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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author snap

AP Hybrid Kog Nuke

snap Last updated on October 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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-Nuke with your ulti
-Anticipate enemy movement
-Slow, Chase
-Not an iniciator, use your range as an advantage and hide in jungle until your team engages
-Scout bushes with your ulti to reveal enemy

Rune Choice
Because you are AP build for the most part, picking mid and getting to lvl6 asap should be your first goal, last hitting minions is also very important. Because of this, ap per lvl is the best rune choice, since you are most effective after lvl 6.

Summoner Spell Choice
I personally like ghost and flash because they are great escape and chase spells; and since kog has no escape abilities, these 2 summoner spells are vital.


-Icathian Surprise, this passive is kinda cool, lets say you get jumped by xin when your killing golem. Your at 60%hp and you manage to get xin down to 15-20% before he kills you. Follow him after you die and you will kill him too. This is also good early game where your soloing mid and lets say ash kills you before u kill her. Follow her and explode on her to get a kill as well.

-Void Ooze is not only a very good slow spell, it can also be a pretty good harrasing tool early game, it can be used to clear minions; ususally, one Void Ooze + one Living Artillery will kill all the caster minions. It is a very good nuke and can also be used as an escape ability.

-Bio-Arcane Barrage combined with Mandred's can take down tanks pretty quickly, it is also a very good chasing ability since it has a very good range; combined with lizard buff, you can chase almost any escaping enemy down

-Caustic Spittle, the passives gives attack speed(previously armor penetration). Can be used as a single nuke

-Living Artillery, your main dps spell, this is a long ranged, spammable nuke. It can devistate the enemy team in group fights, breaking the enemy formation and shaving off their hp. The trick to living artillery is to anticipate the movement of the other team. It is very good at chasing enemy runners. I also use this spell to reveal bush, checking bushes for enemy before entering has helped me and my teamates survive many times.

Rod of Ages- this gives you ap, mana, and hp, the passive on it also grants hp and mana over time. Catalyst of Protector(mana gem+ health gem) should be bought as soon as you have enough for it. It is a great item for you to stay in lane with since it replenishes your hp/mp everytime you level up. This can be used to bait and surpise your enemy for that kill.

Berserker's Greaves- Just because your AP build dosnt mean that you should ignore your physical dmg. Stacking a little attack speed can help you kill enemy players, in my opinon it is better then the spll pen boots.

Archangel's Staff- Because you will most likely be spamming your ulti very often, you will need alot of mana. This item not only provides this mana, it also gives you a passive increase in ap that scales with your mana pool. Pretty much all of your core items give you mana, giving you 3k + mana at lvl 18, the % of ap this item gives you is really good especially since your lich bane also benefit from more ap.

Lich Bane- when you have around 400-500 ap, the passive on this will be very good, not to mention the ap, run speed, mana and resist it gives you.

Zhonya's Ring- This item gives you a very good passive that lets you survive gank attempts and also a 25%increase in your ap along with a nice chunck of ap

Madred's Bloodrazor- This item is a standard item used by AD kog builds, in this build, this item is your last item because by the time you can afford and need it, it will be towards the end of the game and the tanks and enemy players would have enough hp for this to be effective. Combined with W, it not only gives you 10% dmg of your targets hp; but when you have lichbane, it will further boost your dps on tanks and the target you are killing.

Early game- Harras with a combination of E and W, make sure your teamates are actively calling MIAs so you dont get suprised ganked.

Mid Game- After level 6, if you havent B yet, try to do so by lvl 8 so you can at least pick up Catalyst Protector and boots. Use you ulti to nuke and finish off enemies. You can also start jungling for golem and start ganking in lanes.

Late Mid Game- When teamfights start, when two groups are at a stand off, use your range and shoot an ulti in enemy team, this will most likely reveal any gank attempts by them trying to circle around you. Also check bushes with your ulti for any ganks.

Late Game- Hide in bushes and start nuking when your team engages, finish off runners with your range. and GG

Always try to get both the golem and lizard buff whenever u can.

-Golem buff allows u to spam your ulti and not worry about mana. This is very very very annoying, even if your not killing the enemy, it prevents them from grouping up too much for a charge. Disrrupting their formation is sometimes the key in winning the team fight.

-Lizard buff allows you to chase down almost any enemy runners, the slow effect on it combined with your W = gg for runners

Note* this is my first guide so be nice, hPlease Vote if you like my Build, Also comment on where you think this build needs improvement.