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Warwick Build Guide by ULTz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ULTz

AP DPS Warwick (Only tested in 3v3)

ULTz Last updated on April 14, 2012
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More AP version.

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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These builds were made for personal uses. If you find these helpful, thumbs it up!
This build may seen odd at first, but it will be effective when used correctly. This build has only been used by me in 3v3's. Effectiveness of this guide may vary depending on game mode played. I will get to testing it soon in 5v5's and ranked.

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The top build is more for continual attacking and getting health back as quickly as possible while still dropping the other team pretty fast.

The other build is more for Attacking and spamming Q's to drop them low quickly.

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Item choice Explanation

I realized that originally I had the Guinsoo's Rageblade in the DPS build, I have replaced that with a bloodthirster for a little more late game stability. The Guinsoo's is still viable in my eyes because it will allow me to keep auto attacking and using my Q increasing my Q damage and attack speed. Either will work. Personally I prefer the BloodThirster now.

Most of these items I have chosen are chosen because they either do extra damage on hit effects while still contributing other factors that will help WW, or can help maintain WW's sustainability. Spirit Visage is probably the most important item to get in that build! Utilize the extra healing effects and CDR from the item to Q and auto attack health back.

The AP build has a LOT of spell vamp! When WW uses his Q all the spell vamp effects will work on that. If you include the Spirit Visage as well, you can get crazy amounts of health back. Use this to poke at your enemies. Even if you are low health you are still able to stay in lane. If you are being out run when chasing the other team you can switch the Will of the Ancients and Rylai's order.

These are builds for poking the enemies on lane and bursting later on.

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Get the Madred's Razors early for sure. This will ensure you get easy farm early game allowing you to get those next items as easily as possible.
After you get the Malady/Wit's End You should be able to farm and keep full health the entire time. You can take this to your advantage and poke at the other team with your Q while you farm. If you get there should be no problem considering how fast you will regain lost health.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash are both viable in the first slot.

The second one is where you really choose by preference.
Ignite - Good for people with lifesteal/spellvamp : Good for picking up kills early game

Exhaust- Extremely helpful when used correctly. When using your Ult, Try to exhaust immediately after to ensure that they aren't able to escape. : Great when you need to catch up and Q since it will do more damage.

Heal - If you know from previous experience that you die quickly with WW, try heal for a couple games to ensure you are able to survive without heal consistently. : Good for early game so you can tease the other team, get low (get them low) and if needed run away and heal.

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Early game

Here you should focus mainly on farming. The Madred's Razors will greatly improve your early game farming capabilities.
It will help to poke wit your Q every now and then. After you hit level 6 Warwick becomes great at ganking and lane control. Knowing when to Ult on to a target will improve your lane dominance by a landslide. [ Your Ult is great for initiating fights by damaging the squishy target and immobilizing them allowing your team to catch up, or the other team to come in and lure them into a team fight trap.]

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Mid game

By now you should have a decent amount of Damage output and the other team may start focusing you. This is when landing Q's while running becomes important. If you see someone low enough to where a Q can get them under 50% health and Q'ing them would not put you in danger, Q them and use your E to get away much faster.

If you find squishy targets running alone, or 2 from the other team that you can take down with the help your team, TAKE IT! Keeping them off farm is very important. You will be kind of squishy for the first 20-ish minutes. Take as much gold from kills and farming as possible. By the time you have your Wit's End you should be able to kill pretty easily allowing for more risks to be taken.

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Late game

By time you are nearing late game the other team will be easy for you. You are able to take down almost all characters in 1v1 situations. Avoiding 1v2/3 situations will be important. Wait for your team. I know that once people are fed they will become reckless. DO NOT BE THAT GUY! Make sure that what you are doing will not get you killed since you are probably worth a lot of gold. An ace at this point will prety much win yo the game. There really isn't much else to say.

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Pros / Cons

Most items are easy to build.
Pretty good damage output.
Good for new players because they will do damage when just auto attacking.
GREAT FOR EXPERIENCED WW's if they know how to use the skills correctly.

May be hard to use at first if unaware of you damage out put.
You will be pretty squishy and can be taken out easily.
RECCOMENDED : getting fed early to ensure an easy laning experience and easy gold.

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Pretty much a build for me so I can remember (what I use/why I use) this build.
This should be able to help some players, if not I am sorry for your time. This build can be great when used correctly.
Some changes may need to be made! Leave comments below with changes you may find helpful and I will consider them.

If you would like, could you please try this build in a 5v5 and leave a comment with the effectiveness. I will get to doing this myself, but I am quite busy at times and this may not be updated.