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Nidalee Build Guide by zLKida

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zLKida

ap nidalee build mid solo lane

zLKida Last updated on August 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys this is my first guide hope you like it and learn from it.

Nidalee has one of the best poke in the game with spear that half health a squishy mid or carry. She has so many pros and priceless moments with her spear.

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For Runes i prefer taking:
Flat AP quintessences (more ap means more dmg)
magic pen marks (this gives you 8.5)
i take these because your spears do more damage. Also with boots runes and mastery void staff there magic resits are incredibly low.
Mana per lvl seals (greater sustain for top and mid lane)
Flat AP Glyphs (more AP more dmg)

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Boots these give you a ton of magic pen and a noticeable difference once you hit a spear.

Rod of ages is the first core iteam. I get this because it stops her being squishy and also stops the mana problems while also giving you a damage advantage.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Flash ignite

Flash is a must for most champions

You pick
teleport - once you have died or want to go back you get there quickly. Also good late game for saving towers

Exhaust - Good also for top lane as this helps in a 1v1 in ult

Ghost - This is great in the jungle as this stacks with your passive. (Hunting down or escapes)

Stay away from

Clarity - this is not needed late game just a BIT handy in the early game if you spam alot

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Pros / Cons

Played as a top mid ad carry jungler suport so you can blind pick in a ranked (with less chance of being countered)
Great farming past lvl 6
great poke
Great mobility
Insane damage
under played so noobs think that you have no damage output in cougar.
Great escapes
Great jukes
Has own wards
Save a team mate in a team fight with heal
Great sustain

Dips late game
no stuns snare slows etc
bad till you get ap and boots
need wards
easy to gank
good farm for a items
hard champion to master
focused instantly
She has dreadful skins
raged at in a team fight for not helping (read chapter team fight)

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Creeping / Jungling

Just try to last hit untill lvl 6.
Once lvl 6 there is no penaltys for spaming ult and then q w e
start with ult then w then e then last hit with the q. Late game this will easly clear 80% of the minions.
Try to steal wraiths and blue whenever possible ( with the junglers allowably)

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Team fight

Once in a team fight your team might flame at you for not helping because if you are doing well then hit and spear on there ad carry can win the fight. once you have used your q there is a period of time were you don't do anything other than heal.
BUT if you go in the fight in the cougar stance you will be nuked down.

aim the squishy with the q
heal a carry or bruiser
w e q combo
run back
repeat from step 1

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Before Lvl 6

Just farm by lasting hitting and throw the odd spear don't look for ganks as they will be unsucsessfull. Your dmg is high in a lvl so play safe. (that's what she said)

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after lvl 6

your poke should be insane forcing a squishy (brand ziggz karthus) to go back this deneys them farm and makes you over lvled and them under lvled.

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Wards counter jungling

If the enemy is has a jungeler then wards are a must have as they save your life (like a seat belt) Investing in wards is obvious.
Also there has been hundreds of times were i have stole other teams blue with ONE spear.
Just place a ward in there blue bush wait till i gets just above smite cap and throw a full ranged spear. Or even better as a jungler gets low and at first attempt of taking blue once they have taken it if you hit a full ranged spear it can kill them and give you the blue ( so much luck involved in this)

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solo top counters

Hard people to play against (press ctl f to find someone)
yoric - omens destroy your spears
jayce - good poke gap closer
olaf - denys farm
darius force 1v1s that you carnt win
mordikizer - shield destroys nidalee spear
shen - too tanky -_-
galio - magic resist
sion - stun and run
singed - tanky
wukong - good gap closer and harras
xin zhao - life steal counters your poke. also has a good gap closer
Lee sin - good damg sustain and burst
kassadin - his silence is so hard while in ult

OK top laners and mid
nasus - deny farm with spear and poke
riven - deny farm with spear and ult
cho gath - squishy tank early on (just out range him)
Fizz - POKE like a boss
Gragas - out poke him and out range him while dodging his q by running FORWARD
kennen - hit him with a spear and get close to him with ult and combo
blitz - your q is further than his
jarven - e him with ult and run away with w
mundo - doge q and poke back
Pantheon - play passive
shyvana - play passive
tryndapube - out range
volibear - play passive
vladameare - out range and out poke him and out farm him
akali - if she gets close ult combo and run
annie - out range
cassiopia - poke so hard till she gose back then farm
gangplank - gank alot
zyra - doge her moves

easyer wins
any squishy
ad carry
brand lux
fiora etc