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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ehJy

AP Cardmaster

ehJy Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Here is a basic build AP build for Twisted Fate. This build utilizes the intense damage that can be achieved by gold card to wildcard combo. One of the most important parts of this build , and TF no matter how you play him, is pulling a gold card when you need it. The ability of the player to pull gold cards can be directly linked to his success as a TF player. One gold card can make or break ganks and even team fights.

Early Game:
Personally i prefer to start with the book rather then the mana crystal. It can be switched at your discretion if you need more mana. While in the laning phase, you should be constantly harassing the opposing players with BLUE card. Early on, the blue card will not restore all of the mana used to cast pick a card, but you will not run out of mana nearly as fast. If laning mid or solo and your opposition is a third to half health, be ready to quickly pop a yellow card, exhaust, and burn him down. The main thing to remember here is that TF is SQUISHY as hell, so be CAUTIOUS and always make sure the opposition can't overcome you by healing (summoner spell.) Getting behind on gear and levels absolutely KILLS Twisted Fate. If laning with a partner, you can be more aggressive with the yellow cards, ESPECIALLY if you're partner is a tank or hero with a stun, like you.

Mid Game:
By now you should definately have your mejai's and be working on lich bane if not finished. Using destiny you can easily pick off squishy's that are half health or even just under leveled. A lot of this phase should be attributed to getting some mejai stacks. Really not much to say here. Try to avoid going after tanks, AP Twisted Fate has good pokes, but will most of the time not have the continuous damage to down a tank without a friend helping. Just stick to the squishy's and you'll be fine. NEVER GATE INTO A GROUP.

Late Game:
Now after having completed Nashor's Tooth and Void Staff, your burst damage should well exceed 800-1000 on ANY target. The best thing about this is that your rotation has but a 4-6 second cooldown. In team fights, try and spam your wild cards while both teams are feeling each other out (no sexual connotation intended.) When someone initiates immediately pop your gold card and aim for the enemy carry or the closest semi-squishy hero around you. Most of the time after taking severe burst damage, the enemy hero will fall back behind his teammates. Try to avoid the instinct of chasing him down and killing him. You will die in an instant. Make sure to always stay near the back of the fight, not exposing yourself too much to the enemy.

Pick a Card:
The bread and butter of all Cardmasters. When attacking enemy champions, always go for gold (unless harassing early as i mentioned before.) Blue card turrets, inhibitors, minions, and the nexux. IMPORTANT!!!:::While chasing an opponent and are very close to being out of range, proc the pick a card ability as fast as possible. You have a 66% chance to land a slow or stun on him to catch up. If you are very confident in your card selecting skills, go for gold.

Some Gear Explanation:
Personally i go full damage when using this build; however, if you would like more survivability, get a rod of ages early and drop the void staff or nashor's tooth. Another item that can be swapped in is Frozen Mallet. Personally i don't find myself chasing too many people, so i don't really recommend sacrificing hard damage for a bit of hp and a slow proc.

Feel free to comment and give me any advice or questions concerning the build or how to play Cardmaster effectively!