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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Ernilify

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ernilify

AP Morde - Pure and Tanky

Ernilify Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my guide on a Mordekaiser more focused on AP and dealing damage. THIS IS IN NO WAY A TANK BUILD, sure you can take some damage, but if your focused you will proberbly die, and if you play it right, the enemy team will want to focus you ^^

If you hadn't noticed, Morde's op. All his basic abilities are AoE, meaning he can be a boss in team fights. I would also say he is the king of any lane (including mid) with his passive people can be quite careful with their spells, thinking it to be a waste.

So I have featured two Morde's in this build, the first is a pure damage build, whereas the second will also give you a bit of survivability, without your damage being ignored.

I'd also like to make this guide a bit more interactive, with images etc. so if you could please perhaps enlighten me on how to add images that expand detailing an items stats for example, I would really appreciate it.

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Pros / Cons

Pros(Omg colour ^^)

    Amazing pusher
    Suprising damage output with little AP
    Nice in team fights with decent survivability
    Can control an enemy champion after death
    ....Likes his weapons how he likes his music?

Cons(Yes Morde has a couple)
    When full AP, he is rather squishy
    Can kill himself with his abilities (but don't worry, our friend spell vamp has got that covered)
    NOT an initiator, even when tanking as Morde he is not a good initiator, get someone else to do it!
    No escaping mechanics apart from if you have flash

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So lets go over Mordekaisers abilties and how to effectively use them.

Iron Man
Mordekaiser's Iron, and He's the man. This is his passive, upto 35% of his spells damage turn into a shield for himself, this is what I love and hate about Morde. If you can keep this shield up, nothing can hurt you except your abilties cost. Keep an eye on this at all times (it's where your mana would be on the UI).

Mace of Spades
If you didn't notice all Morde's abilities relate to certain rock songs (cool right). This one powers up Morde's next basic attack to deal extra damage to that target and upto four additional nearby targets, however, if the target has no nearby units, they will take even more damage. use this whenever you can, scales with ap and ad which is pretty cool, and if possible get those loner champs for massive damage!!

Creeping Death
So this ability is pretty sweet, places a shield on any nearby friendly unit giving them armour and magic resist, as well as damaging all neaby enemy units. use it on yourself, cannon minions pushing a tower, or friendly champs about to/or recieving damage, its a nice muli-purpose tool, and Morde's only way of supporting his team mates, how selfish!

Siphon of Destruction
One of my personal favourite abilities, this one deals magic damage to all enemies in a frontal front of Mordekaiser. Addtionally you will gain more shield for each enemy unit hit (up to five at level...5) use this to smash those minions in your lane and to harras the champioons behind them.

Children of the Grave
Ah, this ability ^^. Deals a percentage of magic damage to and enemy champion, half of that percent at the start of the ability and the other half over 10 seconds. If the champion dies while the ability is active on them, then Mordekaiser will take control of that Champion for 30 seconds. Let me go over what you gain when this happens.
So, firstly Morde gains a % of their attack damage and ability power, next you can use the alt key to control the champion you just claimed, you can only basic attack with that champion, however it will have all the items and stats the enemy champion had, I also believe their health gets increased by a % too, correct me if I'm wrong, but whack this on a fed carry and kill them, is a really nice turner for a team fight.

alright, so we got the abilities, lets move on.

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So the Pure AP is rather straight forward, grabbing Magic pen, flat AP seals, per level AP glyphs and flat AP quints. This is just to maximise your damage early game and progrssively as you level.

With the tanky DPS its a little different, swapping out AP seals for per level HP, and your quints can really be anything you feel appropriate from what I've reccomended.

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Both builds have the same trees, picking the armour and magic resist. the flat hp and the bonus ap % and damage reduction in defense. While in Offense get more AP per level, and the CD reduction plus 15% Magic Penetration.

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Summoner Spells

Lets just go over the summoner spells that are best for Morde.

I've only been getting this recently as Morde, but its really handy to close the gap or escape danger, the only advice I can give is don't waste it, the cooldown is lengthy so use it wisely.

its a love hate thing with this summoner spell, I'm sure you will agree. use it in conjunction with your ult to ensure the kill, or just to pick off a champ if your E is on CD and you really want the gold :P

Let me just list a couple of other spells that could replace flash, since ignite with Morde is just too good ^^

Also a good one, use it to chatch up (or run away) from those pesky luckers. I also use it to get places faster if needed, since it lasts a whole 10 seconds, which isn't bad at all.

A nice straight forward spell, use it to get back in lane super fast, or perhaps assist in a gank or defense of a team mate.

If you want to be really offensive, get this (if you do move over the point in the top tier of the offense tree from crit to the improved exhast). slow down the luckers with this spell, and will proberbly *garentee* the kill if they don't have an escape ready.

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Skill Sequence

So just to recap:
Q = Mace of Spades
W = Creeping Death
E = Siphon of Destruction
R = Children of the Grave

So while in lane, I will always hit as many minions as possible with my E, then hit most of them again with my Q, then W all around them, its the easist was to farm with Morde.

When facing champions, start with your W on (not necessary, but handy), use E when getting close, then smash 'em with your Q, repeat your spells whenever they are off cooldown, being how short they are ^^. when they are low on the HP's jump in for the kill with your R and ignite, depending on where you are on your build, you will have to decide, when the time is to use your ulti.

While in team fights it's not much different, but focus the squishy's first, so you can grab the carry with you ult.

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So lets go over the items briefly for both builds

Pure DPS Build

    Sorcerers Shoes
    Hextech Gunblade
    Rilai's Crystal Sceptre
    Will of the Ancients
    Rabadon's Deathcap
    Dorans Sheild - to Void Staff/Zhonya's Hourglass

When you look at these items they do make sense, the shoes for the AP pen; the hextech for the AD, AP, spell vamp and lifesteal (not to mention and powerful slow); Rilai's for HP, AP and slow on spells; will of the ancients for the AP, spell vamp and aura for your champion chums; and finally the Rabadons for EPIC AP BOOSTING.
Sell the Dorans after your Rabadon's, get a Void Sraff if the enemy team is build magic resist, if not then bump up your AP even more with Zhonya's Hourglass, with that nice active as well when your getting focused in team fights

Next up is the more tanky version of my builds:

Tanky DPS Build
    Ionian boots of lucidity OR Mercury Treads
    Rilai's Crystal Sceptre
    Will of the Ancients
    Abyssal Sceptre
    Sunfire Cape
    Rabadons OR Guardian Angel

Couple of choice here, go for the treads if they are skilled in the art of crowd control, otherwise grab them boots that make you do things more. Rilais for HP, AP and Slow; Abyssal Scepetre for MR, AP and MR reduction Aura. Surfire Cape for Armour, HP and aura. Then if your not get focused much, be sneaky and grab Rabadons, if your getting noticed, make them scared with a guadian angel :D

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Ranked Play

So Morde is often banned in most Ranked games, which is a bit annoying, but it makes sense, he's quite the champ to take down, however the odd one or two games will give you the chance to play as him.
I would recommend the tanky build, since it's like the best meta at the moment, becuase the longer you last the more damage you do.

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Hope this build gives you good times with morde, his damage is op if your fed and the squishies will melt on your Q, if you have any questions, please comment. if you hate this stupid guide, please comment and if you find a fatal flaw, please comment, if all helps ^^