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League of Legends Build Guide Author infinitskills714

AP Katarina "The RockStarr" Quadra KIll ?!?!?!

infinitskills714 Last updated on July 10, 2010
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HI, Again this is my AP build for Katarina.
Things that I want to point out with AP vs. my Ad KAt is ap has more Survivability.


-boots are very wise to get first for run speed and magic pen.

-second i go for belt for more health then i finish it off with the scepter....Why for the ability to slow with your spells and on top of that your able to keep them in your Ult longer.

-then get soul stealer if you feel confident in ur assists or kills. its not hard to get assists just work on playing smart and passive and wait for ur team to engage the team fights so the CC is lay down so when you ult in ur less likely to get stuned. ECT.

-then work on your void staff if you have heavy resist going on, if not go straight for the Ring, why the ring it is a life saver when in a team fight. Most of the time the game will be over by this time if not all the rest is situational.

-Main thing early game is work on last hitting creeps and harrass. ******LAST HIT CREEPS VERY INPORTANT EARLY GAME***** and if their isnt a team fight always farm farm farm gank ect.

-Play smart and passive if ur new with Kat have fun and injoy