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League of Legends Build Guide Author thewackman1991

AP Carry Kennen

thewackman1991 Last updated on June 3, 2011
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This guide is designed for a skilled kennen player that is looking to take their kennen abilities to the next level. there are arguements for every type of build and order of items. Yes, i will buy things differently depends on the game and how we are travelling, but if things are going well, this is what i find is the best way to build kennen.

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21/0/9 Many people don't like to go down to 21 in the damage tree with kennen, this is because of what seems to be a lack of useful talents for him. The first thing people ask is, Why Deadliness, Alacrity, Sunder and Offensive Mastery?? Here is my justifications:

- Deadliness, is there to fill in the cracks to get throught 20 points and even that tiny amount of crit can help, whilst harassing with kennen if you crit just once with his auto attack it can just make your job that much easier.

- Alacrity, kennen has very slow auto attacks to begin with and as a good kennen should always be trying to place as many marks of storm as you can getting it that little bit faster helps your minion farm and ur ability to do harass.

- Sunder, because kennen depends on auto attacks at low level, this armor pen will do more good then gettting 3 points of ad.

- Offensive Mastery, Kennen can be hard to farm with early as you want to be saving all you abilities for harassment, this combined with Alacrity and Sunder gives your minion farming capability a boost.

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Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - gives you enough hp to not have to worry about the counter harassment while you are trying to harass.

Greater Mark of Insight - As Kennen loves magic pen. these go along way to doing alot more damage early, mid and late game.

Greater Seal of Potency and Greater Glyph of Force - this will give you 8 ability power at level 1, add onto that the 10 ability power from your ignite cooldown and right of the bat you can have your enemy on the back foot.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport - The biggest thing that teleport does is give you the ability to out level your apponent mid or help out a side lane. Many times once lvl 6 your team may be being chased by half hp enemy's. If you then tele to a minion behind them a double kill can easily be gotten. Map Awareness is KEY to this game and if you are good enough to be keeping a watchful eye out then kennen becomes 10X easier.

Ignite - As i Previously Stated loves the 10 ap gained from your ignite cooldown, this added onto the great harassment tool that is ignite kennen becomes almost unbeatable at mid if played right.

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Starting with Level 1 Boots and 3 Health pots is essential to kennen's early game harassment.
by having boots this allows you to easily place your marks on the enemy and do that little bit more damage that you need. also it allows you to get away from enemy's as they gank you early.

As kennen you shouldnt need to go back until atleast you have 750 gold. Then upgrade your boots to sorcerer's shoes, this magic pen and movement buff is critical to kennen's damage and movement speed. Because Kennen is already a slow character the lvl 2 boots compensate if you get them early.

Followed by (if between 435 - 870g) 1 amplifying tomb, (between 870g - 1235g) 2 amplifying tomb's, (at 1235 gold) go back and get Mejai's.

Once you have 1110 gold go back and get a giant's belt and then finish that into your rylai's.

Next your most important item, Rabidon's Deathcap. this will take your kennen from being strong to OP. by lvl 13-14 you should have atleast 8 stacks and when you finish your rabidon's you will be sitting around 500+ ap. if you have 250g spare after buying your rabidon's BUY a AP elixir. this will bring you close to 600 AP and helps you get more stacks quicker.

By this time if things are going well the enemy team should be buying magic resist items. thats why my preference is to get the abysal cepter first. If you are this far into your build early enough it wont matter if the enemy focus you or not. You may die but the time that your stuns give you your team should easily ace them and your stacks wont take to much of a dive.

Finally as the enemy already will be aiming for you Zhonya's is just too OP, not to get. Lightning rush in pop ult zhonya's and win. simple.

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Skill Sequence

Early game:

Try to be either mid or solo top as kennen as this will allow you to harass an enemy easily. with your electrical surge first use your minions to get it to 4 stacks run hit the enemy activate, rince and repeat at level 1. Do be very very careful though. Make sure that you are running in a the right time, watch your enemy see if he wastes a cooldown go in hit them and run out. For example if the enemy is malz. DO NOT just run in to hit them as you will get burnt from his dots, If the enemy is Annie make sure she can't just stun u and walk away. Always be making sure you know your enemy.

At level 2 the enemy will have picked up on your strat, they will most likely (if you are doing the right thing) be sitting well back so that you can't hit them. The answer? Lightning rush. Use Lightning Rush to get in Auto Attack range, if by luck you can also hit them with Lightning Rush do and land an easy stun with your auto attack and Electrical Surge.

From level's 3 - 5 as other champions become stronger it is not as wise to try and continue with this strat, use your shirken to try and land a hit on the enemy and only attack if:
- A you have your electrical surge passive up and you already have hit them with your shuriken
- B you can definatly hit them with your lightning rush and stun them there after with your electrical surge passive and active
Once stunned land hit them with your shuriken as they are easy to hit whilest stunned (remember it doesnt go through minions) and if they are low enough go for the kill. if not rinse and repeat.

Once level 6 the multi target fun begins. Firstly against 1 enemy:
- keep the same strat as level's 3-5 except once stunned make sure you are in range to ult them stun them again and over all destroy them.

Another Situation would be 2v1, things to look out for are:
- how much hp the 2 enemy's have, if they are both half hp and you are full then try to hit 1 with a shuriken stun and ult. the great thing about your ult and then using electrical surge is when you are focussing on 1 target you can still stun a second target
- Try hit both targets with lightning rush then electrical surge them
- Don't use Ult too early, try and make sure that you will have a sure kill (if be it only 1)
- don't ever 1 for 1, only go for a kill if you think you can get 2 for 1 (undertower) or 1 for 0.

Team fights 2v2 and above, the 2 main situations are:
- Stuck under a tower out numbered. this is easy option, if they are getting hit by turret ult and do as much damage as you can (always making sure that you will either not die or get 1 kill) Alot of people will say but i dont want to lose stacks. simple, if you have enough stacks that you are worried about, you could probably kill them all under the tower.
- Open Team fights. watch the fight do not enter. Try to be hiding in a bush so that the enemy doesnt think you are there. once they are chasing a low target lightning rush in ultimate then blow everything u have while u can. the main thing to worry about is trying to hit them while they are group up, AoE stun and pump out some huge damage.

The Number One Rule to team fights with kennen is DO NOT FIGHT WITHOUT AN ULT. kennen is nothing but a poker if he doesnt have his ult, there is not point to lightning rushing into a team without ult cause its like annie running into flame breath without tibbers and a stun SHE DEAD!

Once final build is complete (zhonya's) Lightning rush in (whilst they are grouped up) electrical surge, ult and then pop zhonya's. again try and make it so the enemy doesnt know you are there so that you can get everything off hit zhonya's before they can cc you.

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There are 2 stages to kennen. Early game and Team fighitng.
- kennen will thrive in team fights if you play the early game well, make sure to use electrical Surge well and play smart. always keen you creeps up. as kennen mid try and be hitting atleast 5/6 of every minion wave, your shirken is great for that.
- Team fighting, use your team as a decoy to destroy the enemy. it sounds bad but your team will love you when you end up getting quadra kills and winning the game.

Finally a side note on pushing. When attacking towers try and have you Electrical Surge passive up because when hitting a tower it will not be used and still does amazing bonus damage. This final ability to push hard makes kennen a fantastic all round character:
- strong early
- great team fighter
- AoE cc
- Pushes Hard
- Carries
- Wins game

Any other Questions hit me up in game Thewackman. I hope you gained some extra knowledge about kennen and will help you realise his potential as a Teir 1 Carry.