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Evelynn Build Guide by Nocth6030

AP Eve is STILL op

AP Eve is STILL op

Updated on March 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nocth6030 Build Guide By Nocth6030 4 4 21,022 Views 4 Comments
4 4 21,022 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nocth6030 Evelynn Build Guide By Nocth6030 Updated on March 16, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Eve is and extremely powerful AP burst champion. Since the nerf that turned her stun into a slow she has been put on the back burner as one of the (if not the most) under powered champ in the game. However this nerf effected the AD version of Eve far more than it did the AP style of play. In fact, i think the removal of the stun may have even benefit AP eve players. Simply due to the fact that entire teams do not automatically run Banshees veils. Allowing you to still 4 shot tanks end game. If you think its BS, just follow this guide for a few games, prove me wrong.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence starts out differently for me often. Depending on if i am trying to steal blue (stealth) or hold out for a level 1 fight and easier farm to level 2 (hate spikes) Really its up to you. I try to level ravage and hate spikes together so that I keep steady consistent damage with hate spikes without losing all of my early burst damage from ravage.

I get this a lot. "Dude, why wouldnt you max stealth earlier? So much extra time to set up ganks." And all I can respond with is this, "Well I dont put more than one point in it early because I dont suck with eve. If youre requiring more than 10 seconds to set up and execute a gank then youre doing something wrong." If you want to put a second point in stealth earlier than I do that would be perfectly acceptable, the 10 seconds is kind of cutting it but is perfectly doable and I dont understand why anybody would lose out on extra damage for longer stealth periods.
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Basic AP damage tree with the added survivability boost from the defensive tree. Nothing too crazy here. You can easily replace the defensive points to the support tree if you would rather the extra mana/mana regen which is also nice.
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Summoner Spells

Ok, jungle Eve is dumb (in my opinion) and I would never advise doing it. However, using smite is a GREAT help to eve. First of all, youre a very squishy melee champ and super susceptible to early death, so the free minion kill with added gold from the mastery is nice. Also there's the obvious, you have a stealth champion with (most likely) an enemy jungler in the opposing jungle. STEAL HIS BUFFS, and dragon, and sometimes even baron. Also at about level 4 or 5 you will start to roam between lanes, a lot. Snagging the occasional jungle monsters as you go by will help keep your gold up. It leaves an added mental factor to the opposing jungler, as now he has to be VERY cautious when jungling and taking buffs. TEAM FIGHTS, sometimes taking place within a creep wave. Your hate spikes ability targets 2 RANDOM opponents (champ or creep) so take a creep out of the equation, simple as that. And lastly it provides a mental factor for myself, often when I'm excelling in a game i forget that you still need to farm to keep up in levels and gold, and when i see smite off cooldown it reminds me to take a few seconds and clear a minion wave or two. ALL of this from smite.

And I use ignite for the reasons that ignite is just a good combat spell. Helps secure early kills, cuts healing, its very nice.
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This build will give you HUGE burst damage end game. Of course everyone has their own opinions on the use of Mejais and it really shouldn't be used until you've started to master a champion. But once you do, it can make you devastating to the other team. Its a hard start with eve up until you buy Sheen. This will allow you to start doing respectable damage to enemy squishy champs. And will allow you to remain viable while you build up for your deathcap (which is the first truly core end game item for Eve) Once you have the deathcap you should see more cautious play coming from the opposing carries and supports. Just keep doing what you do and you'll be alright while you save up for your Lichbane. Once you have this you are set. Your damage is going to be over the top, especially if you have been building up your mejais well. You will be able to 2 shot an Ashe and champions like her. from here you can start changing the items to whatever suits you.
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I run very basic runes. About 20 AP to start the game just for the added little boost in damage. Just a couple HP quints so you can move around without having to play overly timid from the get go. And of course magic pen for the AP champ.
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Team Work

Eve is a wonderful AP burst assassin. She requires very intelligent play early on, and also a good understanding of your own damage output. Once you have that figured out you begin to pick off the weaker champs. You will spend almost all of your time running between lanes attempting ganks. If you cant gank, harass. do half their health in burst, let them flash away and watch them play timidly until you show yourself in another lane. There's a lot of mental jack-***ery you can do to the other team, and greatly effect play styles and decision making, simply by not showing yourself.

If you have a jungler eve works very well. You will be bot lane, probably with someone who may not be able to handle a solo vs 2 very well. At this point you are going to cut the map in half, move back and forth between your bot lane and mid. If you have a good jungler, he will give most of his attention to the upper portion of the map. moving between top and mid lane. This keeps almost constant pressure on mid, and keep either top or bot from pushing too hard on your tower (at least without punishment)

If you have no jungler then go ahead and take top with somebody who is going to be able to maintain themselves for your time out of lane. And you will basically act as a jungler after level 4/5.

It wont be until about mid way through the game until someone on the other team buys an orcs elixir. Most likely the support or tank. If a carry chooses to buy one, simply make them pay, your ult gives you amazing move speed, and even though they will see you coming, they will simply not have enough time to react. If the tank has acquired an orcs elixir then simple, await a team fight, you will be out of sight as you are an assassin anyways, once a fight is engaged, the tank will be busy with your team, move around both teams and wreck whatever ranged champs they have, they are your targets anyways. If the support grabs the elixir, this is where things could get tricky. Your team NEEDS to target this person. You ignore them, because now the other team is expecting you to make the support your primary target, dont. They WILL use everything they have to keep that support champ up long enough to kill you. No, your job is to take out the carry, so that they cannot wreck your team as they pile onto the support. Throw your ignite on the support so your team has an easy time with it, and 2 shot the carry. Good times.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nocth6030
Nocth6030 Evelynn Guide
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AP Eve is STILL op

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