it, than final blow to enemy is selling mellady(OMGOMG WHAT A WASTE) and buying Lich Bane - Wit elixir u shall have over 700AP - 700dmg hit is not a thing that someone will piss on;] - this is game finishing item

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Skill Sequence

Your Q is your main dmg! this is one which u make first

W synergizes with all your skills! thats why u make it second (after rabadons almost 800hp absorbing shield with reuse 3 seconds during team fights,and 2,2 a speed:D)

E is great skill! but... you have no mana to use it this way in early game xD althought max efectivity of this skill is only when u reach 500+ AP - Biiiiig dmg and BIIIIIG life gain - combined with W it can provide u one from many funny situations (te emo full hp full AP made build vs u on 250hp and shield on - te emo death - u 1k hp left xD) thats why it has full strenght on the mid/late game

Impale!!! on full build 800 dmg from ulti? +700 from Fracture? +2x400 from Crystal Slash? + enemy carry dying between u and 4 of your teammates? Priceless:D U max it!

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Pros / Cons

-Very efective killer in early and mid game
-Awesome carry Counter at any stage of game
-If well used - exosceleton and fracture, may provide u almost immortal
-On Rabadons u do solo Baron xD - dont belive? Check:)
-Awesome farmer - 3x Slash,and every wave is yours(only karthus might be faster:P)
-Easy to jungle when u have stinger + tear - achive blue and red-go gank- take kills:)
-Your CD is so damn short, that u spam all your skills with a speed of Light!!!

-But if u are not skilled enought to spam all skills, and place Fracture in good direction,than u feel a pain:P
-You are vurnelable to ad carrys - especially Gankplank - he will be your worst nightmare:/
-If in game is more than one Ad carry, u can have some problems on team fights if being focused, but impale - run away, fast fracture on minions/wraths, slash, +600hp and u are back to fight
-Watch out for akali - in early game she will be food for u, but on full build, she might be really dangerous - go on line against her, and outlvl her asap
-U are rly vurnelable against silence... fall back if it occurs

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Lane Partner

I prefere Tanks with a lil CC like Mundo or Leona, or any champion with stun:)

Best lane combo is The AWESOME Urgot - Ulti+Ulti=kill - especially in early game

Also good lane partner is AD or AP carry - but ithink that best place to be for those is mid lane:P

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Test it - use it! win with it;) i made over 40 games on this build and my worst stats were 1/3/32 - Morde Pro Stealer on lane xD

Averange stats are ~14/3/20 even in lost games;)

I hope u enjoyed my guide with a little of smile on your face:) please comment and give me any clues how to upgrade it;]