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Mordekaiser Build Guide by jsharich

AP Bruiser Morde

AP Bruiser Morde

Updated on January 3, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jsharich Build Guide By jsharich 6,137 Views 2 Comments
6,137 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jsharich Mordekaiser Build Guide By jsharich Updated on January 3, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Why this way

Morde use to be my main champ but after playing him to much I got bored with him. So now that everything got change around I decided to start playing him again. I built it this way since he isn't the best tank since of the shield nerf and he doesnt have any real CC, but if you go per AP nuke with him, the enemy will start to gang up on you and you will go down, especial if you get hit with a hard stun or alot of CC like knock ups and silences.
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I like this build since you are going off-tank you want damage and life. So the reds should be pretty simple magic pen is nice to have. The yellows will be just some extra life which is always nice. The blues will be there because by lv 9 your siphon of destruction will be maxed out and you can cast it about every 4ish seconds. I am sure you can see the Spell vamp quints, the reason for this is because he uses health for spells so why not get life back when you hit champs and minions with them.
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This way in the masteries tree lets you get the much more tankier and still deal out more magic pen.
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I use to start regrowth pendent and a health pot because I would turn that into a Warmog but since the nerf to Warmog and champs just barley getting away from me I went and got a Rylaiys instead. So the main thing you want to get if you can on the 1st recall is your Hextech revolver but if not get those boots. The reason for merc treads is because a Morde that is dead or CC isn't any help to the team. A Hextech Gunblade is the most important item on him because it give life steal and spell vamp(both of those proc when you use his Mace of Spades-Q) also another reason this item is great is because you get more Attack damage, more Ability Power both of which help his Q, and it has active spell which lets you deal 300 damage and slows them down which is fantastic. Nice is his Rylaiys which this is where I would get a Warmog but people getting away from the team is just frustrating and Rylaiys still gives you health but not as much as Warmog but also gives more Ability power which is nice all around. These next two items are in the order you want or by what the enemy team has. I like to get Force of Nature 1st because it give Magic Rest, health regen, and movement speed (which helps with your Rylaiys because now you can move faster and caught them with this or your GunBlade). The other item is Zonyas Hourglass which is a Fantastic item because it give you more Ability Power, armour and a moment where if you get focus you can pop it and take no damage for a certain time. Also a neat little trick I saw was that you can drop your Creeping Death-W on you or another champ and pop your Zonyas and get life back because of spell vamp, deal damage from it, and get your Iron Man-(passive) built up in the of your Zonyas being active. Now the last times can be one of 4. 1st one is a Deathcap because more Ability power is more damage. 2nd one is a Warmog because that gives you another 1300 health but I think the problem with this is that you just cant deal enough damage end game and then your just a big *** meat shield. 3rd is a Void staff, the time to get this would be if the enemy team are all getting Magic Resistance. The 4th one is a Abyssal Scepter, this item is tricky because it give you some Ability power and some more Magic Resistance, but here is the cool thing it helps get rid of the enemy MR also which lets your team do more damage. The reason I say this item is tricky because is a few reason, 1 if someone else has one on your team then there is no point to get one, 2 if you have an Amumu or a Fiddlestick and they don't have one then this one is perfect because this with their passive will help destroy all MR they have, and the 4th one is if there isn't alot of AP champs then it doesn't help really anyone.
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Skill Sequence

The reason I selected this way is because your E is your bread and butter and main farming item. Then next one would be W because this allows you to add this to your tank to give him a buff and deal damage while he runs in there and gives you shield, you can add it into a minion wave to let them do your farming with the shield for you and means you don't have to be near then enemys and have a chance on getting hit.
His least important spell is his Q since the maces that splash sometimes don't go where you want them too and you have to be in melee range but the problem with this is Morde is a slow *** man. So I use it just for extra damage to farm or in a team fight.
His last spell is a great one and it gets it own section,
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Morde Ultimate- Children of The Grave

1st of this spell just has an epic name
2nd this will make or break team fights if used right. This spell should be used when Morde is at like 1/4 to 1/2 health because it gives you a huge life steal right at the start and then some more over time. Also did I mention that whoever gets this has just lost alot of health. At this point maybe add an ignite just to make sure they die from this, because once they die look at what you just got your own special minion AKA another champ ghost that can take tower shots or do more basic attacks on the enemies for you. Also did I mention you can add your W on him and look now its getting you more shield for you.
3rd this spell should be used on an AD carry or a tank that is close to dying since it does a % damage not a set amount. So that big *** beefy tank that just wont die well guess what lets say your spell does 44% damage that would be 22% on cast and then the other 22% comes in over 5 sec so that enough time for it to die and get this really cool pet. What is nice about this is you just won your team fight and you aced them instead of wasting time pushing your minions up there send you ghost into the tower to tank it while your team kills that tower.
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Summoner Spells

The reason for these is because I like ignite because it stack with your Ultimate and almost always means death to someone.
The other spell is ghost, because after the Flash nerf aka means flash is complete *** now and isn't worth it at all anymore, ghost allows you to run faster away from people and you have merc treads so that means slows won't effect you as long any more, and also you can use ghost to run after people faster.
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So all in all Morde is just a big meaty metal *** kicking machine that loves nothing more then death. He is best at SOLO LANES because he needs alot of farm and is really good at pushing minions... don't forget this can be a problem because he sometimes pushes to hard and gets ganked so don't forget to ward you river and lanes so it doesn't happen.

If you look at this build please leave a comment and vote please and thank you.
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