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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Burdened

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Burdened

Ap Kog'Maw - Acid Spitter Plus AD Build

Burdened Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Kog'Maw AP


Kog'Maw AD

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Most people think that apKog'Maw is useless but he is actually really useful in a team as the mage / ap nuker. His ultimate can scout bushes for ganks and can also be used for a poking tool to make the other team weakened. But all in all Kog'Maw is a great asset on any team. Kog'Maw Is a good champion because he can do two roles : AP caster or he can be an ad carry. Either way Kog'Maw is awesome and should be played both ways. Also Enjoy The Ad Kog'Maw Build :) Please like and comment :)

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Pros / Cons

One of the best late games
A lot of utility
Good to have in a team

Slow early game / mid game
Item dependent
Needs tons of farm.

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Ap Runes

I use Great Quintessence Of Potencyand Greater Glyphs Of Potencyglyphs to ensure my early game is on par with other champions.I use Greater Seals Of ClarityandMark Of Desolation. With these runes i can have a good early game as well as a good mid game. leading up to an amazing late game.

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Ap Kog'Maw Items

I rushRod Of Ages(ROA) so that I can have more survivibility and have a bigger mana pool.
After ROA i getArchangels Staff so i can have a really good mid game with the mana regen it gives me.
When you get yourRabadons Deathcap **** goes down.
With your ability power in the 300 - 400's you get to do massive damage with yourCaustic Spittle,Void Ooze andLiving Artillery.
i getvoid staff as a situationary item for people who build Magic resist.
For the last item You can get anotherarchangels staff or you can ARylai's Crystal Specter for that added survivability and slow.

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Ad Kog'Maw Items

I GetBerserker greaves first so Kog'Maw i can have mobility and good chase with myBio-Arcane Barrage. I GetMadred's Blood Razor next so i can have the attack speed needed on Kog'Maw. I getInfinite Edge for that added kick of damage when you get Crits.Phantom Dancer next because it gives crit attack speed and movement speed and all of those synergize well withInfinite Edge And HisBio-Arcane Barrage. I get aHextech Gunblade For The Life Steal And Spell Vamp because Kog'Maw uses his skills a lot making spell vamp 100% useful. Lastly I GetFrozen Mallet For the survivibility and the amazing slow it gives. When You Get all of those items I Suggest buyingAgility elixirs and sell your boots for anotherphantom dancer.

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Ap Kog'Maw Skills

I like to masterCaustic Spittle first because of the passive attack speed and the Magic Resist and Armor debuff. I masterVoid Ooze next because of the large aoe damage and the aoe slow. I getBio-Arcane Barrage last because only at late game it can do a lot of damage.

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Ad Kog'Maw Skills

I RushBio-Arcane Barrage First because you can have amazing harrass to the enemy champion in the safety of your minions. I MasterCaustic Spittle Second Because it gives amazing attack speed.I only get one point intoVoid Ooze for the AoE slow.

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I getTeleport because if you are getting pushed hard in middle lane you can always get back quick enough to save your tower. Or if you are playing with a friend you can gank a lane by teleporting onto a ward and finishing the enemy champion. I getFlash because Kog'Maw doesn't really have any escape mechanicisms except void ooze but other then that flash comes in handy.

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Creep Farming

Kog'Maw is an extremely good farmer, Once Kog'Maw gets his ultimate you canVoid Ooze ->Living Artillery the caster creeps to get them really weak. Once you get a deathcap you can kill a whole creep wave with yourVoid Ooze.

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Early Game

Early Game is kind of hard for Kog'Maw In the Fact that he is extremely squishy and has no damage But don't fear when Kog'Maw gets lvl 6 he starts to dominate in his lane every against the hardest of laners. First of all with Kog'Maw focus on last hits and little bit of harass.

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Mid Game

Now that Kog'Maw is starting to get damage start helping with ganks and killing squishy enemy champions. Keep on farming and farming until you have a lot of last hits and maybe a couple of kills. Around this time Kog'Maws Farming is incredible and it is very easy once you get your deathcap.

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Late Game

Once Your at your last items you should be a killing machine you should be doing massive damage with either your Void Ooze or Bio-Arcane Barrage. In team fights your goal is to focus the squishy champions and then do % damage to the tanks.

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All in all Kog'Maw is my favorite Champion he is very awesome and is a very strong champion. Please rate this Guide and comment :). If you have any suggestions tell my in the comments and also try the build out before you rate you will be pleased with the outcome. :)