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Build Guide by Chythe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chythe

AP kennen, the right way!

Chythe Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Kennen Build

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AP Kennen done right!

Hey, I'm Chythe, and I play Kennen. I've been messing around with build after build until I finally found the right one! I discovered that item order is the key to victory, along with early ganks and great farming!


Anyone who plays Kennen knows what his skills are, so I'll just take the shorthand of doing Q, W, E, and R.

Q: Thundering Shuriken
This is your poke, your last hit, your stun, your mark setter. It has the highest AP ratio of all abilities, but can only hit one person, minions/visible wards/visible mushrooms block it. So you need to learn how to use this skill-shot. It's not my main reliance, as it does a single target semi-nuke.

NOTE: I do believe you can cast this during Lightning Rush.

W: Electrical Surge
Ah, the bread and butter! It is this reason alone that I auto-attack minions. I don't want to wait 4 minion kills before I can do my combo.

Every chance you get, use your fourth strike to tag your opponent with a mark. Then, immediately follow up with your W. If you can finish the stun with Q, all the better! Notice that the Marks last longer than your W's cooldown.

My reason for maxing this first is that it does LOADS of damage to minion waves, and putting 2 marks on your opponent in one second is just the best!

E: Lightning Rush
Yes! This ability is your god-send. Learning when and when not to use this to farm/harass/escape will separate the good Kennens from the bad ones! If you are free in your lane, hit E, right click along the line of minions, and when it's done, you should end up behind your melee minions. Hit W, and watch their health disappear. At this point, just pick off the minions with Q and autoattack.

Initiating team fights is a big no-no for Kennen. He is REALLY squishy! Use this to chase a GUARANTEED kill! It uses 100 energy, and only refreshes 40 if you hit an enemy. If you got your W's passive procced, you can hit E again to cancel the spell hit the enemy with your W active! Then Q for an insta stun/kill!

R: Slicing Maelstrom
Active: Zaps your enemies, one at a time, for 1/5th of their health every zap, up to 3 times.

Yes, the ultimate, the team fight winner, the face melter. Early on, it sucks, and can only guarantee a stun on 2 enemies, with very large intervals in between each ZAP! Learning when to use this, and how to position yourself with it, will turn the tides of a fight. The basic F>R>1 (Flash, ult, zhonyas) causes lots of people to think it's a "Press R and win" skill.


This skill has taken many many failures to figure out! Wait until at least 4 (or 3, in some cases. This takes learned judgement) of them are grouped up. Time to bring the $#@% to cluster%&$^! More on this tactic later!

Early Game

A starved, unfed, unstacked kennen is a failure! Yes, that's right, a fat failure! So of course, grab mid, or a 1v2 side lane. Yeah, 1v2. If you're not against lots of CC or amazing pushers, you should be fine. Farm, using your W to harass. Try not to run halfway past their melee minion line, retreat if they do, and continue to last hit/get your proc. Once they're at 50%, you should be around level 6. Time for the waiting game. Keep them below 50%, and get harassed a little to even the scores. Once they overextend, Q them, E, Flash (if necessary), R, W, Q. They will get stunned twice. In between your spells, attack them to get your W's passive to proc again! You should kill them. Time to recall and get your Mejai's Soulstealer!

IMPORTANT: CALL MIAS! MIA calls save lives.
Also: When you get your soulstealer, coordinate ganks. Periodically look at the other lanes and see their health, and the enemy's health. If they are around 65%, you are almost guaranteed a kill. Use your E to go up/down the river to their lanes. E, R, W, Q for the win! Kill the squishy first! Getting stacks is important, even an assist helps.
For items, I usually buy when I need to heal. Know your limits!

Mid Game

Yep, all the lanes are MIA, you're pushing mid, and suddenly you get ganked in the utmost epic spectacle. Best of all, no MIA calls. Welcome to Mid Game.

After pinging 2-15 times (depending on the team), they should all start coming mid, where the EXP/Gold starvation is boundless. Your goal is to appear out of nowhere and make sure your enemies don't move and don't live much longer either. Positioning is key, separation from team is not always optimal, but often necessary. Take the back alleys and other paths rarely traveled. The jungle is your friend! When the tank initiates like a good tank, Wait until they all show up. Then go in and work your magic. You should kill them if you focus the carries, and kill the tanks last. This is why I go in from behind, to be right next to the delicious carries.
Their health melts, and they run. You make sure they die, that is your job! Don't chase too far, and after the fight, push or defend, depending on the outcome of the fight. If your team gets 1 turret down in each lane, then that's freaking awesome!

Note: If you ARE underleveled and underfarmed, take care of those huge minion waves top/bottom that keep destroying the towers. Hitting 16 fast is important!

Late Game

Yay, late game! Your time to EAT people! You should be farming up to buy your Abyssal Sceptre (No Lich Bane!). Follow the guidelines listed above to eat people alive in fights. Place some wards if you keep losing them, or if they have some, and your inventory isn't full. Buy an elixir if you want the extra boost! Push on and win!

More to come. Put comments below, I will be refining this. All feedback is weelcome, no matter how un/constructive.

Go with the wind!